A Kinda Major Life Update + Buying Myself Birthday Gifts

My new room at the new house

I never would have thought that my life could change so much in the span of one month. How do I begin writing my life update, I don’t even know. I’m tired and a lil bit overwhelmed by everything that I went and still going through but a girl gotta push through..

First of all,

I’ve moved house. Yup. My family and I moved out of our home of 18 years because it was bound to happen one way or another and because that house was not for us anymore. My parents are planning to build their retirement house after my wedding so if that happens, I will definitely update about it here because it’s so exciting!

I’m currently doing my practicum as trainee English teacher. Much to my dismay, I am currently doing my practicum as the last part of my program before I graduate. I love English so, so much but teaching is just not for me. I do enjoy teaching but I hate doing lesson plans and teaching materials. Plus, kids these days are — how do I put this, — challenging. Super, duper challenging. Oh, 5th of July, come faster if you may.

I went to a pre-marriage course. For everyone getting married in Malaysia, it is compulsory to take a two-day pre-marriage course and I did that with my fiancé a month ago. We can finally fill our nikah form! Aaah! I’m not going to be planning my wedding during my practicum because it’s just going to be too much for me to handle but I did go for a fitting two weeks ago. I think I kinda know what I want for my wedding dress. It’s going to be really exciting, I cannot wait.

I bought a new theme for my blog. If you notice, I have a new theme for my blog. It’s the 4th theme since I migrated to WordPress and also my 3rd Pipdig theme. I’ve been eyeing this theme ever since Pipdig released it a few months ago and I decided to purchase it last week, exactly 6 months after my last blog makeover. Hopefully Pipdig won’t be releasing new theme anytime soon because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be buying that also. Yikes.

I bought two birthday presents for myself. It has come to that point in life where you buy your own present instead of getting them from people and that’s what I did. Last week on Thursday while I was at school, I thought that I really needed a new phone so what I did was I went to Sunway Pyramid alone after school and bought myself a brand new iPhone. I’m obsessed with it I love it so much. Then, last Sunday, I went to KLCC with my family and I saw this super cute Rebecca Minkoff bag called the Blythe Crossbody bag and I thought “why the heck not, I’m purchasing this.” I got it in this adorable nude pink colour, it’s so pretty. Maybe a new what’s in my bag post? (Anyway, my birthday is on the 29th.)

I should be doing 8 lesson plans right now but I made a blog post instead. Good to know that I have my priorities set in stone. I hope you all have a lovely day and I can’t wait for one-week school holiday next week I’m dying.