2016 Top Posts Roundup + Blog Update

2016 top posts

Hi everyone! I’ve had a lovely few days off of blogging to unwind while planning my blog posts for 2017. I planned my posts until mid February (3 posts on weekdays!) and I really hope I can stick to the schedule without missing any days. Fingers crossed to that!

My Bloglovin’ followers increases despite my taking days off so thank you thank you thank you to everyone who stumbled upon my blog and clicked the follow button although I didn’t get anything up! I have followed back ’cause it’s always nice to help each other in gaining followers while exploring new blogs to fall in love with.

I am finally satisfied with my navigation bar after a few days brainstorming on links I should put there and I finally settle with:

  • HOME self-explanatory, you cannot not have home link on navigation bar ’cause it’d look weird.
  • ABOUT I updated my About page as the old one was getting pretty bladdy boring. Nothing that you don’t know already if you’re a long-time reader of my blog.
  • CONTACT My Contact page is very simple and straightforward. Maybe I should put a disclaimer about brands who want to get in touch? I’m getting a lot of emails from brands these days.
  • DISCLAIMER My disclaimer is a-okay but maybe I should mention about my product reviews?
  • ARCHIVES I finally, finally found the perfect plugin for archives! It’s called Annual Archive.
  • BLOG SCHEDULE Click it to know all the deets!

2016 is saying goodbye to us in 9 days so I thought I would make a roundup of posts that are doing well on ErinAzmir.com until the 25th of November. I had to go to my Blogger stats for this one ’cause I lost my stats when I migrated. Shoot.




my blogging goals for 2017

Top 10 Popular Posts This Month

book challenge

I hope you lot have a great time rereading my old posts ’cause I spent a heck of a lot of time writing them so please be nice and give them some of your love. However, certain posts are still not yet formatted so please bear with me while I go through another 70 posts to edit.

Do you have any favourite post from my blog?


  • Lenne Zulkiflly


  • Razanah Anis

    it’s good to know that you’re back. Had been reading your blog silently.. anyways, hello and salam kenal from me.. 😀

  • yayyy! thank you fatina! <3

  • the horror of 2017. Well.. actually the horror of 30 dec because kid got vaccination. Last time we went she puked all over me

  • all of your posts are amazing! i honestly can’t choose one hahahah 😀

  • especially your blog-related posts, they’re really helpful 🙂

  • Love to read your beauty and lifestyle posts, or maybe all of your posts? hehe

  • Love your new about me and the blog schedule!

  • nadiah izzaty

    Love your blog always !!!! <3

    Tapi mostly , Nadia suka baca category blogging and lifestyle .

    Andddd, love your new blog look . serious kemas .

    Bila lah nadia ada masa nak edit blog nadia jadi cantik mcm blog Erin and make my blog loading faster and makes my audiences followers viewers and readers increase . hmmm . But , I still thankful ada jugak orang nak singgah and follows my blog .=)

    You are such an inspiration in blog world dear . Muax muax

    • thank you nadia! <3

      erin tengok makin banyak blogger template yang lawa lawa from misterydesigns. takpe nadia take time untuk settlekan photos dlm blog nadia. blog nadia slow sebab tu je.

      thank you again nadia! xxx

  • Siqah Hussin

    Can I say all? Hihi.

    Siqah paling suka your blog-related posts. Semua membantu. Drpd Erin, siqah tukar my template (nak kemas like yours) dan siqah tahu beauty products (currently using Original E).

    Banyakkkkk lagiiiii – And I do love #ErinTalks. Rasa macam tengah dengar Erin bercerita depan siqah. Hii.

    Keep blogging dear. I always know you will <3

    • hehe thank youuuu! Erin Talks tu memang tempat untuk cakap benda benda random yang tak perlukan their own dedicated post. hahaha. in shaa Allah erin buat lagi kalau ada benda nak share. thank you again siqah! <3