My Blogging Struggle 2.0

I haven’t written a proper blogging post for a solid year since my last one. Yikes. But I’m back. I’m back! With my blogging struggle 2.0. You can go ahead and read the first one here if you fancy.

I was hoping I’d be writing this with a macchiato in my hand in a cafe during a rainy day overlooking the window, seeing all the people passing by going about their lives but let’s be real — I’m at home still in my work attire and my lens killing me because I’m just that lazy to take them off. Let’s just not talk about how I fell asleep a few times until the morning without showering the night before because I was super tired, shall we. Is it me or is there something wrong with the January air that is making us sleepy all the time?

The new WordPress editor

I think it’s called.. Gutternberg? Gutenberg? Guttenbierg? Whatever it is, I am not liking it. It glitches a lot and I hate how I’m unable to control certain blocks unless I edit it manually via html and that’s just stupid for something that is claimed to be kind of ‘futuristic’ or easier for your writing experience. Bull to da shit. I’m struggling. But I ain’t going back to Classic Editor so WordPress, please be kind enough and fix them, ‘right?

Literally, pipdig

Alright. Imma say it out loud.


The fact that I literally just purchased my current one not more than 6 months ago infuriates me because I really, really like the latest theme pipdig came out with. I’m the type of person who obsesses over things I want every single day so I’m going to be obsessing over Lavoie everyday until I get it. It gets even harder when I come across blogs who are using it because I will imagine that shiny, gorgeous theme on my blog and oh boy. Hello, Mr. Fiancé, aren’t you gonna get it for me as an early birthday present??? Hello??

Taking blog photos

It’s come to the point where I don’t even know where I put my DSLR because I haven’t been taking blog pictures in months! I hate the process of photography. I do not enjoy it even one bit. I wish I had someone I can hire to take my blog photos but I’m not financially able to do that in terms of hiring a third party with my blogging process. Maybe after I get married I can ask my husband to take photos for me, oh wouldn’t that be nice. Imagine all the candid pics of meself y’all gonna be seeing next year!

Making time for my blog

I think everyone who has a day job can relate to this. Heck, I even struggled with posting regularly when I was in uni! I tried my very best to post at least once a week but my one other problem besides not having time to blog is to shoot photos for my blog. I don’t mind using stock photos but when you use your own photos, you feel some sort of accomplishments towards your blog because the text and visual are yours. The feeling of satisfaction is on another level when you use your own photos. Although I might have to use stock photos for this one too…

What are yours?