What I Love in February

Hey dolls. Why do I feel like I do this type of monthly post every 3 days ’cause I swear I just posted What I Love in January post last week. How is it the last day of February already? (although technically I’m writing this on Sunday but soz not soz).

what i love in february


I’m back in school! It feels so good to be back but I can’t deny that I’m missing home and days when I don’t have to get up early and get ready for the day. Nowadays, weekends feel like Mondays to me T.T

The fact that I spent 600 ringgit the first two week back in Shah Alam. I wanna die. I wanna cry. I will have to eat instant noodles for the rest of March.

I got my eyebrows done at a hair saloon beside Guardian at Aeon Shah Alam. Only 10 ringgit for the perfect brows!

I’m taking my studies seriously. I do notes in class and revise it after I get home which is so not me. I guess taking a gap year has done me good, eh?

I found the perfect skin tone nude lipstick shade that doesn’t make me look pale from MAC! Details, soon!

Top posts this month:

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I didn’t blog much in February 🙁


Fiction books aside, I’m reading my study notes. Very fun, Erin..


How to Get Away With Murder. I can’t believe *season 3 spoilers ahead, don’t say I didn’t warn ‘ya* ___’s dad killed Wes! Bring me season 4 now, now, now!

Behind Your Smile (Taiwanese drama). Highly recommend if you’re getting bored of Korean dramas soz.


The Chainsmokers, Coldplay – Something Just Like This. On repeat. I’ve been blessed.

The I’m-walking-to-campus-please-don’t-talk-to-me playlist:

The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
Maroon 5 – Payphone
Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting
Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles


Timberland sandal that I just fixed with super glue. I love the sandal, couldn’t trash it. It’s the most comfortable sandal ever!

My new H&M tote bag for college. So spacious, I love it.

My new ring that I got from Tesco for RM19.90. It looks like real diamond, okay! #thestupidthingserinspendshermoneyon

My new hydrocor contact lens in brown. So pretty!


My college house. I did a house tour if you wanna take a peek.

Pecel lele near the parking lot of my campus. Class over, buy pecel lele, eat at home, change to comfy clothes, turn on air conditioner, and sleep. H-e-a-v-e-n!

New found makeup favourites that I will do a post about!


As much as I love my new life routine with going to classes and all, I can’t deny that it doesn’t change the fact that things are still not okay. You see all the good things but the bad ones are always concealed. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Tired. TESL is not that hard of a course but good god the assignments and projects are annoying. So many things to do, so little time..

What to look forward to next month?

My 22nd birthday on the 29th. Yay! 🙂

More.. assignments?

Posts that I plan (we plan, God decides, LOL) on doing in March:

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So how’s your February?

  • Ljoy N

    Hahaha, I love this post! Idk why but it’s just very entertaining to read.

  • Wow, our birthdays are only a few days apart & we’re born on the same year! How cool! Looking forward to reading your next beauty posts 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • Razanah Anis

    The part where Tesl is not that hard but the assignments are the hell.. I could relate.. Q_Q

    • i can die from the assignments. so many interviews/videos/lesson plans/mock teaching to do..

  • looking forward to read ur coming soon blogpost !

  • i am yet to share my february favourite as i am too lazy i guess? weekend feels like monday like as you said. please share you new makeup first please i can’t wait

    xx atheera | https://atheeradayana.com xx

    • haha i was lazy too but i need to get that post up or my blog would be dead haha. i’m publishing it tomorrow in shaa Allah xx

  • Good luck with your assignments 🙂

  • I thought when I do my internship I will have more time to blog, I guess I was wrong TT TT February has been so tiring!

    • internship is more tiring imo. thank god i won’t have to think about it so soon haha x

  • nadiah izzaty

    my february is kinda fun jugak . Ada terjebak with makeups and at last got my first time sephora card ( after 30 yrs ) hahaha .

    will blog about it later , insyaallah . =)

    love the song from the script , richard marx and vanessa carlton too!!! =D

    • best kan lagu tu! x

      PS: omg dah sebulan baru ada masa nak reply ish ish ish erin..

  • aswa leyla

    ok try lgi komen pakai disqus ni. hehehe. pulun sangat kan.buln ni nak jadi 22 dah kan. wahh mesti tak mnyabar nak tunggu smbut bg bfdy kan

  • Mrs. A

    Adoi!!! tiba-tiba craving pecel lele bila baca post nih!
    Dah lama giler Mrs. A tak makan.
    Mujur Erin takde post gambar sekali huhuhuhu…

    • sedap gila pecel lele. mengidam pulak tgh tgh malam ni hehe

  • Yay! About 27 days towards your 22nd birthday 🙂 My February was just another typical month, but a bit more busy. School activities make it so hard for me to breathe but I’m trying to love every single second of my school days because people say I’ll miss these days when I’m not at school anymore.

    • it’s taking me a month to reply! aaaahhh. i hope march went well for you x

  • bivichan (BV)

    so many things happened in february.
    i treat myself so well, bought a lot of stuffs via online XD

  • Siqah Hussin

    Siqah dah baca entri ini tapi kenapa tak komen lagi? maybe baca dalam kereta kot, lepas tu dah sampai pejabat, lupa sudah. Hihi.

    Love your February post and yes, I do love your college house. CAntik weii 😀

    I’ve bought some makeup products last month and got Sephora card. Terus nak jadi ahli bila lifetime card. Hihi.

    • thank you Siqah! wow lepas ni bolehlah berbelanja kat sephora lagi hehehe x