Hi, my name is Erin.

But here’s the thing — Erin is not my real name but everyone knows me by that name. It’s easier to remember and also a very chic name. I turn 23 years old in March and I’m currently studying to be an English teacher at MSU Malaysia. During free time I like to watch tv shows and that’s pretty much what I would do.

I’m a Malaysia-based student and blogger who has a knack in blogging because I love writing and pouring my heart and soul somewhere where I can share it with everyone else. Besides, blogging on a MacBook is seriously so cool, right? I feel even more chic with my Mac in hand!

I started blogging in 2008 and after changing blogs and blogging platforms multiple times, I decided to start this blog on February 2016 and migrated to self-hosted WordPress 9 months later. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for my blog and I’ve never been happier with my blog as of now.

Erin Azmir is a personal + lifestyle + beauty blog by yours truly and I hope you enjoy spending time on my little corner of the web. However, due to time constraint as I am a full-time student, I may not be able to post as many posts as I did before so I hope you can be patient with my blog and your continuous support towards my blog is very much appreciated.

Read my disclaimer or email me at hello@erinazmir.com