5 Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made For My Blog

As a blogger who’s been blogging for a really long time, I’ve made quite a few decisions regarding my blog that I’m proud of. Here I’m going to talk about the 5 best decisions I’ve ever made for my blog.

5 best decisions

Not giving up

I’ve had many blogs that I kept up for half a year before I gave up, deleted it and continued on on another platform and the cycle repeats so for someone like me who always has trouble finishing what I started, my not giving up on this blog for over a year now is probably the best thing I could have done for it. That’s also due to the fact that I have invested a lot on this blog with giveaways, design purchases, and hosting fee so letting it all go to waste is definitely not something I’m going to do.

Not getting suck into collaborations/sponsorships

As a blogger who accepts collaboration on my blog, I do have my personal stand on this matter. Obviously there’s no right or wrong in doing collabs because you do you, boo but I try not to take that many collabs just because I’m not really comfortable in doing collabs multiple times in a month.

In a year I’ve been blogging seriously, I’ve only ever done collaborations with brands 4 times and I did receive vouchers and cash for it. I’m very transparent and if you’ve looked into my disclaimer you’d see that I put a collab link for all collaboration posts I did.

A few months ago, I received an email from a worldwide known coffee brand who wanted to send me their newest coffee in exchange for a blog post. I was like; “okay, cool, but I charge in exchange for a review” and I told them my rate and I never heard from them again. Here’s the thing — they wanted to send me their newest product that I could easily buy at Tesco for 15 ringgit and they wanted me to do a blog post about it for the price of 15 ringgit coffee?

No, thank you.

If you can pay local tv stations a massive amount of money for airing your ads (yes, Malaysians, you’ve seen their ads on tv), why can’t you pay me just a teeny tiny of that amount of money for a blog post? You think I’m blogging for free and everything comes free in this world, is it? I know my blog’s worth and call me materialistic I don’t care but 15 ringgit coffee ain’t making my bank account happy, boo. To think that I have to take my own blog photographs for basically a free post…

Some bloggers make money from doing collaboration and sponsorship and there’s nothing wrong with that because I do that too but for me personally, I’m not comfortable partaking in too many collab in a short amount of time. That’s just how I feel. Holly from The Kitty Luxe inspired me to write about this after reading her post about shady brand collaboration.

Being careful in what I share

The old me would have easily write everything about my life from A-Z on my blog including very personal things that should be better off unmentioned. As I grow older, I know that some people wanna know about your life especially the bad things you’re going through not because they care but because they wanna see you be in that position. I know this because I do this too to someone who did me wrong so I try not to talk about my personal problems online because not everyone’s going to like you no matter how nice you think you are.

Going self-hosted

I think I’ve talked about self-hosted WordPress so many times on my blog already and some of you might get sick of reading about it but it really is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my blog. Going self-hosted makes me feel like my blog is legit and I own 100% of my contents as opposed to Blogger.com where Google owns your contents because you’re using their server to store your blog.

Another thing that I want to mention is investing in a blog design that is versatile and customisable. Using a free one is fine during the earliest days of your migration but to me there really is no point in going self-hosted when you’re just going to use a free theme that is very limiting in terms of customisation and features. I think that’s the whole point of going self-hosted, you want to be able to customise your blog however you want with a lot of features available.

Not treating my blog like a ‘job’ or chores I have to do

I personally think the moment you treat your blog like a ‘job’ or a chore you have to do every single day you start to enjoy it less and less and that will affect your blog whether you realise it or not. Last year I went through this period of time where I felt like I wasn’t enjoying blogging anymore and that was because I was all stressed out to put up contents 5 days a week not including my weekend post.

Now that I’m back in university, I am not going to push myself to update my blog as often as I used to when I was home for gap year because believe it or not my education is much more important and although I care about my readers who visit my blog every other day just to see if I have a new post up, I’m under no obligation to anyone to keep my blog updated all the time.

I’ll try to post at least once a week because I don’t want my blog to be dead but I’m also not gonna force myself to do it until I feel like it’s a weekly chore that I have to get done or else all hell breaks loose. No, not like that. If you see me not posting anything for like a week, that’s just me being occupied with life and if you see me with 4 new posts after that, just know that I have no assignments due that week. *thinks of 2 assignments due in 2 weeks* *laughs in tears*

So what’s the best decisions you’ve made for your blog?

  • To be more careful with what I share is the main thing I think about when I started to be more serious with blogging. To think about so many anonymous can read my blog and eventually they are my friends make me think twice or even thrice. But, I feel better to share my life in blog instead of FB although via FB, I can reach more audience (from other’s point of view).

    About collaboration thingy, yes I really agree with you. I choose what I want to collaborate. If it is something I would not afford to buy or I will not use, definitely I will say no to them. 🙂

    • i feel insecure posting about my life on FB, i don’t even know why.. maybe because i have my extended family there and it feels weird having them see more of my life. i’m always the quiet, very personal person with my extended family lol which is weird because they’re my family.

      we don’t always have to agree to every single collaboration we receive, right? x

      • Yes, when you mentioned about the extended family…. yeah exactly. And friends who are olddddd friends (whom I am not that close to) yet they have seen the older side of me, it feels a bit awkward.

        Yep! I am okay with collaborations of things I love / would love to try instead 😀

        • i agree about the old friends! i also feel like everyone’s gonna judge me especially my extended family. don’t want my uncles and aunties be reading about my random posts lol x

  • I’m unsure about becoming a self hosted blog? How do you do it and what are the benefits? I love pipdig blog themes and definitely want to purchase one in the future! Liv x

  • Pernah terkena orang minta share their product, bila letak harga, terus senyap,hahahaha. So dia nak free rupanya, ingatkan RM30 tu dah cukup murah.

    Rasanya best decisions yang pernah buat dalam blog adalah padam semua entry merepek lagi meloyakan zaman muda-muda dulu,lol. 😛

    • RM30 tu murah kot! erin charge guna USD so banyak dapat hehe. nak hasilkan satu sponsored post susah kot!

      kan??? entry tah apa apa. nasib baik blog ni baru so entry mengarut takde sangat hehe x

  • Siqah Hussin

    Sekarang, Siqah tak nak push diri untuk update blog juga. Akan update blog masa siqah ada masa dan mood je. Tak nak paksa diri untuk update blog sebab nanti boleh jadi stress kan dan terus takde mood langsung nak blogging. Overthinking..

    Cuma at least ada lah juga satu entri setiap minggu. Hihi.

    Best decision siqah buat untuk blog setakat ni adalah kembali aktif blogging. Siqah tak aktif for 2 years dan seronok blogging sekarang sebab tambah kawan =)

    • betul tu! jangan paksa diri untuk blogging sebab nanti bila baca rasa mcm personality and enhusiasm tu takde. sebab tu sekarang erin jarang update. mood takde, masa takde. yang ada hanya class dan kepenatan hahaha.

      haah blogging tambah kawan! dah kenal mcm mcm orang, yang muda, yang tua sikit drpd erin, and seronok sebab kita strangers yang kenal other strangers through writings x

  • I think the best decision I made for my blog and myself is the fact that I now blog about something that actually matters and other people can relate to. Less personal posts and more advice/tutorial sort of posts!

  • nadiah izzaty

    You go girl !!! Adore you Erin .

    nadia mmg jenis tak push myself to post sbb mcm erin ckp boleh stress fikirkan nak post apa nak post apa. But, the problem with me is bila dah lama sangat tak post entri baru , jadi tepu otak nadia jugak hihihi. So, I need to change that part .

    best decisions I’ve made for my blog? :
    1) start blog balik and makes blogging a liltle bit more serious sebab banyak jumpa kawan baru and most of them tak kedekut nak share info and ilmu. So, yeah I love blogging .

    2) Glad I have my officemate aka close friend who have the same interest with me , Siqah . She help me a lot too.

    3) Own domain .That was the best decision I ever made to have my own domain. Thanks to you because you convinced me on that .

    Keep on blogging dear . =)

    • thank you nadia!!

      blogging best sebab dapat jumpa ramai kawan kan. lepastu puas hati dapat beli design blog and lawakan blog aaah sangat satisfying! bila ada domain baru rasa best je url blog kan 🙂 x

  • These are great points, Erin! I could totally relate with the ‘Going Self-Hosted’ point. I think one of the best decisions I’ve made for my blog was focusing on a certain niche. When I first started out, my blog was mainly to share with family and to write about my life experiences – sort of like a diary. I found that I didn’t have much to write about after a while, so I started writing about makeup. I have a lot more joy creating content in that than I did with my personal life.

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • thank you Nicole! i really enjoy your beauty posts especially the monthly beauty rundown xx

  • I could relate on ‘being careful in what I share’ and ‘not treating my blog like a job I have to do’. I used to easily wrote whatever in my mind especially when I was mad. Obviously no nice words were written and it was a very childish act of mine, lol.

    And the best decision I’ve made for my blog was changing the language from bahasa to English as I feel more alive and could express myself well in my writing.

    • i try not to curse in my blog posts because hey i’m 22 i should act more mature, eh haha. i used to write in malay years ago but i didn’t enjoy it as much. i’m more comfortable writing in english though x

  • betul tu! sebab tu relax je. tapi takdelah sampai sebulan tak update. tu macam teruk sangat je tinggalkan blog lama lama haha x

  • Raydah Alhabsyi

    good read