My New Year and College Resolutions So Far

Hi. Since we are already in the month of October, I thought it’d be fitting to write about my 2017/college resolutions that I wrote about at the end of last year. I can safely say that I am not achieving any of them just yet (we still have a good two months, eh?) but this is just one of the posts that I know I should be embarrassed about because my resolutions and goals for this year ain’t going away, honey.

book challenge

24 Books I’m Going (but didn’t!) to Read in 2017

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Abort mission, abort mission. I should be almost through reading 24 books but oh who am I kidding, eh? I haven’t picked up any book at all except on those rare occasions where I was home and thought that I wanted to read something. I have completely forgotten about this challenge and I can honestly say that I fail this challenge because ain’t no way I have enough time to finish 24 books in less than 3 months. Sorry to disappoint, dear self.

College Resolutions

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Never miss a class: What was I thinking, eh? I can’t even count how many times I skipped classes especially tutorials, Monday morning, 8 am, and Friday classes.

Printables: Can we all take a moment for that one notebook I used for every subject the whole semester?

Get a part time job: Apparently, doing something that is making me money is the only thing I’m excited to do.

Beat procrastination: Procrastination is not something that is easily beaten just because I wrote about beating it on my blog. It takes a goddamned willpower to not procrastinate in doing works which apparently, I don’t have.

Eating healthy: I am a proud Malaysian who eats Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian (ayam penyet and pecel lele ftw!) food every single day so no, eating healthy is not possible. Although I’ve cut down on sambal belacan (I’m allergic to it) and I can see a huge improvement on my skin. No more pimples coming out!

Spend money mindfully: Oooooooooh. I guess I can say I spend my money more mindfully now but I’m still suck at saving money. However, I no longer have days where I have to cut down on meals just because I’m short of money. Alhamdulillah.

Spend more time in the library: I put this as one of my college resolutions because I expected that my rent house would have no wifi but fortunately we do so I don’t spend time in library unless needed.

2017 resolutions

2017 Resolutions

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Getting driver’s license: Hopefully I’ll be registering for driving lessons early next year but for now, I enjoy having my boyfriend taking me wherever I wanna go. Mmm long distance relationship, what?

Losing weight (13kg): Hon, the only thing I’m losing is my self-esteem when I’m 5 pounds heavier than I was. I know that Atkin’s diet would probably work If I’m serious enough about losing weight but I hate having to prepare food especially when I’m in college. I seriously got no time! And the no-carb rule meaning that I can’t enjoy eating rice for a few months – I just can’t deal.

Saving money: I need a motivation to save money because if I’m saving money for the sake of saving, I’d probably spend it on my next hangout at AEON to buy food instead.

Achieving minimalist makeup: I forgot the last time I bought makeup — huuuurzah! I’m spending more money on skincare because to me, to achieve flawless makeup you will have to have the perfect base and that is your skin. However, getting a lipstick or two doesn’t hurt.

Learning how to cook: Everything can be done just by typing onto Google what recipe you’re planning to make and voila, with a lil bit of magic in the kitchen (and lots of burned hands from the hot pan), you’re ready to devour into the food in front of you. Long story short, I haven’t learned any major recipes, lol.

Getting flawless skin: My skin has been something that I’m struggling with for a few years. No matter what products I used, it was just not working for me. For now, I’m working on my breakouts and when my skin is free of active pimples for a period of time, I will start focusing on treating the hyperpigmentation.

So how’s your 2017 resolutions going so far?