My Blogging Guilt

I have been a really bad blogger. Oops.

I’m not going to make excuses because y’all know how important university is so as much as I don’t enjoy studying, it will still be on top of my priority list and I’m sad to say that blogging…

is not even on my top 5. I feel so bad because I used to love blogging (I still do but life gets in the way), it was my sanctuary, my baby, my child that I’m proud of but who am I kidding? If I were to choose between my study, blogging, and socialising, I’d choose study and socialising all the way, hands down. Shout out to bloggers out there who are juggling those 3 and still have enough hours to sleep, you da real MVP, that, I can tell ya.

Now what is a blogging guilt? It’s the sh*ts that I said I would do but didn’t because 1. I procrastinate, and 2. ain’t nobody got time for that. The guilt is so real that whenever I go to my blog I’d say to myself, “such a waste of expensive theme and hosting, I don’t even have time to keep you updated week to week..” I miss my blog so much and if you’re an avid reader and you miss it too, I really feel you. 🙁

Not sticking with my blogging schedule

In early January I mentioned that I have planned my posts all the way until mid-March which unfortunately I didn’t follow through. The same goes to this blog schedule that I dedicated an entire page for. Lifestyle/blogging/beauty posts on weekdays… what?

Not posting posts that I have already taken photos of

This might come as a surprise to you but I have loads of drafts with photos already taken and edited such as makeup product reviews and brow routine that I just don’t feel like publishing. Months later and I don’t feel satisfied with the photos anymore so I thought “meh I’m just not gonna post it.” I might reshoot those photos but I need more hours in a day to be able to do that.

Not replying to comments as soon as I received them

I am guilty of only now replying to comments from a month ago just because I don’t have the time. Squeezing blog post writing in my day is already so hard, let alone replying to comments. I usually set a time during weekends for comment replies but the past few weeks have been so hectic for me. Fret not – I will reply to comments but it’s going to take me some time to do.

Do you have any blogging guilt?

  • Nabiha Zaidi

    Lamanya tak singgah sini.

  • Siqah Hussin

    Hi Erin! Lama tak nampak Erin kat blog tapi selalu juga nampak Erin di InstaStory =D

    Takpe Erin. Studying and socializing lagi penting. Utamakan yang penting dulu okay, ada masa then you back in blogging world.

    My blogging guilt:
    1. Siqah pun hmm lately jarang up new entry. Mood blogging macam merundum jatuh. But at least, gigih juga siapkan entri satu / week. Huhu.

    2. Jarang blogwalking juga T_T Sekarang mostly pegang phone sebab nak baca ebooks. Baru hari ni, sempat BW, cuma tak sempatlah semua. Huhu.

    3. Malas nak ambil gambar for blog post. I have problem with taking pictures now. Malas nak setup, malas nak fikir. Eh kalau dah ada vitamin M, tak boleh buat apa lah.

    4. And so on.. haha. Boleh buat satu blog post kang komen kat Erin =p

    Apa pun, good luck in your study and keep blogging okay =) Yang penting Erin ada juga update pun okay for me <3 Rindu nak baca your beauty review <3

    Salam Ramadhan, Erin ☺️

    • hi siqah! lama dah tak blogwalking. nak habiskan exam dulu baru boleh blogwalk blog semua orang hehe. dah boleh buat this same post ni! points semua dah ada haha. thank you siqah! beauty reviews coming xx

  • Sameeee! So busy sampai tak sempat nak update entry but weekend je memang terus taip banyak entry and schedule kan untuk weekdays

    • i’m usually busy on weekends too 🙁 sedih kesian my blog

  • I’m not even studying yet still didn’t commit to my blog. Ikot dan je. But so pity all the draftssssssss.

    • ikr! i must get back into blogging during semester break xx

  • Cília C

    we all are persons, blogging is not a life or death issue, so you don’t have to feel guilty if you can’t post as you had scheduled or you don’t have time to answer everyone! Even you want to take your blog seriosly, this first thing is your life and feeling good about it! 🙂

    • that is so true! thank you for reading x

  • All da best..

    Bro masih anggap blog sebagai kerjaya dan my passion… sehari x berblog.. rasa nak mengigil satu badan

  • I have dozens of half baked post drafts stored and there’s a pretty high chance that they’d never get to see the light of being published. :’) But whenever I’m having one of those annoying writer’s block, I’d make sure to retrace my steps and refer to them. It’s a good way to recycle old ideas.

    • that is so true! i always check my drafts when i’m in the mood to write x

  • Girllll, you don’t have to feel guilty! I know it’s not much for me to just say that but just remember that there are no rules, this is your blog and you have complete control. You do you boo!!

    Fatima x

    • thank you so much! thanks for reading x

  • Thanks. This is the first time I come across “Blogging Guilt”.
    This post acts as the inner voice to tell me “Don’t daydream, just type and type” 🙂

    • so true! it’s your blog and you can write whatever you want x