New In Makeup: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D, MAC, Silky Girl

Hi everyone. This is going to be a collective haul makeup post that I accumulated in February. Some of these are giveaway prizes I won from that was delivered to me safe and sound all the way from Canada two days before I went back to university so thank you so much Nicole!

anastasia beverly hills ultimate glow kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Glow Kit (gifted)

I was super stoked to receive this from Nicole as I’ve heard good things about Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighting palette. Moreover, we don’t have ABH in Sephora Malaysia so getting to own one of these is definitely a highlight (no pun intended)! This highlighting palette consists of one white highlighter and 5 warm tones highlighters that are super gorgeous and blind-in-your-eyes. I tried putting the shade Snow on top of my liquid lipstick and it’s super gorgeous! Will definitely be rocking that metallic lip if I have somewhere fancy to go.

PS: I didn’t want to swatch them at first ’cause they’re beautiful but I couldn’t help it I needed to swatch them lol


kat von d lolita mac lipstick yash

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – Lolita (gifted)

Lolita has got to be the most famous shade of Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick and to be honest I’ve had Lolita in my wish list since for ever and I always swatch it on my hand whenever I’m at Sephora. I put it on the moment I received the package from Nicole and it’s the perfect warm plum tone that looks brick red on different lighting. It’s hard to describe the shade but it’s one of those colours that will look great on every skin tone under the sun. The formulation is great, too. It’s very long-lasting and it doesn’t dry out my lips like most liquid lipsticks do. As long as you don’t eat anything greasy, then you damn well know that this will stay on forever on your lips.

MAC Matte Lipstick – Yash

So last week I went to Setia City Mall with my friend and she left me alone to go to other shops so I went to MAC, swatched a few shades on my hands, not really wanting to buy any lipstick. The SA approached me and I asked her if she could help me find Twig and a few other shades. She pulled out Yash and I swatched it on my hand but I thought that it would make me look pale ’cause it’s like a peachy shade, far lighter than Velvet Teddy. She said “you have to put it on first to know if it suits you ’cause Yash fits every skin tone” so I wiped off Velvet Teddy on my lips and put on Yash.

Holy freaking god, guys. It’s the shade I’ve been looking for since for ever. I’ve always wanted a really nude shade that looks like my skin tone but every other shades looked brownish nude on me which I’m fine with but I wanted nude nude nude. This is it. My search is over. I have found the ultimate epitome of my skin tone but better.


silky girl eye opener mascara glitter's foundation

Silky Girl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara

Drugstore brands have time-in-time prove to us that we don’t need expensive mascaras. Need a mascara that works? Head on to your nearest drugstore and choose one that you like. My housemate told me that this mascara works great and it was on buy 2 free 1 so we were paying 10 ringgit for this instead of 15. You may not like the formulation ’cause it’s very wet and you have to remove excess product on the bristle before coating your lashes or it would smudge and clump but for 10 ringgit, what do I have to complain? It works great. It’s clumpy if you have on two or more coats but some people may like that. They claim that it’s waterproof but I have no trouble removing it in the shower. I’ll definitely purchase this again once I run out of it.

Glitter’s Foundation

This is a local product that is not available outside of Malaysia. My housemate’s aunt created this product called glitter foundation that literally has slight glitter in it. It’s buildable up to full coverage and you don’t have to set it with powder although you can if you want to. I can immediately put on my blusher and highlighter afterwards and the foundation will not move. It stays on all day long so you won’t have to touch it up. It’s a matte foundation but you can always use hydrating primer before using this foundation. You can refer my photo above to see how I look like with this foundation. I’ve been wearing this foundation every day to class and the good thing about it is it’s cheap so I won’t feel bad if I run out of it.

It comes in 3 colours; light, medium, and natural for 29 ringgit. If you’re interested to try this, just contact me and I’ll be happy to assist hehehe (self-promoting here soz).


abh ultimate glow glow kit swatches, mac matte lipstick yash swatch, kat von d lolita swatch

Have you tried any of these products mentioned? Do you want to try any?

  • Ela

    Lolita looks so pretty – it looks different across various photos that I can’t quite decide whether to get it.
    Ela |

    • i recommend trying it in store first before purchasing but it really is a gorgeous shade 🙂 x

  • I have the glitter foundation as well but I dont think they are the same but for sure, the texture, the packaging is almost (like 90%) same & yes, it is full coverage but I purchase it at only RM 15 from my cousin once ago. Unfortunately, she’s not a MUA anymore, that’s bad

    • i don’t think it’s the same foundation, though. most local products have similar packaging and name so you might get confused aha. this foundation is really nice, i really like it x

  • So many gorgeous products, I love Yash! It looks like the perfect shade and I know what you mean I hate having to swatch palettes when I first get them. They just look so pretty, thank you for sharing Erin, awesome haul! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • thank you Kiran! Yash is really perfect for me 🙂 x

  • Love haul! So happy you’re loving the ABH palette & KVD lipstick! I love how Yash looks on you! It’s like the perfect nude for you. I’ll definitely be swatching it the next time I’m at MAC 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • I’m loving them a lot! You definitely have to try Yash in store 🙂 x

  • nadiah izzaty

    not tried any of it yet . I want to try that glitter foundation … hihii

    • best glitter foundation tu. erin pakai hari hari pergi class sebab senang. ada spf 30 lagi 🙂

  • aswa leyla

    ohh finally boleh komen kat sini. susah nyaa sebab tak de disqus tuuu. bukan tak melawat sini tapi leh komen

    • haah sebab kena sign in kan. tapi ramai dah blogger pakai disqus so nak taknak kena buat jugak account 🙂

  • i need that katvond T.T

    • the shade is super nice! i’d recommend trying it in store before buying 🙂

  • Mrs. A

    Foundation tu ada UV protection tak Erin?

  • Sukanyaaaa warna nude >>>> MAC MATTE LIPSTICK – YASH.

  • Siqah Hussin

    OMG!! I love your Yash MAC! Cantik dan yes, sesuai dengan kulit muka Erin <3

    I would love to try Yash MAC but I have tried MAC once and they were not suitable on my lips. But maybe , lain MAC product, lain kesannya ke kan? Hihi.

    Fell in love with SILKY GIRL EYE OPENER WATERPROOF MASCARA. Would love to try this tapi tunggu mascara sekarang habis dulu. Hii.

    Sekarang Siqah dah berjinak dengan barang mekap 😀 Walaupun tak tahu mekap. Belajar sikit2 :p

    • erin suka gila lipstick Mac! nasib baik tak allergic kalau tak, tak boleh lah pakai hehe.

      best mascara tu cuma dia tak waterproof pun sebenarnya. tapi sebab 10 ringgit je so takdelah nak complain sangat. makeup best siqah as a hobby, tapi erin bukan lah sampai tahap beli banyak banyak tak pakai. tu membazir sgt tu 🙂

  • Fairuz Aqilah

    How I wish to get myself that Kat Von D Lolita! Lolita II pun cantik! Kalau pergi Sephora, asyik try je tapi mengenangkan it’s RM99 so kena beli bila dah kerja nanti. Baru my mom takkan marah (kot) sebab beli lipstick memahal. Hahaha..

    • i really recommend lolita because cantik and very long lasting. so worth it x

  • OMGG LOLITA IS ALWAYS IN MY WISHLIST! its damn different to colourpop:’)

    • ikr! colourpop biasa biasa je. KVD is da bomb! x

  • These all look amazing! The glow kit looks fabulous, love the colours and they’re perfect for spring and summer!

    x Annabelle

  • thank you Syaza! they’re definitely worth it x