A Very Much Needed Life Update | I’m back for good!

Hey you!

Okay. Before you go all “Wait whose blog is this???” on me, hi I’m Erin and I own this blog. Nice to meet you!

I have a few reasons why I was missing in action for a month. I had a lot in my plate for the whole month because I have final exam and also thesis submission, add into it 6895403286 submission deadlines and that basically sums up my May 2018. However, that is all in the past now! I am done with my classes and 8 semesters of pain, tears, and blood but I’m not quite done yet with my studies, unfortunately. I still have teaching practicum and the remaining chapters of my thesis left but I’m planning on doing my practicum next year anyway so there’s no rush. Although I must say that my heart’s not in it anymore.

Your home girl has got a new job! Looks like I’m not leaving Shah Alam yet. There’s so much that I wanted to do and I think that going back to my parents’ house does not permit me to do the things I want. I like to be free. I like to do things alone and living away from my family teaches me to be independent. Since I’ve got a new job, I will be fully independent and that is very amazeballs! I know I’m very late to the independent-girl-club at 23 years old but that’s not too bad for someone who hasn’t graduated, right? *pats myself in the back for extra appraisal*

I hope I can get into the swing of things again and start blogging like I used to. I know that blogging isn’t as hyped as it had been years ago but it will always hold a spot in my heart as something that has been with me through it all and hopefully for the next 50 years to come. Expect more posts on my blog from this moment on. Watch this space! x

PS: I seriously think my plants are dying..