What I Do at 3 in the Morning When I Couldn’t Sleep

sleeping problems
My biological clock has effed up so bad since my long holiday at home. 11 pm is practically daylight for me and I sleep at the crack of dawn 5 days out of the week. The only night I managed to sleep early (by early I mean 1 am) for the past few months was the night my boyfriend went back to the UK.

I was grieving and sleeping was the only way I can manage to get through the night. I think my sleeping problem has taken its toll on my skin. They have been dry and flaky for a couple of months and I swear it’s driving me up the wall because moisturizing does not help at all.

I tried using my old skincare’s day cream because that stuff made me oily like no other but nope. My skin is still dry as heck at the end of the day so I will have to fix my sleeping schedule so I can have good skin.


I rarely read in the morning unless I’m hooked on a book that I read during the day and I can’t wait to know the ending. This brings me back to 2009 when Twilight Saga was hot and I spent the whole night until the morning reading New Moon because I wanted to know what happened when Edward left Bella all alone and did he really want to go through exposing himself in the sun in front of thousands of people. Not that I complain he sparkles, anyway. He’s gorgeous.

Googling… stuff.

I was so intensely obsessed with Twilight I had this belief that vampires exist so I spent the night googling weird shit like “do vampires really exist” and I stumbled upon journal blogs of researchers who have met real-life vampires and for a second there I thought I had a chance at finding my one true love, Edward Cullen. I was fourteen and dumb. AndinlovewithEdwardCullen. Istillam.

TV shows

What better ways of being a night owl than to spend it watching TV shows? I do prefer series more than movies because a 10 seasons on a good plot with handsome leading characters? Yes, please. And series are just more fun.

Every episode is a never-ending drama that will keep you wanting more and clicking ‘Next episode’ until you’re at the latest and you don’t know what to do because you want more but the newest episode hasn’t come out yet. Hmph. I’m excluding Pretty Little Liars, though. That show should have ended a few seasons ago.

Rewatching Malay dramas

You know when you watch cheezy Malay dramas there would be certain scenes that are disgustingly cute but so satisfying at the same time and you keep rewatching that part over and over again when you have nothing better to do, say, at 3 in the morning? I do that a lot. Sometimes I get goosebumps watching them but the Malay in me likes that a lot.

Listening to Malay songs

I don’t normally listen to Malay songs but I have a playlist where I keep my favourites and I like to listen to them at night. They’re perfect when you want to be an emotional wreck. My ultimate favourites are Indah Lelapku by Izwan Pilus and Cinta Terakhir by Aiman. They. Are. So. Good!

Reading online

I was a huge fan of Wattpad and Asianfanfics. Yes, besides Twilight, I was also obsessed with One Direction and EXO but I grew up and I realised that I don’t have time to fangirl on boybands and idols anymore.

My obsession was to the point where I cried like I lost a limb when Zayn Malik left One Direction and listening to nothing else but EXO albums every single day for months! Right now, my current online reads are: Sixpenceee scary stories, Reddit beauty guru chat, and YouTalkTrash forum.


Last but not least, blogging. It’s already 6:02 AM.

So what do you do when you can’t sleep?