Friday Favourites: #2

Hello hello hello! I apologise for skipping two weeks of Friday Favourites and that is because it was Eid celebration season, I mean who has the time to log in to their computer and write a blog post while everyone else is eating lemang and rendang, right?! I have so many weekly favourites to talk about and I hope I remember each one of them..

Redmi Airdots

Oh, boy. Wireless earphones are godsend! It ain’t no Apple Airpods or anything as I don’t think I’d be willing to fork out close to 1000 ringgit for an earphones but the inexpensive, only-RM86.30-on-Shopee Redmi Airdots is just amazing! I can now clean my room while listening to songs on my phone and have it on my table or something! I’d say try the Redmi ones first and if you think that it’s not up to par with what you wanted, you can opt for a more expensive and reliable ones. You can watch the highlights on my Instagram about Redmi Airdots. My Instagram is @erinazmir.

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink

This is the best liquid lipstick I have ever used in my entire life! I have a lifelong relationship with my Kat Von D Lolita liquid lipstick, but this gem by Maybelline kicks out Lolita from the top spot in my heart, I am not joking. It’s super, super, super long-lasting! The first day I tried it, I had Kyochon 1991 (Korean fried chicken and rice), Tiger Sugar boba tea (which is amazing BTW!), and numerous sips of mineral water and it stayed put for 9 hours. My lipstick looked like I had just put it on merely an hour ago by the 9th hour mark. It’s amazing! My current everyday shade right now is 65 Seductress.

Elianto Mix & Match Make Up Palette in Moondust

For the longest time, I have been lusting on Urban Decay Naked Heat palette and Tarte Tartelette Toasted palette but I never found it in me to fork out hundreds of ringgit on them mainly because I know that I’d only be using two to three shadows and for me that’s not worth it considering that my eyeshadow application skill is shit. So I was at Elianto last week with my mom and cousin sister and they had these makeup palettes on sale from RM79.90 to half the price and I feel in love with the Moondust palette that has all the colours I wanted! It comes with 6 eyeshadows and 2 blushers and they are all very pigmented. I only need to dip my brush once to have an all over the lid colour. I highly recommend swatching and trying this palette in store! The shade flame is super nice for lid colour!

Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Full Coverage Foundation

The SuperStay line by Maybelline is probably the best range by them because the liquid lipsticks are bomb dot com, and so is the foundation. It’s better than Fit Me foundation as it has better longevity, it is full coverage unlike Fit Me foundation, and it just looks nice on the skin. I can have it on for 10 hours and it will still look like I’ve only applied it. One thing to say though it claims to be transfer resistant, I found them to transfer on tissue but I’m not entirely sure as it could be the powder I was wearing. Overall it’s a nice foundation and I haven’t repurchased Fit Me so far. LOL.

Square scarves

About a month ago I bought 20 pieces of square scarves in different colours (let’s be real — it’s 15 pinks/nudes LOL) and I have been wearing them everyday. It’s definitely much easier to use a square scarf then a shawl but the main reason of why I bought so much is because I’m getting married soon and I need a lot of square scarf to use at my parents-in-law’s house. I won’t be needing an inner for that!

My solemnisation doorgift

Even before I got engaged, I have been wanting this certain thing as the doorgift for my wedding but unfortunately I can’t have it for a 1000-pax reception as it will cost literally thousands of ringgit (equivalent to a new MacBook Pro!) but I still wanted it, it’s my dream doorgift so I paid deposit for it for my solemnisation ceremony instead (the pax is only 10% of the reception). I am super excited to see it come together!

What have you been loving this week?