Blogging Back to Basic

[right]Oh, nothing much — just a picture of me holding an iced coffee ’cause that’s the only blog-appropriate picture I could find in my phone. I keep making excuses upon excuses as to why I blog sparsely for the past 8 months but today (on the day this post was written) I found out why.

It was because I am lazy to take out my camera, set out the marble contact paper I bought from Mr. DIY, and take photos.

There, I’ve said it!

It wasn’t because I don’t have time because apparently I have a lot of time hanging out with my friends doing basically nothing everyday. If half of those time had been used to produce contents, my blog would have been nicely updated with 3 posts a week.

So my goals for the month of October is to cut back on the hang outs and spend more time at home writing something for my blog. Well, I haven’t been busy with assignments yet so I think I can dedicate a huge time for my blog especially during weekends. Yeay! Now if only I have blog post ideas that I can write about..

And I decided to just take photos for my blog with my phone instead of a DSLR. It’s time-efficient and I don’t have to deal with Photoshop anymore! Wuuhuu! I can easily upload photos from my phone using the WordPress app. Blogging has never been easier! I know I’m late to the party but it’s never too late when it comes to blogging.

I love reading super long blog posts with carefully articulated thoughts but I also like 300 word long spontaneous posts that take about 15 minutes to write. Sometimes we all get too ‘hooked’ on magazine-style blog posts that we forgot we started out blogging with writing shitty, personal things on our Simple template Blogger blog. I need to remind myself that having a self-hosted blog with a Pipdig theme does not mean that I can’t write freely like the 13-year-old me did 9 years ago. I may have matured over time but my style of writings are still the same. I am still me and I enjoy taking product photos propped on top of my laptop. Marble background, who?[/right]