5 Things I Wish I Have More Time For

Now that I’m back on track with my studies for almost 3 months now, I can safely say that my university life is taking so much of my time that I don’t have time to do anything else — and that includes using my leisure time for my hobbies because my leisure time is always spent with socialising with my friends and doing house chores that I don’t have time to do because I’m not always at home. Here’s the 5 things I wish I have more time for.


Oh my god. I have been slacking on blogging these couple of months simply because I didn’t have time to sit down and write a proper post. My life isn’t what it was like when I took gap year last year and I realise now that juggling university and blogging at the same time is next to impossible. I’m thinking of cutting down my time outside and just be home and write, write, and write.


Aside from leaving my blog to dust, having my books literally covered with dust is much more agonising. I was that kid who received English to Malay vice versa dictionary for her 9th birthday from her father because she loved reading and English language so much but now.. what the hell happened. My 2017 book challenge is just a memory and we’re going into May with 0 book count. I’m so disappointed with myself.

Cooking home-cooked meal

When you’re a student, it’s much easier to buy outside food than preparing and cooking a meal because you just don’t have the time. I’m not even going to bother buying grocery stuff when I know that I won’t have time to cook that raw chicken which I’m 90% sure I will forget I have that in the freezer. I used to make chicken soup, soy sauce chicken, fried rice, rice porridge, and a heck lot of recipes with eggs, potatoes and mushrooms but now I don’t even have anything of mine in my rent house’s fridge. Sad.


Add 7 hour difference of long distance relationship into being a student equation and you’ll have me — I haven’t had a good night sleep since for ever and what’s 6-8 hours of sleep, anyway? Sometimes I went to bed early at around 12 am (that’s early for me) but I have difficulty in falling asleep sometimes until 3, 4 am and it drives me nuts when I have 8 am class in the morning. Shout out to my brain for keeping up with my f*cked up biological clock.


I love days where I can be in my PJs from morning till night and not having anything to do or anywhere to go the whole day and have my housemate buy me food for lunch and dinner because I’m such a lazy ass to go out. I miss days where I don’t have my friends asking me out and as much as I love spending time with them, I need a rest, too. I even forgot the last time I went home straight after class and took a 3-hour nap after lunch — that’s how busy I’ve been.

Are you a student who’s facing these, too?

  • ouch erin. how did you manage to sleep at 3 to 4 am when u have class at 8? ada cuba any tips so that u could fall asleep faster? i didn’t read much for this month too. mission to read more books is completely failed!

    • it sucks tbh. i can only fall asleep faster kalau busy the whole day and penat sgt. if not, 5 am lah baru boleh tidur hmm. my mission failed too. have too much going on to be spending time reading..

  • I’ve been slacking with blogging too, but making sure I get back on track this weekend xx

  • I have no alternatives that can help me save money other than cooking. Though my food are not proper food like tomyam udang, nasi lemak etc. Haha. My tip for cooking is, prepare all ingredients during the weekend. Like, I chopped most of the veggies and keep them properly in tupperware. I sliced boneless chicken into few small plastic bags so that I don’t have defrost all of them every time I want to cook.

    I love to be in my PJ as well! 😀 covered with duvet, dramas marathon, eat on the bed. Haha.

    • it’s much more inexpensive and cost effective to buy outside food than to cook, though. at least for me lah because i usually dont have time to cook.

      aaaah ain’t that a bliss!! 😀

  • olivia

    I’m going to become a student again this September and I’m not looking forward to having less time for blogging. I’ve got myself in a good balance right now with work, my volunteering and blogging, so to throw in being a Masters student along with working part-time, volunteering and blogging doesn’t bode well. I’m going to try as hard as I can to balance though, I’m determined not to give up!

    Olivia – The Northernist

    • i hope everything goes well for you. good luck in your studies! x

  • I’m not a student but I could definitely relate to these! Life gets so busy sometimes & I don’t get the chance to do a lot of things I wish I could do.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • So true! i’m quite sad that i don’t have as much time to blog like i did before.

  • VERY RELATABLE. I haven’t been blogging for a while but I think weekends would be great for blogging. 🙂

    • weekend’s great! i usually write my posts on weekends x

  • Bertabahlah Erin…huhu

  • its very relatable. I also feel the same way of some stuff that i want to do but i’m not giving enough time of.

    Reyar | Sheisreyar

    • i wish we have more hours in a day to do things we love x

  • I just started to work again and yeap I wish to have more times for these five things too, especially sleeping, haha.

  • Siqah Hussin

    Dah lama tinggalkan zaman belajar. Hii. Bertabah ye Erin 🙂

    Siqah sekarang kerja makin banyak pulak rasa. Wish to have more time for blogging. Macam banyak entri nak up tapi slow gila rasanya nak siapkan satu demi satu..

    Teringat Erin pernah cakap, “don’t pressure to update blog”. Cool dan will update once ada mood. No pressure 🙂 Blogging as a hobby dan tak mahu jadikan hobi sebagai satu benda yang menyebabkan tekanan. Hobi sepatutnya kita enjoy kan 😀

    Good luck in your study, Erin! <3

    • erin perasan erin selalu rajin update blog bila ada assignment kena buat or tengah exam. macam sekarang ni hahaha! x

  • I left student life like three years ago and I still facing the same problem. Bahaha.

    I wish we can have like 48hours a day. 8 hours spends on working and another 40hourse to redeem other things. Lols.

    • sooooo true! and i need 12 hours of sleep in a day aha x

  • aswa leyla

    same goes to me erin. project belambak. no time to get rest sometime weols x tido siapkan project. blog entry makin sendu dah 🙁

    • penat sebenarnya study ni. mcm mana la some people can do both.

  • nadiah izzaty

    Masa student other than point blogging I do facing all that .

    But , now after I’ve been in working phase . All the points I do facing. Hihi . I wish I have time to home cooked but weekdays I don’t have time at all.

    And in the weekend , I totally wish I could just relaxing and stay at home for the whole day which obviously mostly I did not get that chance at all .

    Sometimes you really need a resting day. =)

    • betul tu! sekarang ni weekend pun bukan boleh relax sgt kan