Stocking Up on Sheet Masks

elianto essence mask sheet


Hi. I was never a fan of sheet masks being the last time I worn one was years ago but I went to One Utama yesterday and I saw a Malaysian own brand, Elianto shop there. I’ve been on makeup buying ban for a good few months but I saw that their Elianto Essence Mask Sheet were on sale! You can buy 2 packs of sheet masks and get another 3 for free. One pack contains 3 sheet masks so you’ll end up with 15 sheet masks in total for the price of 2 packs (6 sheets in total).

I went with 5 different types of masks as I wanted to try as much as I can. I believe they have 8 types in total and the other 3 I had to sacrifice from buying. I almost bought another 2 packs just so I can get all 8 of them but luckily I was thinking clearly. The other 3 that I didn’t get were cucumber, pearl, and aloe vera.


Details: 1 pack = 3 sheet masks = RM13.90
Where to buy? Elianto’s website


Deep Sea = Contains powerful mineral ingredients rich in hydrating properties and infuses moisture to skin.

Pomegranate = A highly concentrated nourishing mask sheet that contains pomegranate extracts which refreshes, heals, and keeps skin firm.

Green Tea = Provides essential nutrients and anti-oxidants for a powerful anti-aging boost.

Berries = An enriched water-based berries essence that provides hydration while promoting elasticity for your skin.

Royal Jelly = Helps to boost skin’s firmness and leave your complexion firmed and revitalised.

I’m thinking of doing review of each type of mask every weekend for 5 weeks, what d’ya think? Maybe I can spend a whole week trying one type of mask on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and post a review about it on Sunday. It’ll be one of many ways I can use to have posts up on my blog at least once a week. I’m starting off with Deep Sea mask as I’m most intrigued about this one in particular!

Have you tried any of Elianto’s masks? Can you recommend me good sheet mask brands I can buy next?

  • Nurul Atiqah

    I am obsessed with face masks, maybe I should get one of these babies. Thanks for it

  • Alya Farhanah Mohd Tarmizee

    Innisfree is great! Their sheet masks are amazing!

    • korean brands are top notch when it comes to sheet masks x

  • I’ve never heard of this brand before! That deal sounds like such a steal! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • it’s a malaysian based brand. they’re really great x

  • i love both! but cost effective is clay mask la. sheet masks are expensive when no discount x