Week 4: getting a refund, present for my mom, and I won a giveaway!

First of, I would like to give shout out to The Chainsmokers for coming out with killer singles every damn time. Paris is a great song for road trips or to karaoke to during shower or you just want a pick-me-up song that can make you high. I am in love!

In one of my posts a few months ago, I mentioned about my trying to get a refund from Guardian Malaysia after waiting for two months for my package to arrive. I got my refund a few weeks ago so that’s okay but I’m so sad that I got a refund instead of the makeup that I ordered. I really wanted to try the L’Oreal True Match Foundation that was on sale for RM38 and my favourite HyperCurl mascara from Maybelline that was on buy-1-free-1 deal. A foundation and 2 mascaras that I really needed ’cause I’m running out of mine!

I got a refund only because I sent them a I’m-so-pissed-off-where-the-heck-is-my-makeup-don’t-bloody-test-me email at 1 am January 11th. Got a phone call on the very same day and I was refunded on January 13th. All in all, I won’t be buying online from Guardian ’cause my first time experience was shitty and I’ve never had bad experiences in doing online shopping before. Mind you that I made that order on November 11th 2016.

I’m not putting all the blame to Guardian because GD Express is the major culprit here. They kept my package without attempting deliveries at all but when I checked the delivery status online, they said that they attempted delivery twice. What the heck. I was home all the time and they didn’t attempt deliveries nor did they leave Sorry Card at my house. GD Express Kajang branch, you sucks.

GD Express returned my package to Guardian so I emailed them about it and asked them to redeliver my package using Poslaju and they said that they will check it for me but who am I kidding, I waited for a few weeks and emailed them a few more times but no news. Zilch. Nada. And that leads to my pissed off email to Guardian that sounds like this:


I’m getting sick of emailing your support team every week without getting a solution to my problem. When will I get my parcel? It has been almost two months and I still haven’t received it! How long does it take for you to check my parcel status? If you can’t deliver it to me, I want a refund!

This is absolutely the worst service ever. I have never received this awful service from any other online retail companies. I have waited for two months and emailed you for a month and a half and no one can deliver my damn parcel!

At this point, I don’t want my parcel anymore I just want a refund! I am so disheartened by your awful service and I don’t recommend anyone to purchase from your online store. I will make sure to mention my awful experience buying from your online store on my blog so anyone won’t encounter the same problem as I did.

My order number is 1005937011 and I placed my order on the 11th of November 2016! That’s two months ago and the last time I check, we are in the same country and there should be no problem at all to redeliver my parcel to me!

They probably got back to me on the same day ’cause I threatened to post about my awful experience with them on my blog but hey, we’re consumers and we have the rights to know if a service is worth spending your hard-earned money on. I’m not saying that their service is bad but I had terrible experience with them so I’m sticking to Guardian physical store next time.

I am back on Tumblr! If you didn’t know, before I started this blog last year, I was a blogger at Tumblr and erinazmir.com domain was actually pointed to my Tumblr blog. I left Tumblr for a long time and I think it’s time for me to be active on Tumblr again. I changed my Tumblr theme and made sure that everything was up to date so if you wanna take a look, here’s my new link!


I used to get a lot of questions on Tumblr so if you wanna send me questions about anything at all, you can do so by clicking here. I have an ask.fm account too but it’s hard to send me questions there if you don’t have an account so using Tumblr messages is easier.

erin talks

On Thursday, my parents went out to visit my uncle at the hospital so my brother, my sister, and I went out to get mom some things. My mom has been loving my Mehr MAC lipstick so we went to IOI City Mall to get her that lipstick ’cause every time she’s going out, she’d ask me for mine so I thought I would just get her her own.

After that, we went to The Mines ’cause my brother needed to buy some socks at Sox World for his friend. On the way home, we wanted to go to Stalkers Cafe but it was 5 pm and the traffic was really bad and it would take us an hour to get there so we thought we would just go to Bangi instead.

On our way there, I just remember that my mom has been watching tutorials on Al-Humaira Contemporary’s Instagram every single day so we planned on getting her a shawl from their boutique. I got her the Thyra shawl in the colour Rose Lilac. It’s so pretty and the colour is very versatile. You can pair it with any outfit and it’ll look good!

Before going home, we had dinner at Sushi King near my house and we legit waited 40 minutes for our food to come oh my god. I’ve never had to wait that long at any Sushi King restaurants before and the pre-prepared sushi on the belt were not much so we can’t take our sushi from there. Disappointed.

Later that night, I clicked on my email application on my laptop and the first email I saw was:

You won the The Glam Surge’s One Year Giveaway giveaway!

I freaked out I freaked out I freaked out! I didn’t enter that many giveaways (only the ones where I have to only enter my email and follow them on Twitter/IG/Bloglovin’ or something) and this was actually my first time winning a giveaway so I’m so happy! Thank you so much Nicole from The Glam Surge for choosing me as the winner! 🙂

How’s my resolutions going?

Oh god.

Can we pretend that January is a free-trial month for 2017 ’cause boy I ain’t going nowhere with my resolutions. Losing weight? Just last night I had a 3 am McDonald’s run with my brother so that’s saying a lot about my diet. Saving money? Like I said, January is a free-trial month. Learn how to cook? My mom taught me how to make beef curry! Flawless skin? Getting better but not yet clearer. I really need to stop picking on my skin. Ugh. January book challenge? … is going nowhere, sadly. I’ll try to finish them by the end of this week.

I’ve got a blog identity crisis going on.

I don’t know how to explain this in my own words but the other day I read a blog post by Robowecop and it was spot on, it’s like she took the words right out of my mouth. Reading the comments of that post just made me realised that there are other people who stopped enjoying big blogs just because the personality isn’t there anymore. I enjoy making blog posts with DSLR-quality photos but I also enjoy making ones where I go on about taking pictures straight from my Twitter account. Raw, unpolished, and so me. I started my blog years ago with-journal-like posts and although I do want to create more posts with amazing photos and high-quality contents, I’m going to mix it up with my personal posts (like this one where I write about what I did in a week) but I’ll try to make it as fun to read as possible.

How’s your week going? What sides do you always choose when ordering Kenny Rogers? Mine is always aromatic rice, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes. Don’t forget banana muffin, too! YUM!

  • Razanah Anis

    I had just considering to buy online from guardian but your post made me to hesitate for a trial.. Perhaps buying directly from the store is the best way.. XD
    I would always choose the macaroni and cheese, mashed potato & fresh fruit salad.. :3

    • i think buying from physical store is better! ooooh their mac and cheese is nice too!

  • Oh no, what horrible service. I would have been just as furious if something I ordered 2 months ago hadn’t come in, especially with it being within your country. Glad you were able to get a refund.

    Congrats on winning my giveaway! 😉 Super happy for you. Btw, I sent it out yesterday. They said it should take around 11 business days 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • it was a horrible experience. i was really looking forward to using that foundation, though.

      thank you so much Nicole! Aaaah i can’t wait to receive it xx

  • Lya Amie

    Uh oh, I’m definitely will not try their online stores then coz I don’t think I’ll be able to handle such incident professionally like you.
    Congrats on winning giveaway, Erin! I never joined one, none caught my eyes yet.
    Anyway don’t worry on losing your blog identity, you always did a great job at making your posts fun to read, I actually love reading your personal posts 🙂

    • just stick to their physical store. i won’t be able to trust their online store after this. shame.
      thank you Lya! i join the ones that i see on my blog dashboard je 🙂
      and thank you again! personal posts can’t be a bit tricky to write because we are writing to attract readers and it’s quite hard to do so with personal posts. xx

  • the whole process was annoying. i was really looking forward to getting my makeup, though. tsk. i’m hungry too! i love kenny so much. and thank you Fatina! xx

  • I keep smiling to read the part when you said your mum has been watching shawl tutorials 😀 Like wow, mummy of this generation 😀 my mum pun suka tgk zalora semua tu, just I am not into that yet. T_T

    • today’s moms are more up to date than us. i’m not into fashion/hijab too so i don’t really care about the latest tudung or deals on zalora haha. i prefer something comfortable than nowadays palazo/pastel theme outfits lol

  • i had to be rude to make them notice my complains. ugh.

    i’ve been on tumblr for years and years. it’s a good platform for personal blogging ’cause your reblogs will ‘drown’ your emo emo punya posts hahaha.

    i love kenny! and now i’m craving for it ah sedapnya ayam 🙁

  • thank you so much! i’ve always had bad luck when it comes to winning stuff so winning a giveaway is a big deal for me. xx

  • nadiah izzaty

    I think I had rea about that MAC Mehr lipstick in your previous post right ? I like that color too . =)

    Kenny rogers side dish : macaroni , mash potato and fruit salad !!! hihihi

    • yes nadia, my fav lipstick so far! 😀

  • nadiah izzaty

    Oh lupa pulak . Congratzzzzz you won the giveaway. =D