The Struggle of Being an Amateur Blogger

amateur blogger
I think those who blatantly say that blogging is easy have never done it once in their life. Sure, you can sign up for Blogger and use one of their Simple template and call it a day, but there is so much more to blogging than that. There’s blood, sweat, tears, and pulling an all-nighter just to have a post published at 8 am the next day. Or maybe that’s just me?

The struggle of having to create high quality contents

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m about to hit that orange Publish button on Blogger, so many things are running through my head:

What if my readers don’t like it?
If I were them, would I read my own post?
I hate not having at least one comment on my posts. Please, let there be at least one comment.

I guess this depends on what type of blog you’re running. If you’re a personal blog who only blogs about your life and feelings, then you won’t be having these thoughts that often but for my blog personally, I depend on interaction and engagement between me and readers so I can’t avoid the anxiety that nobody comments on my posts especially when I work really hard on producing the contents. The feeling sucks. That 10 close up pictures and 20 paragraphs of text do not magically appear by themselves, okay?

The struggle of having to set up your own photoshoot when your photography skill is basically zero to none

For product reviews, demo, and tutorials, I spend around 3 to 4 hours sitting on a chair with a camera mounted on a tripod in front of me with the help of natural light from my bedroom window. Must. Finish. Shooting. Before. 5PM! What’s ISO by the way?

I can produce enough photos for 6-7 posts depending on what products I’m reviewing. I don’t do this very often because who has the time and effort to put on hijab and makeup at home? But I do take photos regularly for reviews or posts that don’t need me in the pictures which I really love doing by the way.

I’m not even going to talk about flatlays because girl sucks at it.

The struggle of comparing your blog stats to other blogs

This one in particular is probably fitted for my blogging sins but I struggle with this every single day. I cannot stop comparing my blog with other blogs with bigger followers and views but they’ve probably been blogging for years and I only started blogging again back in February so I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, right?

I’m so proud of my blog and to me that’s more important than comparing stats but sometimes I just can’t help it.

The struggle of writing in second language

In case you’re confused because you barely see any Malay words on my blog, I am so Malay. Malay af. So Malay if I could eat tempoyak and sambal belacan with ikan kembung goreng everyday, I would. I just prefer English more. I’ve always loved the language since I was a kid. I read Harry Potter book with both Malay and English versions on the same page side by side.

I don’t speak English at home with my family or with anyone else unless I need to but I learn the language because I love it and I’m also getting an Education degree in TESL so I kinda have to be good in English if I want to be an English teacher. The struggle is actually not writing in English, but having to make my posts perfect because I’m really anal when it comes to grammars.

Subtle errors, I can deal with. Obvious errors like the use of is/are, has/have/had, with -ed, without -ed, and a bunch of other simple grammar errors that we should not be doing because we have learned them in school, that — I cannot stand. I don’t correct people out of respect to them but how will you learn if nobody is correcting you, right?

The struggle of thinking you have offended someone with your posts

I’m blunt. I write how I speak and I can be pretty offensive at times but I’m just keeping it real. I’m not going to sugarcoat things that I don’t believe in because then that would be untrue. I know I’ve written stuff in the past that may or may not offend certain people especially in the 5 posts that turn me off that has gotten me my first ever hate comment (and hopefully the only one) but I’m still sticking to what I said and I have zero respect towards people leaving hate comments anonymously.

Quit being anonymous and say it directly to me. I don’t care, I don’t mind, and I won’t be offended. I have had worse things being said to me and about me in the past so your “Erin I don’t agree with you, you shouldn’t be saying this” isn’t going to hurt me.

Nonetheless, I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my words in the past and if I have, I am so sorry and I really didn’t mean to.

The struggle of being a broke gal

Okay — I’m not broke but when you only count my blogging fund, I’m a broke ass gal. Those who say we don’t need money for blogging have probably never:

1. visited Etsy shop
2. had a desire to get your own domain
3. felt like buying things just for the sake of doing reviews/hauls

We all have browsed Etsy shops and went through 65432345345676 template listings. We all have desire to get our own domain (because why not?). And we all have gone to the drugstore feeling like doing some makeup shopping so we can do a mini haul on our blog (because who doesn’t like makeup haul?) but decided not to ’cause we’re broke and mom won’t pay for any of it including that nude Maybelline lipstick in your hand that you halfheartedly had to put back on the shelf.

Or maybe that’s just me?

Do you have blogging struggles? What is the worst?

  • No more worries erin, i love your post everytime. I never skipped a post u posted.
    I have all the struggles above too. When I write i hope the readers will understand my contentif not i feel like i should keep my blog private

  • I facing almost all your struggles

    but my most blogging struggle are probably time and blogging equipment =)

  • Yes I do , dear . hihihi…

    1) same like you , I always have that thought too whenever I post any entry . hihihi =(

    2) I will always comparing my blog stats and followers with other blogs. Whenever I compared it with mine . I will totally feel de-motivated . My thought always : " I've started blogging long enough I guess but why I'm only get this few viewers , followers and comments ? . Did my content or entries not good enough ? bla bla bla….etc " . So yeah sometimes it makes me sad . Totally sad .But, if I keep on care to much about that , it will give more worst feeling . So , I will try to just ignore it sometimes and talk to myself , " Nadia , just write what you want to share with others . Write from the heart ". That way makes me much more better I guess. =)

    4) Even , I'm not strong in English . I know sometimes I do have grammar error in my blog entries =) . But , I don't know why it much easier for me to write in English . The idea come out easily rather than I'll write in Malay . So , I don't care either I want to write any entry in malay or english . Depending on my mood . hihihi …. Seriously , I admire and love your English erin =)

    5) I love taking flatlays . And true enough , any photoshoot need to do before 5pm . Usually I will choose either morning or afternoon . The lighting at my mum's glass area is nice between that time .=)

    panjang lak comment kan . sorry and tq for sharing . =)

    I love this . =)

  • All those questions. Hahaha. Comparing with others is the worse! :'D then again its understandable sometimes

  • i also don't know how to take a nice picture

  • Agree with all your points. Being a blogger is not that easy, right?

  • just to publish a post is a struggle for me. selalunya it'll remain as draft je huhuhu.

  • betul tu! sometimes i already had their pictures taken but to start writing tu yang malas

  • that's right! it needs time, effort, and money

  • well you can always learn but it's so hard kalau orang tak berseni ni

  • it is! especially when you spend a lot of time and effort on your blog

  • i'm soooo guilty of comparing stats lagi lagi followers padahal the number isn't important pun. tu la nadia, we write what we want to read ourselves. and about English, you have to practice more and google any grammars yang you're not sure. i still do that everyday myself. tak salah pun kalau ada error, it's all part of learning process. and thank you nadia! :*

    nadia pandai amik flatlays. erin memang hampeh bab tu hahaha

  • time is every blogger's enemy kan. kalau blogging equipment such as camera tu kan, if you have some money to spend, i recommend olympus pen. takyah dslr kot sebab too complicated and we won't be using all the features anyway 🙂

  • i feel you. sometimes after i published a post i reconsider some of the things i wrote in it that i probably should delete or word it better but what's done is done kan

  • lack of time, vocab, ideas and content are my main struggles 🙁

  • Point no 1 & 4 -Setiap kali nak hit publish, selalu fikir benda yang sama. Huhu.

    Point no 2 – siqah suka dan cuba ambil flatlays but i just dont know much about the photography skill. plus, susah nak dapat natural lighting at home. Akan pasti ada bayangan untuk gambar yang diambil. Wish to have all the blogging equipment..

    Point no 3 – Kata memang tak nak ambil tahu pasal followers and page view tapi nanye kan erin, akan jugak ambil tahu benda alah dua nie. Selalu fikir how to improve my blog content tapi akhirnya, siqah akan do entries and share benda yang siqah minat je. takpelah, asalnya blog untuk diri sendiri kan 🙂 By time, maybe people will recognize my blog..always think positive 🙂

    btw, i love all your posts erin. keep blogging and tq for sharing 🙂

  • For me it's time. I just don't have the time to write the perfect content and edit pictures to compliment the post. And just like you I blog mainly in English so whenever I write I always like 'is my grammar okay', 'should I put a or the in front of noun'. My English seriously sucks and aside from blogging and reading I don't even use the language at all. So if you found grammar mistakes in my post or comments please please tell me.

    btw, I love reading your blogs even though I rarely commenting here.

  • I think every blogger has the dread that no one will read it, no one will comment and why did I write this post before pressing publish. I also think that we are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others and think what am I doing wrong, what can I do to get as many followers than them, I know that I do!! Lovely post, also your written English is much better than mine and this is my first language :).

    The Life of Dee

  • yes, the struggles are real.
    i really think high of you. in blogging, don't compare yourself with others coz you have your own character and personality.

    i really adore how you write your posts. especially when your english so good. 😀 keep it up! 🙂

  • Betul lah tue . Error is part of learning process.

    Flatlay buat bila idea dtg. Hihi . Thanks to my parents buat rumah ada glass house + marble floor + white wall + white table etc .

    Again nak cakap . Seriously I adore your english .

    Keep on blogging dear . =)

  • Content is my big struggle. I am not a native English speaker as well so writing in English and doing no mistakes, can be a challenge for me. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, i really like your writing! (and your English) 🙂

  • You said it all girl. especially the contents, photoshoot and second language. T.T

  • Finally someone who just says it how it is !! I see so many youtube videos of bloggers saying it's easy and anyone can do it.

    My biggest struggle is time ! I'm holding down a full time job whilst trying to squeeze new posts during my lunch breaks and writing content on my train journeys !

    Keep going though, all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears will pay off x

  • Assalamualaikum kak erin 🙂 i would like to ask about your template. How did you make your featured post slider working? Mine is not working and i really want it on my template. Thank you!

  • wassalam. that's actually a recent post slider and it automatically works for my template, i didn't have to configure anything 🙂

  • lack of ideas is terrifying. it's like you want to post something, but you don't know what to

  • There is always a start of everything. The hardest part is maintaining it.

    Menulis dari hati.
    InsyaAllah ianya akan buat Erin sentiasa kekal di persada blogger ini.


  • sama la, rumah erin pun susah nak dapat natural lighting lepastu ada shadow. haih. haah yang pasal followers dgn pageviews tu, kita mesti akan ambil tahu jugak kan. hmm takpelah, blogging pun untuk diri sendiri, bukan untuk compare dgn org lain.

    and thank you siqah! 🙂

  • you're a student kan, for sure takde banyak masa for blogging. picture editing is another problem. it's too tiring if you have a lot of pictures for one post and you have to edit them all. and it's okay make blogging a platform for you to improve your english! in shaa Allah if i see a mistake, i'll correct you okay.

    and thank you so much for reading my blog! i read yours too 🙂

  • aaaaaaand thank you atheera! <3

  • yeah, we all go through it everyday. and thank you Denise 🙂

  • for me, it wasn't only grammar lol

    nowadays, how I structure my sentences also bugged me a lot T__T

  • The struggle is real, I feel you :'(

  • thank you so much BV 🙂

  • thank you Helene 🙂

  • taking pictures is the worst, lagi lagi yang takde skill ni 🙁

  • i know, i watched quite a lot of how to start a blog videos too and honestly they're only saying it's easy bcs they're already successful. it's not easy and not everyone can succeed.

    i know the struggle you're going through. and thank you jessica x

  • thank you kak 🙂 xx

  • haha i know. but you should work on grammars first lepastu baru fikir how nak construct sentence 🙂

  • kan 🙁

  • Yours better than mine xD

    and oh, if there's grammar mistakes in my post please let me know 🙂

  • After reading all these points, I think I need to reflect myself on the reasons I am still in this blogging arena. 😀 haha. I'm sure I have those struggles but I'm not sure if I take blogging lightly or what. I don't think much about them.

    I love sharing my thoughts but I seriously think Facebook is too public for me. Even though some people I know in real world do read my blog and even some people who read my blog started to add me as friends on FB. I have this struggle how to react when my friends talk about my blog in front of me. Hahaha, not sure how this can become a struggle, but I think till now, I'm getting better to acknowledge they are reading the blog post for real. Lol.

    Do correct my English as well yeah. Kalau taknak betulkan dalam komen, hantar emel pun boleh hihihi.

  • will do! 🙂

  • i think your blog is more to personal/travel blog. at the end of the day, you blog whatever you want je. it's your blog kan 🙂

    i'm not comfortable sharing on facebook too which is weird because i think blogging gets you so much more exposure than facebook but facebook is like where your friends and family are and i don't feel comfortable enough i guess.

    still not quite sure why everyone wants me to correct their English haha but will do! x

  • "What's ISO by the way?" bahhahahahahahha *crying*. ikr. wth is that thing.

    men just fyi, you have a very nice blog that scream professional. those will i offense someone moment is heck yeah. i don't even really bothered on getting many audience in my blog but that thought keep on bothering me. i kind of stick to this rule not to get much work on each post but idk why though. i think it is because i want it to be raw. though when i felt like doing review (which we can all count by fingers jelah kan) it would take AGES. so randomly, i also understand those long english lovemalay part because that is like essentially my life. it was weirder when all of my friend wasnt so keen on english like me. they me rather uncomfortable when for me english was just beautiful.

  • I can mostly relate to your first problem. It sucks when I didn't get any comments. I feel you on another level of feels :')

  • I really admire your english, hahaha tetiba…

  • haha agak laa

  • ikr. but thank god i always get comments on every post

  • I can relate to many things with your post! The struggle is well and truly real haha!
    Your English is pretty amazing by the way, don't stress too much about it, even though it's easier said than done 🙂
    Leanne ox |

  • thank you so much Leanne xx

  • hahahaha thank you Afifah. i know, some people just don't prefer English though but it's fine 🙂

  • Although I can relate to some of these, for me the most important is connection and having fun 🙂

  • that's true! 🙂

  • I can totally relate to some of these. Especially when it comes to photography and comparing yourself to other bloggers. It’s so easy to get down on yourself when you are a new blogger. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who feels this way sometimes. It is so amazing how much you can learn and how many people you can relate to in the blogging world. 🙂

    Brooke |

    • That is true. I learn a lot being a blogger and I met so many wonderful people online x