Aiken Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Review

Hi. I finished up the whole bottle of Aiken’s Tea Tree Oil so I thought I would do a review and my overall thought about it. So basically, tea tree oil is good for blemishes and for treating acne but it can also be used for other things too but in this post I would like to focus on treating blemishes.

Basic info about this tea tree oil;

10ml for RM15

— can be found in Guardian/Watsons/AEON Wellness and other drugstores

It came in this tiny bottle that you can shove in your bag if you need to reapply throughout the day (my friend does so). I am a fan of its scent but it might throw some people off. This tiny bottle lasts me for about 1-2 months based on how much you apply. I know for some people it can last them for about 5 or 6 months but my acne were nasty so I used it night and day.


Did it work?

Yes, it did work but you can’t expect it to work overnight. Since I apply it night and day, my skin has turned for the worst. I had dry, flaky skin on the area where I put this oil especially on my cheeks and jaw. What annoyed me the most was my skin turned dry but it was taking so painfully long to clear out my acne.

The good thing about it is it dries out instantly and you won’t feel any stickiness at all. It also feels very minty on the face which I don’t really mind. I think the sole reason why it didn’t really work on my skin was I overused it on my skin which has resulted in the dryness and flakiness so I suggest using a moderate amount of it daily as to not overuse it.


The oil itself doesn’t feel like oil but more like concentrated water, if you know what I mean. The consistency is just like water and it doesn’t have that oiliness that an oil is supposed to have. I would recommend using cotton bud to apply it on your face but it didn’t really work for me so I made sure that my finger was clean af. Avoid putting it on area around the blemishes and focus solely on the blemishes to avoid your unproblematic area to turn dry.


Will I repurchase it?

Probably not since it dried out my skin like hell. But who knows if I feel tempted to purchase it in the future. It did work on blemishes but not as fast as I wanted to.

Have you tried this tea tree oil?