Currently Watching

I’m spending a good chunk of my hour in a day watching tv shows and movies so I thought I would make a blog post about what is currently on my watch list. Check out my TVTime profile where I have all of the shows I’m currently watching listed there and my current stat — apparently I have spent 3 months, 12 days, 6 hours, and 35 minutes watching tv shows, can you believe it?! (by the time you’re reading this my stats has increased. soz.)

currently watching

The Blacklist

[SPOILER ALERT] I suspected that Red is Liz’s father 10 minutes into pilot episode because OBVS. It’s the type of show that I spent 36 hours to finish a season because it’s THAT good. Wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like crime-fighting-fbi thingamajig.

13 Reasons Why

Let’s be real — I got sucked into the hype and also because Netflix are always suggesting 13RW every time I load the homepage so I thought, why the hell not, eh? and to be honest it’s not really my cuppa tea and I don’t understand the hype surrounding the show. But I will finish all episodes despite having googled the whole 13 reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself. Soz. I hope I’m not the only one.

The Client List

I didn’t like this at all. Going through episode 1 was a pain in the butt and I couldn’t understand the whole premise of this show. Is she cheating on her husband (by giving ‘extras’ to her clients) or not? Is she really a prostitute and is everyone working in the massage parlor one? A question that needed me to keep watching but naaaaah, not interested — sorry.

Unknown Woman (Korean drama)

An on-going kdrama suggested by my housemate. She is obsessed with this drama and she practically gave out major spoilers to me but I’m a-okay with spoilers. It kind of reminds me of a kdrama called Secret Love (2013) and if you don’t mind a hundred-episode drama with a heck lot of plot twists, then this one’s for you.

What are you watching?