College House Tour and My New Makeup Organiser!

Hi everyone. If you’ve noticed the lack of content on my blog for the past few days was because I was preparing for school. I’m settling in my new house in Shah Alam which I really love! Yes, I’m finally back after taking a break from studies for a year. On Friday, I went shopping for toiletries and stuff for new house with my parents. Nothing exciting about it because I didn’t shop much as I still have stuff that I can reuse from my old house. Pink laundry and toiletry baskets, pink dust bin, purple bucket..

My brother and his friend sent me here and we managed to bring all of my stuff from parking lot to the house with just one trip. Mind you that I had to bring my own mattress and pillows from home. I was going to do a proper house tour on my blog but as soon as I arrived I tweeted pictures of my house so I thought I would use that photos instead of taking new proper ones. I did bring my camera with me though because my blog still needs to be up and running lol.

I live in a two storey condominium with 7 other girls and it’s much cheaper than my old rented house. In this new house, I’m actually paying only 60% (including utilities) of the rent that I paid in my old house and my old house was small as hell (600 sq ft, 2br, 1bath, 1 storey) so this new house is actually a pretty good deal. The cheapest one I can find on my building so far. The downside of this house is we haven’t gotten the wifi installed yet although the application has been sent. Once the wifi is installed, this house will be perfect!

This house comes with 5 air conditioners, washer and dryer, water heater, and electric stove. The lighting fixtures in this house is pretty nice, too.

First floor

When you first walk in, you’ll see the dining table at the center of the room and sofa and TV at the actual living room. We have high ceiling in the living room with big windows so we’re getting a lot of sunlight during the day. Perfect for taking blog post photos soz.

We have staircase to the second floor and in front of the staircase is the wardrobe section for some of us. Washer and dryer are situated below the staircase where we dump everything related to laundry.

The left door is the 1st floor bathroom. This is our kitchen section of the house. It’s not that huge but it’s a decent size to prepare food and everything. Oven and fridge are on the right.

Second floor

Staircase to the second floor.

3 bedrooms upstairs. The one with its door opened is my room.

The second floor bathroom is located on the far left (not shown in any pictures)

I arrived on Saturday evening so I unpacked what I can before I went out to see my housemates from old house. We had dinner and we went back to my old house. My ex-housemate followed me back home and we had a sleepover downstairs. I took down my mattress and pillow so we can sleep in the living room.

The next day (Sunday), she went home and I got ready and we walked to AEON Shah Alam. Yes, AEON Shah Alam is within walking distance from my house and they have Sephora there and God knows what’s going to happen to my money for the next a year and 4 months I’m here. Soz.

We had Boat Noodle for lunch and Komugi cheesecake which was so good! After that, we walked to Tesco to buy some stuff for house. I only bought one thing which is a makeup organiser from Mr. DIY for RM43! The ones I saw online are always 100 ringgit and above so getting one for 43 ringgit is a steal! I’ll be doing a blog post about this makeup organiser and the makeup I brought to university soon.

mr diy makeup organiser

I slept at my old house last night and I got home at 4 PM. I planned on going to campus today to settle everything at the account department but we all knew it was going to be swarmed with students so I saved myself the hassle of going to the department and waiting for hours until my number came. I’ll go there tomorrow, I promise.

What have you lot been up to?

  • you new home looks beautiful! Inshallah all is well. I have also moved as well but interstate. I have moved to Perth, Western Australia from Canberra, Australia Capital Territory so I have been settling in and relaxing before I fly to Melbourne, Victoria as I am going back to school after 9 years to study Fashion Business….. All the best in your new home xox

    • thank you so much Michelle! it must be fun having the opportunity to live in many places. i can’t be away from home so i chose a uni that is 40 mins away from my parents’ home aha x

      • Michaela* πŸ˜› ahaha

        Yeah it’s alright, never really thought of it that way. There isn’t much opportunity where I’m originally from so yeah it is nice to move around where there is more exposure πŸ™‚ At least you are not away from your family like me, it’s always wonderful to be close to your family <3

  • Love how you set it up!! It’s lovely. Congrats on the new digs!!!

  • Your new house looks so comfy and tidy, I wonder how you decorate your room hihi
    Good luck for the new semester, Erin!

  • Sounds like you’ve been really busy! You have such a lovely space πŸ™‚
    Sephora being walking distance to your home is dangerous, haha. Trust me, I have the same issue!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • i am! i guess i deserved being busy after taking a gap year doing nothing at home aha. it is dangerous! i try not to remember that sephora is near my house lol x

  • Wah selesanya rumah tak macam ‘rumah sewa’ πŸ˜›

    • tu la, yang penting sewa tak mahal πŸ™‚

  • nampak selesa ! enjoy your study

  • nadiah izzaty

    Are your new house at Arte Condo , dear ? =)

    • yes nadia! hehehe

      • nadiah izzaty

        Hihi best kan rumah tue . My auntie stay there as weekdays home . Sebab my cousin study dkt MSU . =)

  • yes, it is. maybe i can lol πŸ˜€

  • the makeup organizer is damn cheap . I got the same one minus the lipstick holder for RM70. and sephora near to your condo? better kuatkan iman Erin!

    • sangat! 70 ringgit is too expensive for something you can get for at a much cheaper price hehe. aaaaaaa pray for me anis xx

  • Everything looks so cosy!

  • Erin, your rumah sewa cantik! cozy tak rasa macam ‘rumah sewa’ je xD
    Btw, enjoy your studet life erin! πŸ˜‰

    • haah tak rasa macam rumah sewa sebab selesa hehe. thank you claudy xx

  • Alya Farhanah Mohd Tarmizee

    Wow Shah Alam has Sephora now!!! Haven’t been to Shah Alam for 2 years now

    • yeah Shah Alam dah maju sikit haha. come here once you’re back in malaysia xx

  • your house looks so ‘expensive’ and spacious! nvr seen a rent house like that before

    • thank you so much! we rented the house directly from the owner xx

  • Lenne Zulkiflly

    ahhh so niiice! i love the lighting fixtures and i love that everything is so ‘white’ hihi. BTW rumah lenne and erin tak jauh pun okayyy lenne kat area ttdi ^^

    • perfect for taking blog post photos hehehe. yekeee? dah dekat sangat dah tu xx

  • Dayana Batrisyia

    Wow, your house is so damn cantik!! The best part of being an IPTS student is the house is always look much better compared to the IPTA’s. (either you live in hostel or renting a house). Rasa jelous kejap hahaha. I wonder how much do you pay for the rent btw..

    • that’s true! but this house bukan under msu pun, we have to rent from nearby condos/apts. i paid 500 for my old house (including utilities + wifi) per month, rumah now lagi besar and 2 tingkat, 300 (utilities + wifi) per month je! xx

  • Erni Hasmiza

    Erin…cantiknyaa rumah, nanti tunjuk la pic bilik pulak eaa btw good luck with your study. All the best.

    • hehe in shaa Allah. thank you Erni xx

  • Mes Voyages Γ  Paris

    Very funcional house! And the organization makeup are so cute!


    MΓ³nica Sors




  • Siqah Hussin

    Cantiknya rumah sewa erin! Besar dan paling best bila siqah nampak putih je. Lagi seronok bila lighting is nice πŸ™‚

    Lagi best juga bila in walking distance to AEON. Perghhh syurga beli belah. Siqah nak tengok berapa banyak barang mekap Erin beli sepanjang setahun 4 bulan di Shah Alam. Hihi.

    Good luck in your study Erin! Kalau jumpa Siqah di AEON, please say hello okay dear <3 Hihihi

    • thank you Siqah! ha’ah besar and selesa lepastu putih je semua haha. nak kurangkan beli makeup ni, harap harap boleh lah hehehe. thank you again Siqah! in shaa Allah ada jodoh terjumpa la tu hihi <3 xx

  • While I was there years ago, the condo was still in the building phase and look at it now, so spacious! I didn’t know the condo is a two-storey, but that’s good because you have bigger living room! Hee. Also, the Sephora is sebelah rumah right? Lucky! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    ieyra h. | blog

    • it is spacious! ha’ah sephora sebelah rumah. hopefully i won’t go crazy and spend my money there lah haha xx

  • Awww, pictures for 2nd floor are broken for my view I think T_T When I was younger, I totally cannot imagine how condominium can consists of two-storey houses. Nothing is impossible now haha

    • i think it’s fixed now. i took the pics directly from twitter and i set my twitter on private for a few days, now that it’s public again you can view it hehe. tu lah i didn’t think that two-storey condos exist but they do lol xx

  • Tall windows and white tiles, I’m loving it. It reminds me of our house which is a bit cramped with the 6 of us. But we still live harmoniously happy. I never knew make up container could be that expensive!

    • i love it too! it’s actually really inexpensive considering the ones i saw online were 100++ T.T

  • hi there! thank you so much. will check out your blog x