Guilty Pleasure List

guilty pleasure list

We all indulge ourselves with guilty pleasures that we take pleasure in doing such as um oversleeping on a Monday. I did that a lot of times provided that my classes started very late in the afternoon which I binge-eat afterwards because your home girl didn’t have her breakfast and lunch and it was 4 pm and she was hungry af. IT HAPPENED.

Going back to bed when it’s raining although you have a class starting in 30 minutes

Tell me that I’m not alone in this. I remember it was Monday and I was halfway dressed when the rain started pouring down so mad and I decided that nope — not going to go to class. I might as well go back to bed the weather is perfect!

Spending the last 30 ringgit in my wallet on Boat Noodle and Tealive

When you’re a broke student who is ignorant and still wants to spend money on expensive noodles and drinks when all you can afford is a 5 ringgit nasi bungkus. And oh! 2 ringgit mineral water is expensive af. The amount of time I spend my money on Boat Noodle when I’m almost broke is baffling but I never learn from my mistakes.

Binge-watching on tv shows

Oh, god. I am guilty of watching too many tv shows and I enjoyed it nonetheless. I watch tv shows before bed, while doing my day and night skincare routine, heck, I even watched a few episodes during my part-time job as a cashier at a restaurant where I always hang out with my friends. Latest episode count: 3,423.

Abandoning my blog for so long without any new posts

The guilt I felt while I abandoned my blog was horrible but the pleasure I get from having to live my life without worrying about my other ‘life’ on the internet felt so good. I visit my blog everyday and I check my WordPress and Blogger dashboard everyday but I was not inspired enough to write a blog post.

What’s your guilty pleasure?