My Romance Books TBR List

Hi pretty things. Today I’ll be talking about my books to-be-read list aka the list I haven’t had for 2 years. Before you go all “Erin, DID YOU JUST PICK UP A BOOK AND.. OH MY GOD… READ?!?!” because to be fair, I’m reading on the Books app but it’s a book nonetheless, y’know? No matter the medium, a book is a book and it’s the fact that I read is what matters most.

All the books in my list are romantic genre so bear with me, will’ya. I find that the said genre is perfect to kick start my reading habit instead of the heavier ones like historical or dystopian genres especially after years of not reading. Clicking on the book covers below will redirect you to the Goodreads page of the novel so I hope you’ll find one or two that you’d like to read. I am especially excited to red A Nordic King because the whole setting is in Denmark and in case you didn’t know, I am obsessed with Denmark to the brim!

And of course, I have to read the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy before I can watch the movie. What have you been reading?