The last Erin Talks and I need a break.

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Last week my mom bought 3 pieces of salmon cuts (for RM 18 only! Say what?!) and we didn’t know how to cook them. On Thursday, I was home alone with my sister so I thought I would search for a salmon recipe that is easy to make. I found this easy lemon-pepper blackened salmon recipe and oh my god you guys, it’s so good and I would recommend it to people on weight-loss diet.

However, I changed the garlic powder to minced garlic and fresh parsley for the one in bottled spice and I didn’t have peppercorns at home. But it turned out delicious anyway!

I did get a 2 inch burn on my arm from the hot oven in return, though.

Spotify vs Apple Music

In case y’all didn’t know, ZAYN and Taylor Swift came out with a new song for Fifty Shades Darker movie called I Don’t Wanna Live Forever. I really wanted to listen to it but unfortunately it wasn’t available on Spotify yet. However, the song is already available on Apple music so I subscribed to their service for free for 3 months just so I can listen to it.

I have been using Apple Music for a few days and so far I’m not really liking it compared to Spotify. It is hard to discover new songs unless you know what you’re looking for whereas on Spotify, there are tons of playlists available and finding new music is just relatively easier.

Let’s hope I don’t forget to unsubscribe 3 months for now. I really don’t wanna be charged twice for basically the same service.

The Murder of Sylvia Likens

I was watching a video on YouTube about top 15 movies inspired by real people and I came across the murder of Sylvia Likens. She was a 16 year old girl who was brutally tortured and abused mentally and physically by this one stupid bitch and her children in the mid 60s.

I really don’t wanna go into details about her death but goddamned it I don’t understand why someone would do that to other people. WHY WAS EVERYONE TOO DUMB TO NOTICE WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO HER?

It baffled me how sick and mentally twisted they all were. They all are dead now and I hope at some point in their life, they received a karmic retribution of what they have done and I hope everyone who inflicts pain on other people does, too.

In case you wanna read more about it:

I’ve always had some sort of fascination towards murders, homicides, serial killers thingamajig. I wanted to be a forensic scientist or a coroner but my fear of blood and lack of enthusiasm in studying did not permit me to become one.

I wanna talk about a few changes I did on my blog. Nothing much that have changed, really, but I sorted out the best way to bring back old contents to the homepage by changing featured posts on slider every Sunday and inserting monthly 4 top popular posts. I do that by looking at my monthly stat and choosing 4 top posts that are not on Recent Posts in my homepage so I won’t have double posts.

This will be my last Erin Talks for 2016 or even forever as I plan on doing something different with this series next year. To be frank, I am not in my blogging mojo after the whole debacle last week and I’ve just been awfully lazy and annoyed. You could probably tell from my writing that my heart’s not in this.

I know, I know. I probably shouldn’t exaggerate it more than it should but I have to admit that it gets to me. For now, I just wanna do things at my own pace and brainstorm on how to make my blog better for next year in terms of writing and content-wise.

I wish you all a lovely week ahead! x

  • aww it’s okay, you do you. hope you can get back better than ever. i enjoy ur blog


  • have a rest Erin, but not too long! Bring back those energy and good vibes.

  • I think what you think and feel about the murder of Sylvia Likens is the same with what I do towards the murder of Junko Furuta from Japan. She was kidnapped, raped, tortured, abused and then killed. People surrounding the house pretended they know nothing happened. And Furuta’s hair strands had revealed everything in the end.

    Okie.. okie..
    I think I talk about something everyone has known.

    • yeah. i also read that they made her tell her family she was running away, and her family believed her! Poor Junko!
      Did you know that her torturers are released from prison already? they should be shot and hang to dry IMHO

      • Yes, they were freed due to the underage law regulation in Japan. Actually medias were not allowed to publish those bastards faces for the sake of f*cking human right thingy, but one publisher realized it was something people needed to know. And the faces of theirs had been now we’ve familiarized with; as the symbolic of cruelty in Japan. At least it happens to me.

        • i think underage law regulation should not be applied to murder cases especially a serious one like Junko’s. kecik kecik dah bunuh orang, tak guna betul.

          • lebih bagus kalau macam indonesia, tembak saja.. waste of space

      • ikr! they don’t deserve to live after what they’ve done. i hope they feel the guilt until they die.

    • she’s one of the first murder stories i read. reading it makes my blood boil! bloody hell punya guys elok mati je

  • aww don’t stop blogging! it can be fun.
    RM 18 salmon is so cheap… i use paprika, slice of lemon and bake it..m mm

    • think i’m gonna take a few weeks break kot, dont know yet. tengok my mood la aha.
      kan! so cheap. tak terfikir pulak to use paprika, must try ni!

      • paprika untuk spanish feel .. i usually opt for smoked

        • can i use chilli flakes instead? lol

          • tak tau leh… but chili and salmon pun okay

  • Erin, why not you just listen to the song on YouTube? And the song can be downloaded right? Hehe

    • i haven’t downloaded songs online lama dah hanis sejak wujudnya online streaming service. tak sure ada ke tak that song dekat youtube sebab nanti mesti kena copyright punya 🙁

  • yeah, macam tu rasanya. kan! spotify is easier.

  • I wanted to listen to that song too but I was so malas nak install and register Apple music so I waited for it to be available on Spotify (luckily it is available already). I was considering to try Apple music because Taylor Swift’s songs are not available on Spotify *why* so maybe I’ll try the free version too.

    • Apple Music is okay la, nothing revolutionary pun. And same about Taylor Swift! I used to have her album on my Spotify by adding them manually but one day I deleted all music files on my laptop so I lost all of her albums. Aha.

  • nadiah izzaty

    I love salmon !!! sebab salmon senang masak . hihihi …..

    keep on blogging dear erin. Even recently , Nadia susah nak blog walking due to my working life situation . =(

    • kan????? ok mengidam salmon pulak pagi pagi mcm ni. sedapnyaaa.

      erin baca blog nadia. kesian nadia kerja berbelas jam everyday 🙁