How to Save Money during Chinese New Year Sale

chinese new year sale

Do you know what we Malaysians love next after binge-watching on sappy and cliché 7PM Malay dramas? It’s shopping during festive seasons! As a Malaysian, I can’t deny that living in a multicultural country has its perk. One of them is obviously sale during festive season for every culture in Malaysia and boy do we have a lot of cultures here.

We have Chinese New Year, Eid al-Fitr, Deepavali, Christmas, and many other small celebrations and with that comes the long-awaited sale! In about 3 weeks, we are going to celebrate Chinese New Year and what’s Chinese New Year in Malaysia if we don’t have sale going on nationwide?

If you’re like me and you prefer doing your shopping at home with just a click of a button, online shopping is the way to go! One tip that I always follow whenever I online shop is to search for coupon codes. You’ll never know how much you can save by using coupon code. Even if it’s only 10% off coupon, it’s still 10% of your purchase that you can save, right?

One of my favourite websites that you can search for coupon codes is They have some deals, coupons, and offers for Chinese New Year Sale for up to 80% off! It’s a really easy and fuss-free website to search for online deals. You can choose on which websites you would like to shop by browsing through current deals and offers they have going on for this Chinese New Year.

Whenever I feel like doing some shopping online, I always google the store name to search for current deals. For example, I search for “Lazada Malaysia coupon code” and is one of the top search results so I’ve used their website in the past and it has saved me a bit of money. Couldn’t hurt, could it? And it was easy to use, too! You just have to copy the code and apply it during checkout or click on the offers available and you’ll be automatically directed to the online retail store of your choosing. search for current deals and offers for major online stores so you can find some other online stores that you would like to shop at I have never done online shopping without using some sort of coupons and deals as I really like to save some bucks to make me feel better after putting a dent in my bank account, you gettin’ what I mean?

For me personally, I hate paying for shipping fee so I would scour the net to find for at least 10% off code to cover the shipping fee. I would rather purchase full-price products than spending 7 ringgit for shipping. I’m such a cheapskate, I know, but that’s just me.

Are you guys doing any fashion online shopping during this Chinese New Year celebration? I do not celebrate CNY but there’s no harm in getting a few bits of clothing pieces for my wardrobe. For some reason I’m always geared towards handbags because they are my weakness and I used to change bags everyday for the week during my first year degree because I like using different bags everyday. I obviously had too much spare time in university, guys. I’m not big on fashion but I can’t deny that I love beautiful clothing pieces. The urge to do fashion shopping online is so strong but I usually wait for sale season before I can commit to purchasing them.

Not everyone has the time to go to malls and do their CNY shopping what with work, college, and all so having to do last-minute Chinese New Year shopping is unavoidable for busy working people. This is where online shopping comes in handy! With Lazada Voucher, you can shop for everything you can think off as they’re having a massive sale. Handbags at 70% off? Yes, please! I hope I’m not the only who does her shopping last minute ’cause that would be awkward. I did my Eid shopping last year 5 days before the celebration and I swear I won’t ever do last-minute shopping again.

To my international readers outside of Malaysia — fret not, when you go to, you will be brought to your country’s so you can check out the deals available in your region. Now everyone can start saving some bucks when shopping online.

So now, do you shop online without using coupon codes or offers? Or would you rather buy them at full price?

This is a collaborative post.