What I Got For My 24th Birthday

My birthday month is something that I look forward to every year because I kid you not, it’s the month where only good things happen to me, every single year. I was born on the 29th of March 1995, an unpopular birthday date because let’s be real — no one was born on the 29th of March except for me and maybe 3 other people all around the world. Soz.

A little bit disclaimer here: I purchased everything myself except for one gift which my fiancé got me. I’m thankful for everything that I bought although my bank account now had a huge dent on it..

A new iPhone

Definitely the most expensive birthday gift I got myself this year. My old iPhone was still working well but I just thought that it was time for an upgrade. I still keep my old one, though, I only need to have the battery changed and it will be as good as new. So far I’m really enjoying my new phone although I do prefer Touch ID than Face ID just because I have to really look at the camera when I want to unlock my phone super early in the morning. No one is really awake in the morning. Heh. I also got an ITSKINS heavy duty case to go with it. I’m probably going to use the case for a few years just because it’s so stinkingly expensive but I just wanted to protect my phone because I drop my phone too many times before so a shockproof case is a must.

A Rebecca Minkoff Blythe Crossbody Bag

Small bags aren’t really my thing but sometimes I just want a small bag that could fit all my necessities when I’m out and about for a short time. This was an unexpected purchase because I was just (heh) looking at bags, trying them on and putting them back on the display but this Blythe bag caught my eye when I tried it. It’s the perfect size and the chain is adjustable so I can wear it crossbody or as shoulder bag. The colour is super pretty too, it matches with everything.

A Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume

My fiancé used to wear the man version of this which was 1 Million and Lady Million smells like a female version of 1 Million which I love. I don’t usually go for this type of scent but it smells so nice and it lasts a long time on me too.

A Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh perfume

First of, I still think that the bottle is one of the most beautiful perfume bottles I’ve ever seen. I have bought it once a million years ago and it still lingers at the back of my head as one of the loveliest perfumes I’ve ever used. So I did what should have been done when I finished it, I purchased it and I could not stop smelling it. It’s refreshing, it’s light, it’s perfect for an everyday wear.

A My Burberry Blush perfume set

My fiancé surprised me with this perfume set! We are getting married in 6 months and I definitely did not mind if he didn’t get me anything because we have to save for the wedding but he splurged on my birthday gift and I could not be more thankful. The scent is similar to Daisy Eau So Fresh which means that he knows what type of perfume I like. I love it so much. I most definitely will not be using the lotion unless if it’s for special occasions.

So there goes what I got for my birthday. What’s the loveliest present you’ve ever got?