What to Do When a Household Emergency Stops You from Working

If you work from home – as a growing number of people now do – focus and consistency can be a bit tricky to manage.

When you’re working in an office environment, with a bunch of other people around you at any given moment, and supervisors to check up on you, you almost don’t have a choice but to get your head down and do your work.

When you’re working from home, on the other hand, you’re the master of your own routine and time, and so you have to be really diligent if you don’t want to find yourself giving way to procrastination far too often.

One of the most irritating things that can happen to someone who works from home, is that a household emergency can arise that stops them from working.

Here are some things to do if that happens to you.

Check to see if there’s a quick and obvious solution to the problem, and if not, contact an expert immediately

If something spontaneously goes wrong in your home – like, the electricity fails, or the boiler goes out in midwinter – you might be tempted to take a completely DIY approach to tackling the issue, if you’ve got that kind of personality.

When you’re working from home, though, you can’t afford to involve yourself in a long DIY project. When something goes wrong, you should check to see if there’s a quick and obvious solution to the problem (has a fuse been tripped?) And if not, you need to contact an expert immediately.

These days, it’s often not too hard to find an emergency electrician available 24/7. Call them up, and let them do their job, so that you can do yours.

Have contingency plans in place beforehand that you can fall back on

If you haven’t taken any precautions or made any preparations for potential issues in your home, you can easily find yourself completely unable to do any work, the moment something goes wrong.

Instead of allowing this to happen, you should set certain contingency plans in place before any such issue arises, so that you can fall back on them if needs be, and actually meet your deadlines.

These plans don’t have to be major, drawn-out, master chess manoeuvres. Instead, they can be as simple as having a smartphone available that you can use as a wireless hotspot, if your home Internet connection fails. And, maybe a laptop that has an extremely long battery life, in case the power goes out.

Reformulate your day’s goals, but don’t allow yourself to take the easy way out and slack off

All too often, we follow the path of least resistance, and happily seize any excuses that come up to stray from our plans and targets, and just “take it easy” for a while.

You should rest when your schedule says it’s time to rest. But you shouldn’t use an issue around the home as an excuse to take the easy way out and slack off – unless the issue is seriously major, such as a house fire, or hurricane damage.

You may well not be able to achieve all the daily goals you originally set for yourself. But you should reformulate them, and get something done, at any rate. It’s largely that kind of consistency that leads to long-term success in business.