To-Do List Before 2017

I didn’t get any post up yesterday ’cause I’ve been binge watching on Shukri Yahaya’s dramas I can’t concentrate on my blog. I even took a day to reply to comments as I was busy watching Dia Isteri Luar Biasa. He’s an epidemic and I’m infected. Soz not soz.

to-do list

To-do list

1. University. Email my mentor about my deferment. For some reason I always postpone doing this until the very last minute. It’s bad, I know. But for a private university where students are almost always right (sometimes), they can’t say a thing, can they?

2. Get a refund. On 11 November, I placed an order for L’Oreal True Match foundation and a buy 1 free 1 Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara from Guardian online store (for my international readers, Guardian is a Malaysian drugstore).

It’s almost a month and I still haven’t gotten my package! I emailed them on 28 November and they said that “Due to the overwhelming response to our Buy 1 Free 1 promotion on 11.11 recently, there might be some delay in processing your order.

At the time, I was fine, it’s okay, I can wait. But it’s December already for God’s sake! So I emailed them again on 6 December and this is their reply:

We would like to apologize for this inconvenience situation. We cannot advise you on the exact stock arrival date for the item.

In my understanding, the exact stock arrival date for the item means that the items are not in their inventories and they are waiting for the stock (items) to arrive from suppliers or whatever.

Then why the heck did you do a sale for items that you don’t have, then?

I know I’m being fussy but it’s my money and that is 75 ringgit I can spend on something else so I asked for a refund. I picked the wrong shade of foundation, anyway.

PS: If you wanna shop drugstore online, I’d really recommend Watsons or I received my packages in two business days.

3. Fix my blog posts. If Blogger and WordPress have similar formatting then we’d all be happy forever and ever but who do I think I am asking for the impossible to happen. Psh.

I have to resize my photos to 1000px, optimise them from 50-150kb, and fix text formatting. It drives me insane that the line spacing doesn’t work on WordPress and most of my text posts are now 20 continuous lines of texts.

I really wanna get it done before 2017 comes because I have 140 posts that are still not edited and it drives me insane when I have readers reading my older posts.

I also want to delete posts that are not relevant anymore such as my new blog design posts. I do that everytime I get a new design on Blogger and it’s not really helpful now, is it?

4. Do some research about weight loss. I really wanna start on a weight loss journey comes January 2017 so I have to do some research about it because I can’t simply not eat and hope that I’ll lose 10 kgs just by skipping meals ’cause that’s not healthy although I can’t deny that it works for me. I can lose 1 kg just by not eating rice for a week.

Atkins diet is also not that healthy so I’m gonna pass on that too. I’m not on time constraint to lose weight so I’m gonna give it a year to lose 10 kg. I want my 15 year old body back and I can’t believe it’s taking me almost 7 years to work for it.

45 kg, here I come (again).

5. Reevaluate my life and goals for the future. I’m not getting any younger. I can’t be feeling happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time for ever, can I?

So what’s your to-do list before new year? What do you look forward to in 2017?

  • great to do’s for 2017! I know of a great program that I tried a year agoish called Kayla Itsines. She provides easy but effective fitness guide and meal prep. I had tried others prior to trying Kayla Itsines and found them to be difficult to follow. With the Kayla Itsines I saw progress in only 4 weeks and I didn’t even follow through with the program 100%. Only like, lets say….. 70ish% and yet my result for such a short time frame was very impressive….. here’s the website if you are interested. – check out her instagram page as she only ever shares results from her clients. I feel as though her aim is to help women (or men) to be healthy and stay fit as opposed to focusing on just loosing weight. 🙂

    • thank you! i will surely check it out! x

  • nadiah izzaty

    can I join you for the lose weight goal ? hihi… I want to lose 10 kg too. I’ve done research before I’m married and I did lose weight for 10 kgs before my wedding – 44kg. The diet took me 1 years . =)

    After married , I gained 10kg which is my weight now is 53kg … =( .

    Of course , not Atkins diet coz it’s not healthy like u said . hihihi.

    nadia pun kena resize all my pictures in my blog . I guess it’s about the pictures my blog getting slower . Nadia even dah delete some of gadgets in my blog and the slider too . It still slow . hmmm .

    • jom la nadia! i really need to lose weight. rasa badan dah kembang.

      haah erin pun rasa macam tu. kalau gmbr tu very large, memang lambat sangat load.

  • Caroline

    Great list, I might just do a similar blog post 😉 I feel like when you get your to-dos down on paper, it is way easier to remember them and keep your goals in mind.
    x Caroline

    • I can’t wait to read yours! It’s true about writing it down on paper makes it easier to remember. I’m more inspired to cross them out on paper lol

  • If I were to follow the Atkins diet, I would be starving all day haha. thank you Syaza!

  • Claudia Claudy

    you need to do some exercise tho and eat healthy foods. macam sorang kawan kat office claudy. husband dia turun 25 pounds in 1-2 months :O hehe anyway, Good Luck!

    • wow 25 pounds in two months? disciplined betul! i think i’m gonna take it easy kot, eating healthy and exercising without straining myself. thank you Claudy!

      • Claudia Claudy

        Yes! memula ingat dia memain je,. jumpa husband dia haritu, terkejut claudy nampak dia kecik dari sebelum ni. yes do it slowly 🙂

  • Good goals 🙂 I am all about making lists about the things I need to do. I should do this for the end of the year too!

    Enclothed Cognition

    • thank you! i can’t wait to read yours! 🙂

  • tahu takpe. tapi rupanya salah GDEX siqah. guardian dah ship barang erin 3 weeks ago. GDEX yang perap barang erin lama lama. teruk punya service.

    at least siqah dgn nadia dah kawin, erin ni tak kawin lagi tp perut dgn bontot dah macam mak orang hahahahaha T.T jom la diet together!

    erin pun suka wonda kopi tarik! sedap kot! <3

  • I want to update the 2016 blogspot version as soon as possible and of course get the weight aka that dream body before I travel insyallah.

    • 2016 blogspot version apa anis?

      • type ngekngok lah I . blogpost versi 2016 eg 2016 makeup routine, 2016 makeup look gitew la. insyallah hehee

        • laaaaaah hahaha. i pun nak update jugak nanti all routine, what’s in my bag etc for 2017. tak sabar! 😀

  • dorang spend banyak masa pergi gym tu siqah lepastu both pun ada duit so ada orang tolong jaga anak dorang when dorang pergi gym menguruskan badan huhu

    alaaaa sedap. takde stock pulak kat rumah T.T

  • Fab goals! I can’t believe you’ve been waiting so long for that delivery to arrive. That’s awful and so unprofessional. Have a great 2017 xx

    Lauren |

    • i still haven’t gotten my package, though. it’s so frustrating.

      thank you Lauren, you too x

  • you start with saying shukri yahaya and i just smile again haha
    let share about losing weight because i desperately need one too. i gained a lot but to losing weight will take me forever i think

    • hehehehehe he’s sooo cute :>
      aaaaaah i need to lose 13 kg to get to 45 kg. sedih tul hidup.

      • i really hate weighing myself and look into the mirror. what to do now

        • me too! kena la diet lepasni and kurangkan makan nasi