Blogging: What I’d Do Differently If I Could Turn Back Time


Having been blogging for almost a decade now (yes I started blogging in 2008!), there are a lot of things that I wish I had done differently or rather not done at all. This is not another blogging mistake post but one where I talk about how I wanted to do things differently if I had been given a chance to turn back time. 10 years is not a short period of time and along the way I learned a few things about what I wish I had done differently.

Start my blog on self-hosted WordPress

I know, I know. I couldn’t have known that I would stick to blogging for as long as I did but if I started my blog on a self-hosted site, it would save me so much trouble of having to migrate and trying out other blogging platforms that were not as good as self-hosted WordPress.

Do not delete my old posts

I kid you not, I probably have published almost 10 thousands blog posts if I hadn’t stupidly deleted all my posts from 2008. I know that I would be embarrassed of what the 13-year-old me have written but blogging is a part of my growth especially since I’ve been blogging for so long. I wish there were some ways for me to acquire my old posts but unfortunately it is not possible.

Investing on Pipdig theme instead of trying out a bunch from other shops

If you’ve been following me since 2016, you’d know that I bought and changed templates so many times while I was on Blogger. Although I’m not quite regretting the money I’ve spent on them, the next best idea would have to be investing on a Pipdig theme because they are seriously the best. Other developers are amazing too but Pipdig is just an A+. If my blog gets a new makeover, you best bet that I’d probably pick one from Pipdig.

Be consistent with my blogging schedule

I really wished that I had been consistent with posting on my blog. I have been a consistent blogger but after continuing my studies February last year, my blog went downhill as I no longer have much time to spare on my blog anymore. I used to think that I could spend the whole weekend taking photos and writing for my blog but weekends are consisting of me sleeping all day long so there goes writing blog posts down the drain. I really want to start posting at least once a week this year and not leave my blog to rot for weeks without new posts.

What would you do differently if you’ve been given the chance?

  • After going self-hosted, I share the same sentiment with you. Blogging on Blogger is free and and easy to use but self-hosted just make it much easier albeit it costs some money.

  • I wish I’ve change the URL earlier… dah baru sekarang tukar domain, baru nak merangkak naik balik. Huhu.

  • I wasn’t thinking to not delete my old posts, because I do think it’s way toooo childish with bad writings but 10k posts? That’s so wow.

  • nadiah izzaty

    If I have a chance again , I would started blogging at early age , hihihi…

  • Thanks for mentioning us in your post! I’m glad you’ve been happy with your theme from us 🙂

    If you originally published your old posts on or Blogger, we may be able to recover those for you. Feel free to get in touch if you would be interested in that. Either way, 10k posts is crazy impressive!

    Phil @

  • wow, ten years! Congrats on staying with it for so long <3

    I hesitated on getting a paid layout for the longest time and stayed on blogger computer coding my own site for the longest time but when I jumped the plunge and purchased a layout with pigdig and moved over to wordpress I was so over the moon! I actually wouldn't do anything different with my blog, it's gotten me to this point where I'm very happy with it 🙂

    Although you've made some mistakes, you've clearly learnt from them and now you have this amazing blog!

  • Siqah Hussin

    10k posts!! WOW!! Banyak gila weii!!.. Terbaik!! Cuma tue lah bila dah delete, tak boleh recover ke?

    If I have a chance, Siqah tak nak tinggalkan blog bertahun-tahun lamanya sampai lupa password dan terpaksa create another blog. Sampai sekarang, masih tak tahu camne nak masuk ke blog lama tu.

    And one more, definitely post one blog post in a week. harap takdelah malas sangat tahun nie 😀