6 Things I Look For in A Blog

I’m a very choosy blogger and content reader. I don’t follow blogs blindly for the sake of being followed back (although I’ve done that in the past and trust me, it’s not cool) because more often than not, those blogs are not going to be read at all probably because I’m not interested with the content. Here I’m going to show you 6 things I look for in a blog.

6 things i look for in a blog

1. About page

I expect a summary of the blogger with their picture in an about page. Nothing irks me more than blogs without an about page and a picture of the blogger. I know some bloggers prefer being anonymous online which I totally understand but naah anonymous bloggers are not my cuppa tea. Show me that sweet face of yours so we can be friends!

2. Your own photos

Stock photos and professionally taken photos are cool and all but there’s just something so raw and beautiful about unprofessional photos because it’s like catching a glimpse of someone else’s life without the perfect lighting and heavy photoshop editing and we all started a blog with a crappy phone camera, didn’t we? iPhone, what?

3. Fonts

Your choice of font is very important especially for your blog posts. I came across a blog with Pipdig theme that looks oh-so beautiful which I ended up not following because she was using an 8px Times New Roman. Don’t get me wrong — I love Times New Roman but 8px font size? You have gotta be kidding me.

4. Language

As someone who’s studying to teach language, I take someone’s writings very seriously. Let’s just say I love ‘polished’ writings rather than the ones with heavy short form use and little to no thoughts spent on it. This goes to both English and Malay blog posts.

5. Beauty posts

I don’t know about you but I’m more prone to following blogs with beauty posts. They don’t necessarily have to be a beauty blog but I’m a girl who loves beauty and makeup and skincare so if you have one or two posts about it on your home page, I will definitely check it out!

6. Being relatable

Whilst reading about people’s Europe travel posts and a Gucci Dionysus bag haul are super enjoyable, I definitely one-hundred-percent cannot relate to them in any way shape or form. I love reading famous blogs especially from the UK but reading about someone’s weekly Tesco run and 80 ringgit H&M bag haul is much more relatable to me. (I just bought a brand spanking new tote bag for school from H&M, should I do a what’s in my college bag post?!)

What do you look for in a blog?