8 Tips to Keep Your Home Office Clean & Organised

Working from home, whether part or full-time, is great for morale, but there’s just one small time which may derail you. You don’t have colleagues to shame you about the state of your office. So, how can you make sure that you keep your home office organised and clean?

Here are 8 tips to get you there.


1. Spring Clean

The first step of cleaning your home office is….Well, to clean it! So, start by getting rid of clutter and any paperwork or items that aren’t critical to your work. Every item should have a home and when it isn’t in use it should be in that special spot. That means going through every drawer in your desk and every hidey hole in the room. It isn’t glamorous work, but it’s definitely the most efficient way to get the place in order. Once your clear out is done it’s time to dust and then wheel in the hoover to finish the job.

2. Desktop Organisation

There will be a variety of items you will need to keep handy on your desk, so consider the items that are vital to your day and arrange them in a tidy and productive manner. To create maximum efficiency you will want to have everything crucial to your day within arm’s reach, so keep your drawers organised to store other key items that don’t need to be out all day.

Don’t forget to key your computer keyboard clean to avoid germs. Since we’re on the subject – as tempting as it is to eat over your computer you would be far better off taking the time out to give yourself a proper lunch break. So, get up and go to the kitchen to eat lunch and take this opportunity to catch up on social media.

3. Filing Cabinets

It’s time to organise your files, and your method of organisation may be different to everyone else’s, but as long as it works for you (efficiently) then you’re good to go. You may choose to alphabetise or file by category. A good idea, though, is to colour code your items before you file them away. So, each category can be colour coded and then alphabetised within that category. However, you can choose a filing system that works for you. This is particularly important if you store personal files along with your work.

4. Container Storage

If you’re short on storage you can use containers to keep excess office supplies out of sight, thus keeping your space de-cluttered. If you do rely on this method be sure to invest in a label maker as it will be the easiest way to keep track of all of your spare supplies.

When you look for containers, though, choose ones that are easy to organise and the right shape to fit neatly into your office space. You don’t want your storage solutions to look like clutter when that’s the problem they are meant to be solving.

5. Print Station

Don’t bother placing your printer and tools on the desk, that’s only going to eat up valuable space. Instead, create a station as close to the desk as possible, it’s a simple way to buy more desk space so you have a clear area to work in.

6. Post Station

The same goes for your mail, have an incoming and outgoing station to avoid it falling to clutter on your desk. You’ll stay on top of impending bills and avoid missing deadlines if you can easily put your hand on the post when you need to.

7. Technology

Yes, you need the internet to work from home and you need to be able to access a wide variety of information immediately. What you don’t need is constant access to social media or to be distracted by games on your phone. So, when you start your workday leave your mobile technology out of reach and only use it at designated break times. This will ensure you remain productive throughout the day. If possible, block social media access from your computer to avoid being distracted. It means you don’t need to worry about finding extra ports for chargers and the clutter from the cords.

8. Keep It Clean

Once you’re clean and organised it’s important that you keep it that way. So, take time to put everything where it belongs and do a daily dust down. You can hover a few times a week to keep the place ship shape. Remember, working in a clean environment will keep your mood high and ensure you are productive.

It’s simple, organise, clean, and focus your attention on the work at hand. You work better in a space that has been designed for efficiency. Check out incredible Gtech voucher codes to grab yourself some discounts on all the latest cleaning accessories.