School is taking over my life.

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Hi everyone!

It feels like forever since I last wrote on my blog. I’ve just been busy with college and days pass by so fast that I don’t have time for my blog anymore. I miss my blog terribly but when I open my laptop to start writing a blog post, I got distracted by my housemates and I forgot all about updating my blog.

I am currently in week 2 of my fifth semester. I just did subject registration for this semester last Monday and went to my first class on Tuesday. It feels good to be back on track on studies but I can’t deny that it’s rather tiring. I plan on doing everything differently in terms of my studies so I hope that I can see positive results in my GPA this semester.

For my schedule, I have:

Monday: 4PM-6PM Civic Education
Tuesday: 8AM-10AM Second Language Acquisition, 12PM-2PM English Language Testing and Evaluation, 3PM-4PM Civic Education
Wednesday: 8AM-11AM Islamic Civilization and Civilization Asia, 12PM-2PM English Language Curriculum Design
Friday: 9AM-10AM Second Language Acquisition, 11AM-12PM English Language Curriculum Design, 12PM-1PM English Language Testing and Evaluation

8AM classes should be banned from all universities effective immediately. Soz.

I took 5 subjects for 15 credit hour. In MSU, we are supposed to take 6 PEC subjects before graduating but my program manager said that PEC is already full which means I have to take 2 PECs next semester. I am so not looking forward to it..

Since everyone in my cohort is doing their final semester, I have to go to class not knowing a single soul but it wasn’t hard to make friends, though. As long as I have groups for assignments then I’m all good.

Oh! For the past 11 days I’m here, I probably spend a majority of days going to Aeon Mall eating Boat Noodle. Give me one more bowl of noodle and I’ll throw up right away. No more Boat Noodle until I’m 60 years old.

The reason why you’re getting a new blog post from me is because my rented house has gotten wifi installed on Tuesday! We got the 50 mbps one so I think streaming shows and movies should be of no problem after this, eh? I have been living with my phone’s internet data for more than a week and you don’t know how glad I am that I can watch videos freely after this. Yes! BR1M on Wednesday and no class on Thursday? Even more yes!

I started this post with a lot to talk about but I can’t think of anything more to write right now so I guess I’ll see you in my next post. I hope I’ll be back in the swing of things soon with loads of new posts.


  • Finally erin update blog! hihi, Busy-nya Erin. hari2 ada kelas, especially on Tuesday. Pagi ke petang kelas. Boat Noodle favorite eh? hehhehe

    • hi claudy! ha’ah busy gila sekarang. banyak benda nak kena buat sejak dah masuk belajar balik. penat sampai takde masa untuk blog. reply comments pun lambat T.T ha’ah boat noodle favourite! lama pulak tak makan hehe x

  • Streaming movie is a must, eh? LOL. Just don’t let your parents know that you spend more time watching than studying haha

    • of course! need to catch up on my tv shows hahaha. i’ll study first, do one chapter of notes and then i’ll reward myself with an episode of tv shows lol xx

      • good job! during my study days, after i completed my study i will watch tv shows for the whole night without sleep eventhough i have morning classes the next day haha

  • nadiah izzaty

    For me Streaming korean drama is a must everyday!!! Hahahaha…

    Miss your blog too~ and bila tgk jadual Erin suddenly I miss my study time. =D

    • hahahaha erin tengah tengok drama taiwan. best gila tapi tu lah busy gila ni nadia. miss blog nadia jugak! lama dah tak blogwalking sebab busy xx

  • School is sick TT

  • I remember my school. It is always 8 and usually last till 5. Weekends means finishing reports and assignments while going out means the extra extra splurge although i am in the middle of KL.

    • i don’t know how some people can do 8-5 of class everyday. i will surely go crazy 🙁 xx

  • School is taking over my life too T_T but meh, all good. All good hopefully XD

  • Sameeee. 20 credit hours this semester.

    *I cry*

    • 20 credit hour???? omg good luck, sister… xx

  • Since tomorrow no class then lets head to bookstore. thank God for brim. haha.

    • ayyyy aeon is just a few minutes walk je ni hahaha xx

  • really glad that i didnt have 8am class back in my uni days. 9am pun dah struggle nak sampai on time. phew.

    • lucky you! but most lecturers don’t mind if we arrive a little over 8 bcs they know jalan jammed semua kan xx

  • This takes me back on my student days where I barely have a day off. You’ll get through this, I swear.

  • Haven’t try Boat Noodle yet 😀 Guess what, classes here sometime start at 7am. T____T

    • boat noodle is nice! try la when you’re back in malaysia hehe. 7 am??? gila. ingat sekolah ke… xx