A Few Things I’m Currently Loving

Huuuuurzah everyone.

Can we just talk about my last paper syndrome? I just went through 4 painful final papers and my next and also the last paper will be on Tuesday 9 am so that means I have a long weekend to get my blog updated. It’s so frustrating that I’m in the mood for taking photos for my blog BUT I left my camera at home a few weeks ago because I thought I wasn’t going to shoot photos considering I went through a couple of months without taking out my camera here. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone, let’s be real here. I can’t wait to get home and shoot some photos! I miss doing beauty reviews and I have tons of stuff to blog about. Anyway, let’s get on to the few things I’m currently loving now.

currently loving

01. Taylor Swift is back on Spotify!

I am not a huge huge fan of Taylor but I can’t lie that her 1989 album is still relevant 2 and a half years later. I adore her music and her lyrics hit so close to home. I’m so excited that she’s finally back on Spotify because that’s the only place I listen to music and now I can have her on repeat all day! Listen to 1989 here.

02. No foundation makeup routine

Believe it or not, I wasn’t a big fan of foundation before and my everyday makeup routine consisted of either BB cushion or day cream and I’m good to go. Recently (and by recent I mean for the past 4 months), I have been using foundation every day to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable not wearing foundation if I’m going out and to be quite honest, I hated the feeling of being too depending on foundation. One day I thought to myself what can I use on my face to substitute foundation but is still covering my redness and evening out my skin tone and lo and behold, my dumb and late-to-the-party ass thought: oh, concealer might work. I know. It works wonders! No foundation makeup routine blog post, soon.

03. Favourite contact lens of all time

I have my favourite contact lens that I know I will repurchase and HAVE repurchased because it’s seriously the nicest, natural lens ever! I’m on my second pair right now and you best bet that I have a spare pair lying around somewhere in my house. I love it! It’s the Hydrocor lens in brown. I’ll do a blog post about it soon!

04. PADINI sweatpants

The amount of time these pants have been thrown in the wash since I got it is absurd! I kept on wearing it 3 times straight, washed it, used it again, and the cycle is endless! I found a link to it here but the one that I have is in denim colour that I prefer than the other colours because they don’t look like sweatpants at first glance. I have the size M if you’re wondering and I’m 5 ft 1.

05. Saying goodbye to semester 5

I can’t believe that 4 months passed by in a breeze! Where did all the time go? Did I really do all of the coursework or was I just dreaming of spending countless nights doing them? I’m in tears! My sixth semester starts on July 3rd until the end of August and hopefully by the end of that semester my boyfriend will be home from the UK, for good!

What have you been loving?

  • Angie

    I’m currently loving my new maroon blouse that has rose on the collar, it compliments my skin well. And also mixing grape with yoghurt because the grape conceals the sour taste (i dislike it) but I really need fibers. So yeah.
    Good luck for the upcoming semester!

    • mixing grape with yoghurt sounds so good! i might give it a try x

  • I’m not a huge fan but I’m soooo glad Taylor Swift is back on spotify because I sometimes like to listen to her Red album!

    Lauren x Huggled

  • I agree about depending on foundations, I used to be like that and I hated it, it is so liberating to use alternatives (or nothing at all) sometimes! I also get the same feeling at the end of each semester, it’s really strange because it is very hard whilst doing it, but once it is done, I instantly ask myself: is that it?
    Lovely post 🙂


    • i love using concealer for days when i don’t have much to do and will opt for foundation if i have somewhere to go. it’s strange isn’t it x

  • i would love to see a full post on your contact. i’m looking for good ones.


  • When I was in the Philippines earlier this year, I could not be bothered to throw on a full face of foundation so concealer did the job well. It also was a step forward in making me feel comfortable in my own skin! Looking forward to your makeup routine 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • i use concealer to cover the redness on my face. i don’t mind the scarring, though, but the redness — i hate it aha x

  • Good on you for going foundation free! Its quite liberating isn’t it!
    Kate x

  • I’ve recently been on the no-foundation kick as well! The Maybelline Fit Me is what I use for all over my face, and I actually prefer the finish to foundation!


    • i’ve only used that foundation once and so far i really love it! x

  • I don’t wear foundation too but love my nars skin tint.


    • is it good? i might check it out x

      • I love it, it is matte though but feels light than well other foundation and buildable.

  • Your new contact lenses sound great! Also totally agree about Taylor Swift – it’s great she’s back on Spotify as i love listening to her stuff!!

    • they’re beautiful! I love her 1989 album the most x

  • Ah I’m looking forward to seeing your no foundation makeup routine, I love no foundation days but I feel like I haven’t quite nailed a routine yet!

    The Makeup Directory

  • Zorica
  • The Sunday Mode

    At the moment I’ve really been loving listening to podcasts, I listen to one pretty much every day now!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • i’ve only recently started listening to podcasts too. my favourite is Unsolved Mysteries aha x

  • Cristina Nitrons

    Erin your blog is so lovely!! I just found it and i’m in love x

    Cristina | http://nitrons.com

  • Those sweatpants look so cosy but stylish! Love them!

    Anika xo | anikamay.co.uk

  • Yiotou_La

    I have been wearing a BB cream since spring and now, there are some days when I only wear SPF and lip gloss and I am so happy about it!! x


  • I have been loving the no foundation tutorials I have been seeing, but have yet to try it myself yet. I might give it a go! Great post, thank you for sharing Erin. Hope you are having a great day xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • thank you Kiran, i hope you have a great day as well xx

  • nadiah izzaty

    Yeay!! tak sabar nak baca Erin punya blogpost about no foundation and best lenses in town =)

    • harapnya tak malas lah nadia hehehehe x

  • YESYESYES i can’t wait! i lovelove hydrocor lens. will always repurchase them x