Why I Started A Blog Again + 8 Years of Being A Blogger

why i started a blog
Reading a ‘Why I Started Blogging’ posts is definitely interesting as I can get to know why and what someone was thinking when they started a blog. 13 November 2008 was the day I signed up for Blogger and published my first ever blog post. I was a 13 year old girl at home on school holiday with a laptop who somehow managed to stumble upon Blogger.com from a blog I was reading. Everyone had a blog so I thought, “why not”?

I’m not going to talk about why I started a blog 8 years ago but rather why I relaunched my blog on February 19th this year. Before February, I micro-blogged on Tumblr with this domain (www.erinazmir.com) and I felt like I have more privacy there. I can post as much as I like per day without clogging up my dashboard and annoying my followers. I wrote about personal things on Tumblr and it was just easier to post photos, videos, music, or even a long text post (which I don’t recommend). But the thing is you won’t get as much engagement on Tumblr as you can on Blogger or WordPress.

One thing I do like about Tumblr is people can send you questions and I really hope Blogger can add that feature because it’s so much fun. I’ve gotten hate messages, nice messages, and people asking me when am I getting engaged/married haha. I can’t post there what I can on Blogger and that was one of the reasons why I started blogging on Blogger again.

I’ve tried WordPress.com too but I can’t use my domain there because you have to purchase a domain from them and it’s so expensive and to me that’s not worth it. So Blogger is the cheapest and the easiest alternative for a blogging platform.

The need to write

I personally think that anyone who owns a blog has an interest in writing as I do. I can’t imagine doing something I don’t have an interest on just because every else is doing it. I’m very chatty and I like to pour that out on a blog. I have so many things and ideas to talk about and I would like to share it with anyone who is interested to read it. Blogging is also a great way to practice your writing be it in Malay or English. However, I do prefer blogs that are using minimal short forms especially when writing in Malay.

Because Twitter is not enough

If I count all the tweets I have posted since I made my first Twitter account 6 years ago (my current account is my third one), I have about 150,000 tweets posted. All the more reason to get myself a blog so I won’t bore people with my endless tweets. As I grew older, the need to be on Twitter is lesser day by day and I’m not enjoying Twitter all that much to be honest. Of course I can tweet whatever I like but I need a suitable medium for my writings and I can’t exactly be writing makeup reviews on Twitter, can I?

Doing it right

Because I’m all grown up now so I don’t want to embarrass myself with childish and immature blog posts that I will regret one day. I think the majority of us have gone through a what-the-fuck-was-I-thinking-publishing-these-posts moment in our life. Right? RIGHT? #IWas13 #ForgiveMe

I’m an introvert

I like spending time indoors than outdoors. One time I went through three weeks without getting out of my house and my happiness level was still top notch. I need something that I can do at home to fill my time and blogging is exactly it. Blogging keeps my brain active because I’m constantly thinking of new content ideas and to me, managing a blog is not as easy as it looks.

I want to be a part of blogging community again

There’s nothing more exciting than visiting a blog for the first time and getting to know them from their writing. I miss getting and writing comments, I miss doing tag posts and I miss making new friends online. I like reading interesting posts and I’m inspired to write them as well.

Blog designing is fun!

To be honest, I have never spent a cent on blog design before nor did I feel the need to but Blogger never updates their templates to a new responsive and modern design and I’m getting bored of Simple template because I can’t code it to how I want it and the free responsive templates are just not up to par. I’m willing to spend some money on my blog because it makes me even more excited to blog with a shiny new gorgeous template from Etsy and I see that as an investment for my hobby.

Why did you start your blog?

  • This is so lovely to read, Erin 🙂

    1. Hmm for me, I stopped blogging for a while when suddenly I realised I had a 'stalker'. That was not fun to know (at that time) when you consider that person as a good friend. Hard to explain this one tho.

    When I arrived Czech in 2011, I wonder how to keep my dad updated with what am I doing here, far away from him. So, I started blogging again. He's a blogger as well! But, on hiatus right now. Haha.

    2. Agree much with Malay short forms. Fuh, I am a person who will type the word in full spelling. I can accept short forms like untuk (utk), kepada (kpd) etc but only for preposition. But, if someone wants to say 'saya rasa awak sangat cantik' but spell 'sy rs awk sgt cntk' I will be like… uhhhhhh.


  • Yessss Blog designing is FUN! Sejak kenal erin, siqah kenal ETSY. dan sejak itu, mata rambang je tengok blog template. Hihi. dan disebabkan itu, tambah lagi satu sikap suka shopping. Shopping template. muahahahah.

    Siqah start blog bila kawan perkenalkan dulu masa siqah study. Since then, suka blogging walaupun pernah inactive sekian lama. NOw sejak dah aktif balik, jadi seronok bila kenal ramai orang through blogging 🙂

    Love to share stories and love to hear others' stories too 😀

    Keep blogging, erin.

    I always come back to your blog especially for blogging tips 🙂

  • managing a blog is not as easy as it looks >>> agree this part .

    Yes . yes me too geram je bila tengok template yang lawa-lawa dari Etsy tapi mahal .
    That's the reason Nadia kena simpan duit untul spent more on blog template . other than simpan duit for shopping and travel . hahaha .

    Why I started blogging ? – hmmm..actually my late Dad the one who convincing me to blog . He said , "kakak awak suka share gambar , story with people . buat lah blog .Travelling blog or anything that you interest in . " That time I have no guts to do it , because My english or malay not to good . But , I like write in English more . Then , one day . Out of no where . Alhamdullilah 2014 I've decided to try blogging and I'll do stop blogging for a while , until last year or this year I've started blogging again seriously .

    The best part in blogging I can share my story with people which I do like sharing . I like to read people stories too and their experiences . My closest friend Siqah also like blogging . And , it was an advantage for me to always discuss and asking her about blogging tips as well. =)

    I've always hoping people like to read my sharing / writing too . =)

    Keep blogging dear . I always love your blog and always visit your page without fail every day . =)

    muax <3

  • Hi Erin.

    Saya start blogging in 2006 tak silap masa tu guna blogdrive. Habis belajar & start kerja dah takde masa nak blogging but then aktif balik masa 2008/9 guna blogspot pula. Lepas tu, tutup blog tu sebab rasa macam tak best since masa tu dah ada FB, Twitter etc.

    Blog sekarang sebenarnya nak digunakan untuk jana income dalam masa yang sama nak share stories/experience pasal motherhood tapi masih belum dapat kekalkan konsistensi itu.


  • because i prefer writing than talking?
    sometimes when we talk people won't listen 🙁 that's why i started writing, personally or sharing with others

  • awalnya erin ada blog. busyra masa umur 17 lepas habis spm. masa tu memang bengong habes tak tau apa.. haha. buat sbb minat. makin lama dalam dunia blog ni makin best rasanya dan dapat belajar banyak benda. tambah2 baru kenal blog erin ni. dari situ kenal template yg best2. cun2.

  • thank you!

    oh wow i've never had a stalker before. he/she must be obsessed with you :O

    I know that your dad is a blogger from one of your posts, or is it your About page? not sure. heh.

    malay is a language that looks nicer when you type the word in its full spelling. sy rs awk sgt cntk is just.. cringing.

  • omg sorry la siqah hahaha. erin perhati je siqah edit itu ini dekat blog hihihi. best kan edit blog! lagi lagi bila beli template. rasa puas hati 🙂

    haah best sebab kenal ramai bloggers. tapi sekarang tak ramai sgt dah yang still blogging. a few years ago masa peak years blogging ni, ramai bloggers tau siqah. sekarang banyak blog tinggal.

    thank you siqah. erin pun hari hari bukak blog siqah hehe 🙂

  • betul tu! dapat kenal macam macam orang from blogging. and erin memang minat template lawa lawa sebab tu banyak cakap pasal template hihi kalau boleh nak semua orang guna template lawa jugak 🙂

  • that's right! it's better to write it down so you can go back and reread it 🙂

  • I started mine simply because it was a trend at that time. and then my introvert character make me love blog even more !

  • siqah setuju jugak dengan atheera 🙂

  • Haah betul cakap erin tu. rasa dulu masa belajar lagi ramai bloggers. Sekarang ramai yang siqah follow dulu, semua inactive, bertahun pulak tue. HIhi.

    No need sorry erin. Siqah suka kenal etsy. hehe 😀

  • i feel you about the introvert part!

  • i used to treat my blog as a diary too but when you post something beneficial on your blog, you can share it with others kan, i think that's the main reason why you should keep blogging 🙂

  • Hi!

    lama dah blogdrive tu kan. haah blogging sekarang boleh buat income. and sharing stories pasal motherhood pun best jugak 🙂

  • best blogging ni sebab nak share stories with other people. and we can learn a lot of things from blogging kan. and thank you nadia muah <3