My Wedding Calendar Setup

The minute we decided on the wedding date, I knew that I had to have a planning system or I’d lose my mind. I had booked a wedding planner along with the venue but there are some things that I had to do and book by myself and that’s where my bullet journal comes.

Why didn’t I just use my usual monthly calendar for planning my wedding? There are different inserts in between monthly calendars and it would be hell to flip through that many pages just to see what I have on the next months. With this calendar, I can solely focus on my wedding things without mixing it with my daily to-do list since I’m going for internship next week and I’ll be busy with that.

I opted for a simple layout with a black and white theme. On the corner of the page, I have a calendar of the current month to make referring easier. I also have __ months before the wedding! as a countdown. I separated my month by weekly instead of daily because it’s just redundant to have it daily since I’m not going to plan or have anything related to my wedding every day.

At the bottom right of every month, I have a Notes section where I would jot down things that I need to get done on that month. For example, in the month of June, I wrote down “find bridesmaids attire” so I know that I need to get that done by that month. It’s like a monthly checklist so I won’t be forgetting important stuff that I have to do.

So there’s my simple wedding calendar in my bullet journal. To future brides out there, are you using any system to plan your wedding? If so, do share with me in the comments down below.