Product Empties #3

drugstore skincare products

It’s been ages since my last empties post and since then I have gone through quite a lot of products. These are some that were managed to be saved and kept in a tote bag full of empty bottles and it’s time to unload the bag and go through it before throwing them all to the bin…

Garnier Micellar Water | HATE

I went through bottles of this and boy was it one of the biggest mistakes in my life. It caused major tiny bumps on my skin and I always thought it was my allergy doing it when it really was this culprit. I have then stopped using and my skin has less bumps now.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water | MAJOR LOVE!

My favourite micellar water thus far! I’m on to my 4th bottle of this and that’s saying a lot from a sensitive skin gal like me. It’s very gentle on the skin, doesn’t have prominent smell and it does its job although with waterproof mascara you might need to tug on the lashes a lil bit. Major love!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser | JUST OKAY

My doctor told me that Cetaphil cleansers are for ageing skin and it could not be any more true. It does nothing but at the same time doing something to stop your breakout but I can never pinpoint what it is. It’s okay to try, but you may find it not enough for your skin concerns.

Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner | WAY HARSH..

I remember the ol’ skincare Twitter raving about this toner and years later when my conscience is as clear as day, this is actually a shit toner. Alcohol all the way. And it stings too. It may be considerable to use it if you have major breakouts but other than that, it’s best to steer clear.

Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner | JUST OKAY

The perfect toner if you want a no-bullshit-just-a-lil-hydrating toner. Simple products never cause me to breakout so I know that no matter what product of them I use, I can always count on it on not making my skin worse than it already is.

Bougas Beauty Serum | AWESOME

Hi, everyone, meet the product that solves my 3 years of breakouts and constant zits popping. It really is THAT amazing. It made my skin glowy, less bumpy, and treated my acne. It balanced my oil production too. Unfortunately, it’s a local product here in Malaysia and I don’t think they do international shipping.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% | THE BEST

If Bougas serum treated my acne, then this Niacinamide serum by The Ordinary just made my skin a whole lot better! I have no bad things to say about this serum and I swear by it. You can click on the post and read all about it there.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

I received this as a sample while doing my Innisfree shopping but unfortunately I couldn’t form an opinion of it because it didn’t come with a lot of product so I didn’t see any visible changes on my skin. But it’s a nice serum and I’ve heard good things about it.

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser | OILY SKIN LOVES!

You can always count on this just-basic moisturiser for your oily skin needs. Dry skin girls, however, are better off with something a little bit more moisturising as I found this not working on my dry patches. But overall, it’s a good inexpensive moisturiser you can get at the drugstore.

Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream | LONG TIME FAVOURITE

Please don’t ever ask if I would repurchase this because I went through tubs upon tubs of this. I’ve used it for 3 years and it works wonders on my skin. If you have dry skin, you will love this. I’m a combo gal but I do prefer a highly moisturising face cream.

Hansaegee Nature Aqua Whitening Cream | LOVE

I received this as part of a collaboration with Hansaegee but collabs aside, it really is a good moisturiser and the best part about it is it contains niacinamide as one of its ingredients. Oily skin gals will love this as it’s in gel form.

I hated it. Dried out my skin so fast than it did my pimples. I totally would not recommend it if you have dry skin. It didn’t even work that well..

Bioré UV Perfect Protect Milk Moisture | LOVE!

It’s the only sunscreen I ever used because of the price tag and the fact that it didn’t make me more oily throughout the day. I love it! However, I do not recommend using it under makeup because it cakes up your makeup so bad so opt for an SPF primer during your makeup day.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask | LOVE!

Oooh, this one is a major love. It sits deep into your skin and suck all that dirt in your pores leaving your skin feeling smooth and brighter. I would recommend this if you don’t have the budget for Kiehl’s one. That one is a major love too but the Innisfree one is cheaper and works well.

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder | OKAY

For the price, it’s definitely a steal if you couldn’t fork out a few hundreds for Laura Mercier loose powder. What I don’t like about it though is it leaves white cast on your skin so I don’t think it suits people with darker skin tone.

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper | THE BEST

GOSH, how I love this product. It makes your brows stay in place all day and gives a bit of tint to your brow. However, it works as a final touch up to your brows so if you’re not blessed in the brow department, using this alone will not suffice.

So there goes my product empties. Phew, that was a lot! If you have used any of these products, do let me know what you think of them!