Copycat Bloggers — We Need to Talk.

I’ve always thought that blogging is my sweet escapism from the reality, not that what I picture on my blog is any less real, mind you. Whenever I’m feeling shitty, I know I can always depend on reading upon hundreds of blogs that I encounter daily to make me feel better.

But this time around, blogging makes me feel nothing but shitty.

I was not in my blogging game last week and I was only able to have posts up because I had them scheduled the week before. I’m not in the mood to publish anything despite having so many ideas up in my mind because of this one reason.

I feel disheartened by bloggers who are copying other bloggers.

I know for a fact that nothing in the blogging community is original anymore but at least make yours genuine without copying some other bloggers and thinking that it’s okay to do so.

You know what? It’s not okay. I’m not talking about blog post ideas ’cause God knows how many people have done a what’s in my bag post — I’m talking about everything else.

copycat bloggers

As a blogger myself, I notice when people copy me, specifically, my blog. My design, my ideas, everything — I know.

I know when people are inspired by my blog or when they just straight up copy my ideas and it’s annoying.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it and says “oh, it’s fine” because it’s not fine.

How would you like if an idea you think of yourself and you put it on your blog and another blogger just goes ahead and copies it and makes a post about it a few days after without crediting you while taking all the credit when another clueless blogger comments “wow the idea is so good thank you you inspired me.”

IT’S NOT BLOODY OKAY. I am annoyed.

As you all know, I published a lot of resources that I use for my blog to share with others. I know that I was the only one in my area/blogging community who has ever published that specific resources.

And then I found a blog who copied my resources and posted it on his/her blog without crediting where he/she found it. What the bloody fuck.

I spent legit 12 hours finding resources for my blog and I tested and tried them before I featured them on my blog just to have another bloody blogger featured it on his/hers by copying my post.

To say I’m annoyed is an understatement. It’s come to the point where I don’t visit their blog anymore because I don’t visit blogs I hate.

And that’s just one case. I have tons that I keep and I just can’t hold it any longer.


FIND YOUR OWN BLOODY RESOURCES. Don’t copy other people’s resources and make it like it’s yours.

I’m very attentive to details and I will know. I will find out especially if the idea is exclusive.

I will.

I’m not only talking about resources — I’m talking about e v e r y t h i n g that you see on my blog.

I have talked about it with other bloggers and they have their fair share of stories of bloggers copying them as well and we do have a few copycat bloggers in common.

We might look like we don’t mind, but actually, we give a lot of fuck about it.

I love inspiring people but I do not appreciate being copied at all. My mom listens to my rant everytime I spot a copycat and she always tells me,

“you should be proud that someone is copying you, that means what you’re putting up online is great and they wanna do it too”

But enough is enough. There’s a fine line in between and this time they’ve crossed it.

From the 6 Tell Tale Signs of a Copy Cat Bloggers by, it says;

You are running around copying other people’s content thinking that it is going to make you millions of dollars. Even worse, you have not purchased your own Web hosting and are running on free blogs. I am not saying that free blogs are bad but it is sad that you are stealing content from other people that have actually taken the effort to pay for and set up a blogging business.

This is just bad karma, or whatever you like to call it.

Thank god I haven’t found anyone who copied and pasted my post contents to their blogs – God knows what I’d be willing to do to confront them.

So that’s all for my rant today. I’m honestly not in the mood to blog or reply to comments ’cause of this so I’ll be back with loads of new contents after I’m done weeping and drinking a few cup of tea while telling myself “it’s okay Erin, you do you, just be you.”

Thank you all for reading, I hope you lot have a lovely week ahead. x

  • inspiring quotes aside, you can put a creative common license (like all rights reserved, copyright) to remind copy cats not to copy your posts
    and you could ask them nicely to take it down before approaching google about someone stealing your work.

    • Something dissappointed her is a blogger (might be a friend of Erin) copies her ideas and blogging resources which can’t be solved by that copycats ‘catcher or reminder’. It can only be solved by the two parties involved; the copycat so she/he soon realizes the mistake and Erin herself to accept that this is something inevitably happens in this virtual world.

      Just take what Rasya said, may be the copykucing just admires you, girl.


      • Anyone can help me why my disqus avatar rotates to right unpurposely? Please, I look so stupid.

        • bivichan

          maybe you should upload it again 🙂

          • I didi it so many times and nothing happened. Lol. Just be different, weirdly, would cause no harm, I hope. Haha. Sorry make unrelated topic thread, Erin..

          • it’s okay! dah ok or not your disqus?

          • Nope. And I’ll just let it be. Haha..

    • i thought it’s common sense, though. they need to start reading blog disclaimer before taking contents from any blog

      • they never do though.

      • most will ignore ler.. because they think they are invisible and everything

  • I’m not justifying what the did but this proves that girl, you’re getting popular. no wonder I couldn’t found your new post at my dashboard (because I knew you’ll post at least 2-3 per week)

    and I’m sure that whoever that copied from your blog wouldn’t do that again. at least, I hope so.

    cheer up!

  • zety

    i have no comment on this since its hard to distinguish originality,,

    just take it from a positive side, you are getting popular & they want to be just like u !

    • trying to move past this and forget all about it. thank you zety xx

  • bivichan

    i know it is really hard to find ideas, resources and make it happen or turn it into a good posts. it’s really a disappointment when you found about someone who use the ideas without crediting to you. i kinda know what it feel like.

    keep blogging ya 🙂

    • it sucks, isn’t it?
      thank you BV xx

  • Lenne Zulkiflly

    just remember, they can’t be you. everyone knows how genuine you are with your blog contents, erin. just know that if anything, you know you have me to gossip with girlll hehe they aren’t going anywhere by copying others ☺

    • thank you lenne. i’ll always find you, you know that xxx

  • I know how you feel – there was a post idea I came up with about a year ago and I’ve since seen a load of people doing it and crediting someone who copied me without giving me credit 🙁 I get that people have similar ideas but it’s so transparent when someone does it like a week later! I wouldn’t mind if they gave the credit…

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • it’s so unethical and annoying. i’m trying not to let it get to me and focus on creating more exciting contents. x

  • Wan Nur Amirah

    True af but yeah even in the exam there is also copy cat haha. Nvm cheer up erin. I still love your blog!

    • copycats in exam memang melambak hahaha thank you! xx

  • nadiah izzaty

    Oh my, no wonder lah . Patutlah nadia visit blog erin tak ada entry baru .

    Nadia kalau jadi erin pun, Nadia marah . Kita penat mencari ilham nak tulis apa content kita . Tak tidur malam suka hati je copy cat 100% the content .

    on the bad side they shouldn’t copy people works.

    On the good side . You are getting better and well known in blogging world dear. People love u Erin . They want to be like you but they can’t .

    Be strong girl . You can just rant dear , Nadia love to read and listening to your rant as well.

    Just please please don’t stop blogging . If you stop lots of your blogger friend will miss your writing .


    • tu la kan nadia. lagi obvious when tak sampai seminggu, orang tu post benda sama jugak. eeee rasa nak komen je dkt blog dia tapi tak sampai hati.

      thank you so much nadia! <333

  • mazni

    Susah2 kita fikir idea nak buat entry, nak design blog,
    senang2 je orang ciplak. ni namanya bukan inspired, tapi curi idea

    kena bayarlah kalau dah curi idea orang, mahal kott ><

  • Siqah Hussin

    Erin, baru siqah berpeluang singgah blog erin today.

    Patutlah takde entri hari ni. Biasanya erin ada je post tiap hari.

    Kalau siqah pun bengang if ada orang copy paste sebijik idea kita kan. Dan no credit pulak tu. Huhu.

    Take it from the bright side k dear 🙂 You’re getting popular dear. Biasa orang suka tiru mereka yang popular je 🙂

    Keep blogging tau. Please don’t stop. Just be you and I love you and your blog <3

    • tu la siqah. sampai takde mood nak blog seminggu. hmm thank you siqah! <3

  • Hayley Rubery

    Good for you for writing this post lovely – so, so frustrating when people think it’s okay to out right copy others. Yes, be inspired by others – that’s a positive thing that we encourage and inspire people but copying is not on! At least it’s flattering that you’re doing such a good job love, keep up the fab work!

    Hayley xo

    • yeah, it’s super frustrating. thank you Hayley x

  • i feel what you feel dear. we always know when someone copycat our content and resources. just remember, you are so much better than them and you will not stop to write because it is your passion.
    just be you okay, can’t wait to read your next post bcs i know you rock! haha

    • kan? dah tu idea kita, of course lah kita tahu kalau orang copy. thank you tyra! <3

  • patient Erin ! like they have told, you are so much better.

  • Bernadette

    I definitely agree with you! Copying is just not okay and I don’t even understand why those people bother ‘blogging’ if its to straight up steal from another blog. Inspiration is one thing, i read people’s blog posts and see their awesome blog and it sparks motivation and inspiration to put 100% effort into my own blog.

    Truth be told a lot of the copiers are doing it to just gain ‘attention’ and they are most likely blogging to get noticed by brands and get free stuff. I can’t stand it when people blog for such superficial reasons, it gives all of us bloggers who are loving this hobby and creativity a bad name.

    • I know! It annoys me when someone stole my idea and took all the credit. It makes me feel so awful inside.

  • Zura

    Yeah, that is serious matter unless that credit the info to you.

  • Copying is definitely not okay and if I’m ever inspired by a post, I make sure to link the blogger and the original post! I usually ask the blogger’s permission first as well x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  • Katie Brown

    So sorry this has happened to you! It sounds really frustrating. I really hope whoever copied you thinks twice next time, because it’s totally unacceptable behaviour. X
    Katie Writes

    • thank you so much. it really is. thank god i have moved past it x