My Must-Have Websites on Opera Start Page

Being a blogger, having a good web browser is super important for things to run smoothly. So far, I have tried Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox and each one has its pros and cons.

For now, I’m using Opera but I’m alternating between these 4 browsers because none of them is the perfect fit for me. I’m very fussy even for the most trivial things.

Do let me know if you want me to do a review of these browsers from a blogger’s perspective. I know a lot of you are using Chrome and to be honest Chrome is at the bottom of my list, sorry.

opera browser

My gorgeous desktop wallpaper is from

A start page is a tab that opens up when you open your browser. Different browsers have different start page and so far, Opera has the best start page in my opinion. It’s so easy to add links and you can add as much links as you like.

opera browser

This is what my start page looks like. You have the option to use your own photos for background or use one of their themes.

What I like about Opera browser is the adblock and VPN features are built-in the browser which means you don’t have to use an extension like you would on other browsers. I’ve never had any lagging problems and the browser is super fast.

Here’s my 15 must-have websites on Opera start page

WordPress admin: Where the magic happens. I probably click on this the most in a day just because.

Bloglovin’ feed: To keep up-to-date with the blogs I’m following. It takes me one hour everyday to scroll to the bottom and click on the new posts I want to read. I followed a lot of blogs and my feed is never running out of posts.

Blogger dashboard: I still visit my Blogger dashboard everyday but I’m currently spring-cleaning my Blogger and Bloglovin’ feed to remove blogs that 1. I no longer read, and 2. never update in months.

Blog content planner spreadsheet: I’m planning on organising my blog a little bit better in 2017 so I have a spreadsheet of blog organisation planner courtesy of Hannah Emily Lane. I love it!

Etsy: Bloggers’ favourite place to find new blog designs.

Twitter & YouTube: Self-explanatory.

TVShowTime: There’s no way in hell I am able to remember which episode I’m at for 50 tv shows so this website/app comes in handy. It keeps track of my tv shows and notifies me of new episodes. So far, my total watch-time is 3 months, 1 day, 14 hours, and 20 minutes. Can’t believe I spent 3 months of my life watching tv shows.

123movies: No BS, fuss-free website that lets you watch movies and tv shows. Think about Netflix but the free version. Sort of.

StatCounter: I prefer this over Google Analytics just because it’s easier to set up and I can see my visitors location, IP address, internet provider, visit length, total visit, resolution, the system/device they’re using and so much more.

Tumblr & Facebook: Self-explanatory.

Maybank/Bank Islam/Paypal: Financial stuff. Not that I have money on both accounts, hahaha.

These are the websites that I use on daily basis especially the top and middle row. Having a start page set up with my most visited websites are so helpful in making a better web experience.

What browser are you currently using and what are your most visited websites?

  • I penah search opera once sbb u ckp boleh tgk utube vid sambil baca blog tapi xjumpa pun kat apps store. so sad.

    • lol anis kalau browser memang takde dekat app store, download it at 🙂

  • ikr! dah pakai adblock on chrome pun masih lagi keluar popup tah pape

  • I’m using Opera too! Sebab browser dia user friendly comoared to Chrome yang I used once ago

    • that’s true! it’s better than chrome 🙂

  • nadiah izzaty

    I’m still using Chrome . My most visited websites , blogger , fashionvalet , zalora , etsy . Hihihi

    • erin tak boleh laa nak visit FV dgn zalora selalu. boleh gila haha

  • nurul afifah

    i tried all of those and stick to Chrome. if internet is a lifetsyle, good browser is not trivial! hahhaa. 123movie is so good aren’t it. i use putlocker before but 123movie is so much easier and always captioned. i used to have those speed dials and have each link perfectly all aligned but now it is all”frequently visited” ones only. ok. kejap, nak pakai speed dial balik.

    i got this cute actual fox as my browser background. idk why i’m kinda back to nature thing.

    • since i spend a lot of my time on the web, then having a good browser is a must lol x

  • guna opera jugak hehe. nak try guna statcounter and see how it is. thanks erin for the recommendation.

    mine is like this je, nothing fancy and lain drp yg lain haha

    • as long as important websites ada, that’s enough! 🙂