New Bullet Journal | Collins Legacy A5 dotted notebook

Hi pretty things. So I had a little bit of incident with my old bullet journal that I’ve only been using for like a month. My roommate back when I was still co-living dropped her eyeshadows on my desk where I put my makeup/laptop/bullet journal without cleaning it up. I didn’t notice the mess that has been made so I dragged my bullet journal that was on far left of my desk to the center because obviously I was going to journal. So, my old journal cover was this fabric velvet thing and honestly no kind of liquid can fix it once it’s been ruined and I was just not in the mood to write on it anymore. I did wrap it with marble contact paper but the feeling of knowing that it’s ruined put me off from further using it.

Last Thursday, I went to IOI City Mall with my boyfriend and I went looking through journals at Borders. I wasn’t planning on buying because it’s expensive and I still have my old one so getting a new one was not in the list of priorities. But my dear of a boyfriend got the one that I wanted and bought it for me while I was looking at other section in the bookstore. He knows how much I treasure my old bullet journal because I always spam him with loads of pictures of my bullet journal. I’m so excited to be using this one because this new journal is much better than my old one. Anyway, the notebook that I got is Collins Legacy A5 dotted notebook. I’m not sure how similar this one is to LEUCHTTURM1917 but they do have the same paper weight and dimension.

Collins Legacy A5

A5 size 21 x 14.8 cm

Luxury soft touch covers

Secure elastic closure

240 pages

Dotted layout

High quality 80gsm ivory paper

Document storage pocket

Dotted notebooks are really hard to get in Malaysian stores and the high quality ones are very expensive too. My suggestion to fellow friends who want to try bullet journalling is use whatever notebook you have in hand. You don’t have to spend money to buy new notebook. Try bullet journalling for a few months and if you really love it and find it helpful in organising your life then I recommend purchasing nice notebook to use just to make your bullet journalling experience a little bit better. I hope you enjoy this post and I see you in my next one.