The Sunday Currently: Vol. 6

Knowing that I have a lot to write about on my blog but not having enough time to do said thing is just super frustrating. I used to be one who always had ample of time to do everything but now 24 hours in a day seems not cutting it for me. Nope. A day has to be 48 hours for me to actually finish what I have to do. Is this what you call adulting because boy I’m not lovin’ it. And how is it May already?! Didn’t I just got engaged yesterday morning?!



Since it’s exam month and I don’t have to teach nor do lesson plans (thank god!), I have extra time to start reading again so I’m going to start with:

  1. Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
  2. The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  3. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


I’m currently watching Definitely, Maybe on Netflix and I really want to start on The Originals and Black Summer.


…about doing the previous weeks’ lesson plans as I haven’t completed it. Gosh I truly hate doing lesson plans. It’s the bane of my existence.


…for a good and happy life. I’ve had my fair share of tough life (though I never share that online, ever!) so hopefully everything will be okay. I know that life’s not a walk in the park but crawling in the park is also a-okay, haha!


My new skincare products and my MacBook! I’ve recently got its battery changed and upgraded from HDD to SSD (god knows what that means lol) so everything is good! I still have to change the speakers, though.


  1. An overnight mask. I’m planning on buying the Laneige Sleeping Mask but I’m not so sure anymore after reading from a blog I trusted that it’s overrated and overhyped.
  2. A spot treatment. I need a good topical cream/gel to combat blemishes whenever my skin needs it.


Probably an update on skincare routine. I’m still in the process of trying my current routine and there are still a few products that I would like to buy so maybe I’ll have it published after Eid?


  1. Hijjaz – Sumayyah. It’s the holy month of Ramadhan tomorrow, what do you expect?!
  2. Taylor Swift – Me! ft. Brandon Urie
  3. BTS – Boy With Luv ft. Halsey. I. AM. OBSESSED! I can’t stop listening to Boy With Luv it’s unhealthy!


Can’t even smell myself as I haven’t showered, obvs. But I smell nothing. Just the smell of my room.


…that these two months pass by in a blink of an eye because it’s exactly two months before my internship ends and I can’t wait for it!


My university t-shirt with a sleeping pants from Tesco. It’s the comfiest!


New clothes. I went shopping for new clothes last month and I’ve only worn 1 piece of clothing from that shopping but I kinda wanna buy some more…?


…like a sloth. I’m so lazy these days. I have to go back to Shah Alam later as I have school tomorrow and ugh every inch of my being is dreading it! Please send help.

So what are you guys up to?