Step by Step Blogger to WordPress Migration Tutorial

Hi everyone. I’m going to show you a step by step Blogger to WordPress migration tutorial based on my experience so sit back, relax, make a cup of coffee or tea — whichever you prefer and enjoy!

Before I start, please read these articles below to know more about vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs.
Here’s a comparison table between 3 platforms

Or if you’re just too lazy to read: EVERYTHING IS FREE. You can buy domain from other provider such as Netkl. You can buy premade template. Limited features unless you know coding etc. EVERYTHING IS FREE, for now. But they will put ads on your site. You have to buy domain from itself. You have to buy storage if you exceed storage limit. You cannot buy WordPress premade themes from Etsy or other web developers, only from developers. Have to pay to edit theme/access CSS editor (means you can’t even change fonts unless you pay). Basically, you need to pay for everything else. (self-hosted): EVERYTHING NEEDS MONEY means you have to pay for hosting. But worth it. You can do basically anything with a self-hosted WordPress.

Now that I’ve got that covered, I’m going to talk about hosting for The most important things you need to pay attention to before buying hosting are disk storage and bandwidth limit. That’s it. It’s not that I don’t care about other features, it’s just I don’t understand them and so far I’m doing fine with not knowing. LOL.

Disk storage: It’s like your phone memory. It keeps every data, every picture, basically your whole entire  site so it’s important to resize and optimise every single photo in your blog. Right now, my disk storage limit is only 500MB and I have used 210MB. I need to resize and optimise photos in my older posts (or even delete the posts altogether) to save even more space. I know I will have to upgrade my hosting probably in a year or two.

Bandwidth limit: Everytime someone visits your blog, it eats up your bandwidth limit. For example, you have 10GB bandwidth limit. Your page size is 1MB. So if two people visit one page of your blog, they eat up 2MB of your 10GB. 10,000MB (10GB) / 1MB (per visit) = 10,000 visits per month. Bandwidth will be reset every month. Right now, my bandwidth limit is 10GB and my homepage size is 1.5MB so I can get around 6,500 – 7000 visits every month. If my blog grows, I will have to upgrade my hosting. But of course, not every page in my blog is 1.5MB so I can probably save up a lot on my bandwidth. Plus, there’s so many plugins that will help to optimise your blog so don’t worry!

wordpress migration


1. Make a blog post telling your followers that you’re migrating to WordPress and to refollow your blog on Blogger. And to my visitors from Blogger, you can follow WordPress blog on Blogger so please refollow me there or on Bloglovin’.

2. You can also do this after you migrated to WordPress but make sure that all of your photos are optimised, probably around 50kb-150kb in size for each photo to save space on your disk storage.

3. If you’re not sure you can do it yourself, you can hire a web developer or your web host to migrate it for you but with a cost.

4. If you’re planning to do it yourself, pick a day when you’re not in a shitty mood or on your period ’cause I did it myself on my first day of period with menstrual pain and bad migraine and I felt awful the whole day but I did it nonetheless.

5. Make a cup of coffee!

6. Say your prayers and hope to God that you don’t f*cked up.

7. My tutorial is following Kotryna’s manual so you can follow hers too.

STEP ONE: Buy hosting + install WordPress

I bought my hosting from for MYR 60 per year. I chose the cheapest one which is mySilver X. It comes with 500MB disk storage + 10GB bandwidth + free domain + 3 emails. I strongly suggest you to choose the cheapest one first because you ain’t gonna get that 1000 pageviews a day like you did on Blogger in the early stage after migration. Sobs. is a Malaysia-based web host so you can converse in Malay with them, no problem. With other Malaysian web host companies, they offer a much cheaper hosting than Netkl BUT you have to pay MYR 45 per year for domain separately. For example, company A package offers MYR 30 hosting (same disk storage/bandwidth with what Netkl offers) but you have to pay for domain too. So you’ll end up paying MYR 30 (hosting) + MYR 45 (domain) = MYR 75 when Netkl only charge you MYR 60 for both domain and hosting. Get it?

I purchased my domain on too so I had them transfer my domain to the hosting. If you have different web host for domain and hosting, then it’s going to be a bit of a problem. You can get your domain transferred to other web host but that usually takes around 1 to 2 business days. Yikes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So choose a hosting, pick a domain name if you don’t have one, and checkout.

They will email you with your cPanel and FTP username and password.

Since my domain is already on Netkl, they kindheartedly change my nameservers for me. Don’t ask me what is that. Blogger and WordPress have different nameservers. Don’t worry — if it’s your first time buying domain, they will set up everything (DNS, nameservers etc) for you.

Go to your domain cPanel, for example and sign in using the username and password they provided in the email.

Install WordPress on your domain with this video tutorial. Make sure to follow every single thing, okay? It’s very simple. When it says ‘Leave it as it is’, then don’t edit anything at all.

If WordPress is installed successfully, they will give you a link to your WordPress dashboard which is

I had to wait an hour before my blog is ready because they reconfigured my nameservers from Blogger to self-hosted. You can always refresh your domain to see if it’s ready or not.

Sign in using the username and password you entered during one of the steps in video tutorial above, NOT your cpanel username and password.

And voila! You’re basically done. If you visit your domain, it will already be a WordPress blog.

Step two: Export your content on Blogger

If you wanna start fresh then skip this step.

Blogger dashboard > Settings > Other > Back Up Content > ‘Save to your computer’

It will be downloaded in .xml file. This contains all of your posts and comments.

Step three: Import your posts to WordPress

1. Log in to your WordPress blog.

2. On the left side, go to Tools > Import and choose Blogger.

3. A new window will pop up asking you to install a Blogger to WordPress Importer, click Install.

4. Once installed, click on ‘Activate the Plugin & Run the Importer‘.

5. It will ask you to upload your .xml file containing your posts and comments that you’ve downloaded previously so go ahead and upload it.

6. You’ll be asked if you want to assign your blog posts to existing author or create a new one. I just chose existing author but it’s up to you tho.

If your images don’t transfer well, go to Plugins > Add New > search Import External Images > Install Now > Activate

After activating, on your left side, go to Media > Import Images > Import Images Now

Step four: Fix your permalinks

As you all know, Blogger and WordPress have different permalinks. Blogger has a fixed permalink that looks like this:

While on WordPress, you have a various type of permalink to choose from. You can make your WordPress permalink to look like Blogger but since I hated Blogger permalink (.html irks me so much!), I went with this:

Go to Settings >Permalinks and choose Month and name. I like Post name ( too but it’s hard to know when the post was published as the date and month are not stated.

Step five: Redirection (Blogger to WordPress)

This part is a bit tricky to do. Go to Plugins > Add New > search Blogger to WordPress > Activate the one by rtCamp > Install Now > Activate

Follow this tutorial starting from Step 2. Step 1 only explains how to install and activate the plugin.

Step six: RSS redirection (feedburner)

You only have to do this if you have email subscribers on FeedBurner (most of us don’t).

Blogger dashboard > Settings > Other > Post Feed Redirect URL > Add your link

Step seven: Bloglovin’

You need to contact Bloglovin’ and ask them to update your url. Click here.

Step eight: Theme

Technical things aside, now onto the fun stuff which is WordPress themes! Aaaaah! Yes, we called it a theme not template. WordPress theme is so expensive and that’s why I bought mine during Black Friday sale.

It’s so hard to find inexpensive but cute WordPress themes because the cute ones are always USD 40 and above. Our currency really sucks right now so that’s not helping at all.

But I do have a few recommendation under MYR 200:


MYR 200 above:


Side note: If the theme you wanna buy is a Genesis child theme or it mentions something about Genesis, make sure that Genesis framework is included in the theme file because Genesis framework costs about USD 60 if bought separately. Ain’t nobody got money for that.

I got my design from KotrynaBassDesign. She provides free installation but I did it myself (Appearance > Theme > Add New > Upload New). However, I did encounter a few technical problems so she solved it for me. I thank her for her patience with me for the past 3 days ahaha.


Here’s a list of plugins I’m currently using for my blog not including the ones I mentioned above:

Akismet: to moderate spam comments

Disqus Comment System: you all probably know what Disqus is — so easy to reply and keep track of your comments

Generate Post Thumbnails: if your post photos don’t show on your blog homepage, you probably don’t have Featured Image set so use this plugin

Jetpack by I freaking love this. Has your blog stats and basically secures your blog from malicious attacks. To use features that are only available on

Official StatCounter Plugin: easier to understand than Google Analytics. Been using this for years!

TinyMCE Advanced: for a more advanced post editor. Have yet to explore what it can do but I can add table on my posts now.

W3 Total Cache: improve your site speed by using cache. I love this.

Yoast SEO: You know how on Blogger so many people are obsessed with SEO and so many bloggers did a tutorial on how to check your SEO with and yay if you got 100% SEO? I call BS on that one. This plugin is the mother of SEO, not even kidding you. While you’re typing your post, it will tell you what you have to fix and give you a ‘red light’ if your post doesn’t comply with their SEO rules. Yes, a plugin is giving me a friggin’ red light ’cause my SEO is bad.

Cost breakdown

Hosting ( = MYR 60 (yearly payment)
Theme (KotrynaBassDesign Black Friday 50% off) = MYR 113 (one-time payment)

Total paid = MYR 173 (MYR 286 without Black Friday sale)

My blog is all set up now except for posts that I still need to reformat and resize/optimise images. Other than that, cheers to my 2017 look!

Now, do I think migrating from Blogger to WordPress is worth it?


However, I do not recommend going self-hosted if you don’t take blogging seriously or if you only update your blog once in a blue moon or you just want an easy blogging platform that can offer you basic features you need to start a blog or you don’t wanna spend money on your blog (buying hosting + upgrade, a theme, and pay for technical support if needed). It’s that simple. Don’t go self-hosted just because you see other bloggers are doing it.

Going self-hosted is a lot of work, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It took me about 4 days to get my blog ready and along the way I encountered a few technical problems with my blog such as search result not showing, posts not showing when you click on monthly archive link, and a few other bits and bobs.

I’d be damned if it wasn’t for Kotryna who sorted out my blog for me so always read reviews before buying a theme from a developer. Make sure your theme developer provides support.

Would I consider going back to Blogger? I don’t know about the future but for now, probably not. LOL. I love it here. I don’t have to play with coding just to get a multi-level drop-down menu on navigation bar (check out my navigation bar for demo, I love it!).

I really, really hope this post helps you tremendously ’cause it took a lot of hours to finish this post. Phew. Let me know if you’re thinking of migrating so we can chit chat about it!

  • nadiah izzaty

    wow dear , Erin , complicated jugak nak tranfer to wordpress .

    As for now , nadia rasa nadia stick to blogger je kot. Sebab , nadia pun bukan update entri selalu sgt . hihihi… just I need to do something about my slowness page loading . =(

    pape pun , dear . Keep on blogging ok . Love your blog . <3

    • nampak je macam complicated tapi once dah siap, ok je sebenarnya. kalau jarang update, tak perlu lagi kot nadia sebab kena spend time jugak nak set up semua ni. perlu banyak masa jugak.

      haha blog nadia nak template baru tu 😛

      thank you nadia! <3

  • Siqah Hussin

    bersungguhnya erin 😀

    siqah tak boleh hadam lah untuk proses pertukaran ni. macam renyah je kerjanya tu haa.

    Maybe siqah akan stick to blogger je walaupun tak suka dengan dashboard baru 🙁

    keep blogging dan sharing your knowledge dear 🙂 maybe one day i’ll get back to this post. manalah tahu. hihi.

    • same with me, tak berkemampuan lagi nak sit down for one day to handle this migration hihi. but sure if I wanna migrate soon, would refer this post !

      • kena spend time one whole day untuk set up sampai puas hati. papepun jangan buat time period hahahaha T.T

        yay hope this post helps you one day 🙂

        • jgn buat time period? hahahha kenapa erin?
          pernah terfikir nak tukar dulu, dululah,…tapi serius blur giler…and sampai sekarang msih xde keberanian utk tukar…maybe someday kot…

          • period pain lol. kalau nak tukar, kena banyak baca tutorial dulu lepastu baru tukar. tapi erin memang dah tak tahan dgn blogger lagi lagi dashboard baru tu yang terus tukar tu

    • renyah sikit la tapi end result dia puas hati hahaha. erin dah tak tahan dgn dashboard blogger tah apa apa tu yang gagahkan jugak diri nak migrate tu.

      thank you siqah! hope this post will help you one day hihi 🙂

  • I don’t have problem spending money on blog but I rarely post so I’m going to stick with blogger.

    Maybe there will be time I decide to take blogging seriously so your post is going to be a big help.

    • blogger is the easiest choice tho. i hope it can help! 🙂

  • bivichan

    wahhh such a detail tutorials. nice job there!
    BV susah sikit nak spend money sebab blog nie. tapi dah biasa guna so rasanya memang akan stay la. 😀

    • thank you BV!
      haah guna wordpress ni memang kena spend money la. blogger pun ok je. blogger senang, fuss free 🙂

  • Wow, sounds so complicated! Good for you for doing it all on your own!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • The only thing that stopped me from migrating now is I can’t make wordpress template, not yet T_T Congrats Erin! <3

    • wordpress user mostly beli theme je lol sebab complicated. dia bukan macam blogger everything in one coding. dia banyak coding section. and wordpress is soooo customisable lagi lagi post layout. boleh pilih ada sidebar ke, takde sidebar ke, one whole column ke, or grid layout ke. tu yang best tu so kalau bosan we can always change the post layout. btw thank you! <3

  • atheera dayana

    Fuhhh erin tq for this long post. Maybe i’ll be migrating since i love blogging, but i am still yet to discover wordpress.
    What is the the difference between blogger n wordpress? Beside we need to pay to get hosting n others

  • Maybe one day I’ll migrate to WordPress… when I have the money tho hahaha I’ll just stick with Blogger for the time being. Thank you for sharing kak 😀

  • Welcome to wordpress! I don’t think I am going to be self hosting BUT I would want my own domain…

    • thank you! you’ll have to purchase your domain from, right?

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  • This is super helpful! I’ll definitely be coming back to this often! Thank you!!

    xo E

  • Zura

    Assalam erin. I already have my own domain… however, it seems like… pretty hard to migrate to wordpress.. aahhh

    • it is. if you rarely update blog, i don’t recommend migrating to wordpress

  • Glad I dig this post of yours. Very informative and you made it sounds easy aha. Read a lot on self-hosting from overseas blogger, but not convinced enough before, and since Malaysian blogger I’ve encountered mostly settle with blogspot, or blogspot + domain (which I currently using). Thank you Erin for this post.

    • it was kinda easy for me, alhamdulillah. blogger is easier but with that comes limitation in features 🙂

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  • Eyja Masliza

    I laughed so hard for this sentence:

    Say your prayers and hope to God that you don’t f*cked up.


    • hahahaha it’s so easy to screw up tau!