Blogging Tips Roundup

blogging tips roundup
I wrote a lot of posts about blogging tips and resources so I thought I would do a roundup of everything I have published to make it easier for you to find and read. I want to keep my pages at a minimum so I’m getting rid of my Resources page and I’m moving everything here. I hope you will find this useful for you and your blog.

How to Get Your Own Domain
Domain and Template Installation Service
Part I: Free Blog Templates
Part II: Free Blog Templates
Part III: Free Blog Templates
Blogging on a Budget: Inexpensive Premade Templates
20 Free Beautiful Fonts
14 Free Brush/Script Fonts
More Free Brush/Script Fonts
Free Feminine Stock Photos Websites
Free Lifestyle + Feminine Stock Photos
50 Blogging Ideas for Writer’s Block
90+ Beauty, Blogging, and Lifestyle Post Ideas
5 Reasons Why I Don’t Follow Your Blog
Blogging Tips and Tricks #1
Blogging Tips and Tricks #2
How I Edit Photos
10 Tips for Choosing Responsive Templates
5 Types of Blog Posts That Turn Me Off
How I Organise Stock Photos

Body fonts

Libre Baskerville
Playfair Display
Open Sans
Crimson Text
Source Sans Pro
PT Sans

More links.

Are your pictures hurting your blog?
20 Useful Blogging Tips
How to Rock Your About Me Page
Things you’re doing that hurt your blog
5 common blogging crimes no blogger should commit
10 things every blog needs

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