Inside My Bullet Journal Planner 2017


I’m not much of a planner person. My brain has been put to a good use so I’ve never needed any type of planners before even when I was still in university as I usually remember everything in my head but blogging is a very tedious process and if I wanted to stay on top of the game with every aspect in my life, having something to keep track of everything is very much needed.

Instead of buying an expensive and fancy 2017 planner that can cost me almost 100 ringgit and that the probability of my not using it is high, I thought I would convert my journal to a planner and bullet journal. I divided my journal into 6 sections that I really need and I know that I will use in the future.

Here I’m going to explain all 6 tabs and how I organised it:


This LDR tab is something that I made during my boyfriend’s flight back to the UK last September. I was crying like hell and I needed something to do to make me feel better (although it didn’t do much help).

I have a Weekly Tracker and we are now on week 16. The Daily Tracker is where I highlight each passing day. We have gone through 2016 and we are now in January ’17!

Yes, A+ on the effort. LOL.


One of my 2017 resolutions is to save money so keeping track of my spending is really crucial so I can see what I spend my money on the most and cut back on it in the next month. On the left page, you can see the overview of the months and monthly ledger on the next 12 pages.

Weight Loss

Since I’m planning on losing 13 kg this year, I made a table to keep track of my weight loss for the whole year. Losing 1 kg a month is not that hard, is it? I also purchased a printable fitness planner on Etsy but I’m not so sure if I’m gonna use that, though. It’s a more thorough planner with meal and workout plans.

Weekly Planner

So here’s my weekly planner to keep track of my to-do list for each day. If you noticed, I do not have a slot for Friday as I plan to take Friday off blogging and stuff. I start my weekly planner on Saturday and end it on Thursday. The ’30 pages’ at the bottom is how many pages that I need to read to complete my January book challenge.

I do not plan my blog posts here as I do have a dedicated spreadsheet for my blog in my laptop. This weekly planner is strictly for my to-do list so it’s easier to jot down what I need to do in terms of planning when to take blog photos and writing the posts. I do insert some chores that I need to do here.

Sponsored Posts

I’ve been getting a lot of collaboration emails from companies lately so I have a page to keep track of sponsored posts that I have agreed to do. This way, I will remember to finish the posts and enquire about the payments that both parties have agreed on.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal is for everything else that doesn’t have its respected tab. For now I only have my blog wish list, the number of posts I still have to reformat and my 2017 Book Challenge on the next page. I will also treat this tab as a journal meaning that I will write everything to my heart’s content here, too.

So there you go — everything inside my bullet journal planner for 2017. I really hope I manage to stick with this planner until the end of the year ’cause I really suck at managing one. Here’s to using planner and sticking with it for a year! Fingers crossed!

Do you have a planner? What do you use your planner for?