Are You Holding Yourself Back From Success?

In life, we should always be driven by our passions and our ambitions. But sometimes, especially if we dare to dream big, the way forward can seem a little scary. We become so scared of failure that we won’t even begin to try. We let the voice of doubt whisper in our ear that we can’t do it and that fear paralyses us. We become our own biggest blockers. It is possible to break out of this way of thinking, with a little effort. So stop standing in your own way and learn to embrace change and the idea that, just maybe, you might actually be brilliant…

Don’t Let The Past Hold You Back

Life is all about making mistakes, and there isn’t a successful human being alive who doesn’t have them in their past. It’s very natural not to get things right on the first try – and the only real shame in getting it wrong is if we fail to take the lesson and use it as a learning opportunity to fuel our progress. Say you have an ambition to start up a blog. Your first few posts are never going to be perfect. You have a lot to learn – from how to take professional looking blog photos to crafting engaging copy that will connect with readers. If you’ve had a go at this in the past, there’s no need to feel embarrassed or doomed to failure if your first few attempts aren’t polished and perfect. Accept that it’s a process and allow yourself to make a few mistakes. Any entrepreneur will tell you that starting up a business is full of trial and error and it’s the mistakes which provide the most valuable insight into how to do better.

Find Your Can-Do Crew

To a more or lesser extent, depending on your personality type, you will be influenced by the attitudes and behaviour of those around you. And quite simply if you surround yourself with negative, fearful people, it’s highly likely that you will also become that way. Other people enthuse us and make us feel inspired and recharged when we see them, and it’s these people that we need to spend time with in order to develop our ambitions. On a practical level, you should also work out the contacts that you need to make things happen. Developing a book idea? Find a list of literary agents in your chosen genre. Renovating a house? You need a contacts book full of Builders, Plumbers and Electricians. Running a marathon? Your local running club is where you need to start. Creating a business from your spare room? Get to your local networking events asap. When we surround ourselves with professionals and other people who want similar things in life, we feel like the things we want are now possible. Plus, we gain valuable knowledge and inspiration along the way. So work out who your ‘can-do crew’ is and spend time with them – it will have a huge impact on the energy you bring and what you feel is possible.