July Drugstore Haul

drugstore haul


Hi everyone. I am back with a drugstore haul of products that I am so excited to try! Last weekend, Watsons Sunway Pyramid had a sale and of course your home girl couldn’t resist and I just bought a bunch of products in my wish list focusing on skincare because my skin needed a new routine and this is the perfect time for changing my skincare regime.



I’m going to get these out of the way before I start with new products. This 3 packs (of course I’m only showing one) of Soft & Clean Square Puffs was RM11.90 and the best thing is I love it so much. You know how cotton pads tend to leave stringy bits on your skin after using toner/micellar water? Well this one didn’t leave as much bits as other brands so I’m really liking it so far. I’ve been wanting to try Shiseido Facial Cotton but the price tag though..

I went ahead and purchased a new refill of LUX White Impress Shower Gel as I’m running low on mine. LUX’s shower gels are my favourite and I have used the purple one I think it’s called Magical Spell for as long as I can remember. The Garnier Micellar Water was RM20 so I thought, why not, eh, although I still have months before I ran out of the one I’m currently using but it was on sale how could I resist.

Vaseline Intensive Care is my favourite lip treatment after shower and the one that I had was expired already. I bought it in August 2015 and it’s really a bang for your buck because for RM4, you can use it for two years and the greatest thing was I wasn’t even halfway through! Score! Tiger Balm for when I have pain all over my body that needs soothing. A cult favourite of my family.



The Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream was an impromptu purchase while I was queueing to pay for my stuff. I chose the one for Dry to Extra Dry Skin just because it’s much more hydrating and I could use a lil bit more of hydration especially on my legs. The Naturals Argan Body Scrub is Watsons’ own line of body skincare product and I also purchased the Naturals Argan Oil Hair Oil which I’m really loving for my hair so far. I have yet to try the body scrub, though.

I repurchased Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream just because I love having it with me even though it is not my current moisturiser anymore. I had been using it religiously for 8 months and it did wonders to my acne scarring and marks. You won’t see a short term result on your scarring, though, but it’s a really good moisturiser if you’re suffering from dry skin.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is such a hyped up concealer in the beauty community and I managed to finally snatch one to try for myself. I have only used it once so I don’t have a final thought about it but I’m not super super impressed just yet. One thing that I wanna say is I’m not really liking the sponge applicator. The Watsons Facial Oil Absorbent Paper was on sale for 1 for 2! How could I resist.



A friend recommended the Aiken Tea Tree Oil Spot Away Pore Refining Toner as she herself is suffering from acne so I went ahead and bought one for myself. I got it a few weeks ago and I really like it so far. I wouldn’t recommend it to people with dry skin as it does contain a little bit of alcohol so it can make your dry skin worse.

I wasn’t planning on buying the Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Day & Night Moisturizer but the sale assistant at AEON Wellness INSISTED that I go with this instead of the oil that I wanted because it’s allegedly better for my oily skin — not 100% agreeing with her but I do think that it’s a good moisturiser.

The Cosmoderm Vitamin E Oil 15,000 I.U. with Rosehip Oil was the oil that I wanted to buy so when I saw that it was on sale for RM17 from RM40, I went nuts! Vitamin E oil is good for scarring and regenerating skin tissue and rosehip oil will make your skin glow. I’m so excited to incorporate this product into my skincare regime!

Since I ran out of my Innisfree clay mask, I opted for Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Purifying Mask as suggested by the sale assistant. I tried it for the first time a few nights ago and oh my goodness, you guys, it gives the most cooling sensation to your skin once applied and it feels great on my skin and my skin feels super soft after that! Definitely recommend to anyone with oily skin.



The Aiken Tea Tree Oil 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil was not originally included in this post but yesterday, I couldn’t help myself from purchasing it and I thought I might as well include it here since I was still working on this post. I’ve always loved the smell of tea tree oil products. Some people may not like it but the herb minty smell is so right up my alley.


I hope you enjoyed this haul and let me know if you have tried any of these products!

  • Mrs. A

    Hahaha.. vaseline dah sampai expired ya Erin teringat diri sendiri.
    Itu sebab kena beli yang small aje Erin

    • memang beli yg small je mrs A tapi tu lah guna untuk lips je so memang lambat sgt habisnya


    Cosmoderm Vit E tu pakai waktu bila ?

  • it does! x

  • Syahindah ms

    I use toner from Aiken , but it makes my skin dry so memang selalu lah sapu moisturiser huhu. Garnier Micellar Water tu makes my skin smooth seriousssss

    • yes kalau dry skin memang tak sesuai toner aiken tu. haah micellar water tu very moisturising!

  • Love the Cosmoderm Cooling mask! I tend to use it once every two nights 😀 as for the moisturiser, I prefer the Vit E 1000 I.U – when I used the Tea Tree Day & Night I had breakouts. As for toners I am still searching, used Aiken before but didn’t work for me sadly Coincidentally I also went and haul-ed at Watsons yesterday too XD


    • the mask is awesome! i had breakouts with that moisturiser too but they’re all gone now. love that it has spf so i can wear it day-to-day. the toner works for me so i guess that’s good heh x

      • hehe good for you! I am still on a toner hunt sadly :’D

  • I used to use Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream too and love it but change it to Cetaphil recently. Also used to use Cosmoderm Vitamin E Oil 15,000 I.U. with Rosehip Oil and it works wonder! After finished with that one, I bought the 30,000 I.U because I thought 30,000 going to be better. Few application later, I cannot bring myself to use it anymore as it is sooo sticky. Silly me. Haha.

    • the vitamin e oil 30,000 I.U is best suited for body 🙂

  • Wow this is a pretty big haul, haha! I’ve not heard of a lot of these, but I’m looking forward to hearing how they worked for you!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • The majority of them work so good! So excited to be writing about them on my blog x

  • I just wrote about Aiken the other day. That oil specifically. I need tiger balm so bad right now, been having runny nose since yesterday. some chilling balm would be sho nice.

    • I love the toner. and tea tree oil too x

  • I’m using Cosmoderm Vitamin E Oil 15,000 I.U. with Rosehip Oil as well as its toner and face wash! I really like the toner, my skin feels smoother after I apply it lol how can I not love it XD

    • i haven’t tried the toner and face wash. probably will buy them once i’m done with my current ones 🙂

  • vaseline memang tahan lama because banyak, and guna dekat lips je haha. but tumit kaki pun boleh tau x