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lip products

I don’t own that many lip products. I used to have 50++ lipsticks but the thing with owning so much lipsticks is you won’t be able to use all of them and before you know it, it’s been years since you’ve had them and they already turned bad. I think lipstick is the easiest to turn spoilt because you’re putting them on your lips and as you reapply throughout the day, the moisture (and bacteria!) on your lips got to the lipsticks and when you close off the lipstick cap, they are trapped in there!

(This is just my theory, please take it with a grain of salt.)

lip balms

From left going clockwise:
Essence Lip Liner in Plum Cake — Affordable, pigmented, definitely a steal for a RM10 product. I recommend!

KissProof Lipsticks — They do not glide on smoothly but they are very pigmented and I used to wear them a lot but it made my roommate’s lips turn darker and I stopped using it ever since.

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm — Definitely recommend. My favourite lip balm of all time and it smells good, too. It’s twice the price of Maybelline Baby Lips but it is better!

Neutrogena Lip Balm — Very moisturizing. They don’t have any smell so if you don’t like fragranced lip balm, this one is for you.

Cotton Candy & Paul Frank Lip Smackers — I bought this for the packaging. I hated how Cotton Candy tastes. Paul Frank is okay but I don’t reach for them at all.

Maybelline Baby Lips — I was a huge fan of Baby Lips and I have almost all in the collection but they make my lips drier so I got rid of all of them except the latest one I bought which I don’t use.

EOS Lip Balm — I feel the same way about Baby Lips with the EOS lip balm. Both of them smell so good but they dry out my lips instead of moisturizing them.

The Body Shop Born Lippy in Strawberry — I have been using this lip balm since high school and this is actually my second tub but somehow I just stopped using it. I still love it, though, it’s just I don’t reach for it at all.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter — I’ve had this for years! Although I don’t particularly like the smell, it is a good lip product.


Bottom left going clockwise:

NYX Round Lipstick in Eros — Super pigmented, super long-lasting, gorgeous colour and it’s under RM30!

Silky Girl lipstick — I got this for free when I purchased their hair colour. I’ve never really used it, though. Too bad ’cause it’s a nice pinkish red.

Elianto Matte Lipstick — A gorgeous purple mauve shade but unfortunately it doesn’t suit my skin tone at all. I look like I’m sick wearing it. The formulation is nice, though.

SimplySiti Ultra Moist Lipstick in Muara Hati — It’s a dupe for my MAC Glamour Era. Like the name claims, it is moisturizing and the staying power is satisfying. You will have to reapply throughout the day, though.

MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Divine Choice and Glamour Era — a nice purple pink and brownish nude colour. I think this has the best formulation out of all lipsticks I have used in the past.

MAC Matte Lipstick in Velvet Teddy — My current favourite nude. I’m thinking of getting more from the matte line because I like them and matte liquid lipstick is too drying for my liking.


Bottom left going clockwise:

Maybelline lipsticks in 6 shades — I was obsessed with Maybelline lipsticks because it’s easy to get your hands on and they have a wide selection of colours but I found out that one of the ingredients in the lipsticks is lead so I stopped using and buying them. I’m actually going to throw them all out because they’re starting to turn bad and I don’t see myself using them anymore. Plus, it’s a hits and misses with Maybelline lipsticks. Some of the formulation, I love, but some of them is just naaah.

SimplySiti Argan Lipsticks in Samba Red and Plum Paradise — I love Samba Red. It’s a nice burgundy shade that looks amazing on my skin tone. Plum Paradise is more of a pinkish red, similar to the Silky Girl.

liquid lipsticks

Elianto Brilliant Riche Lip Colour in 04 — I’m not kidding when I say they stay all day long. I had Kenny Rogers for lunch and my lipstick stayed put. But they are just a little bit drying, though.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Beeper and Scrooge — I already have a review here.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp, Stockholm, and San Paulo — My favourite liquid lip product so far. They smell like vanilla cupcake and the colour goes on smoothly on my lips. I love them.

lip gloss

Left to right:

MAC Lip Glass in Lychee Luxe — For days where I don’t want to wear any lipsticks but I don’t want to look dead, too.

Maybelline Lip Polish — They’re pigmented but the application is super patchy. What I don’t like about them is they burn my lips and I feel itchy around the outer edge of my lips. Maybe I’m allergic to the ingredients, I’m not sure.

Elianto Dazzling Lip Gloss — Very pigmented. You can definitely use this on its own.

Have you tried any of the products?

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