My Day in Numbered List (and exciting news!)

day in life

Day in life

1. Woke up. “Wait. What time is it now? I thought I just went to bed like, five hours ago? It’s already eleven? Whatheck.”

2. Ooooooh. That must be Poslaju! Goes downstairs to get the mail WITHOUT brushing my teeth just because.

3. Not that excited because it wasn’t mine. I ordered Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder for my mom and it came from the supplier. Beautiful powder by the way. Who wants a review?

4. Swatched the powder while ooh aah-ing. Still haven’t brushed my teeth.

5. *Last niiiiiiight I lay in bed sooooo blueeeeeee…..* WHO IS CALLING ME AT 12PM WHAT ISSUE DO YOU HAVE WITH ME????

6. Oh. It’s Aida. Probably sending the lunchbox I ordered from her yesterday and also to get her Kendall Black Gold glasses that she ordered from me which is gorgeous by the way.

7. Told her to wait because I needed to brush my stinking teeth. Ain’t gonna go out to see my junior from high school with bad breath it’s disgusting. Only family allowed.

8. I’M HUNGRY. But of course being a good mother she insisted (more like forced) us to take a shower first before lunch.

9. I’m only showering because I wanted to eat, okay?

10. This kuah asam is so full of belacan I might get an allergy reaction later in the evening but good god it’s so good.

11. Now, what do I do?

12. …

13. …

14. …

15. Checked my emails. I have six email accounts please bear with me. And no, Hermo, I don’t care about your up to 70% off on #HMALLTIMEFAVOURITE. *dies a little*

16. Oooooh they replied! I’m so excited!

17. I’m so pumped I might just do work downstairs instead of binge watching Elementary on my bed.

18. Gotta play that Oldies playlist on Spotify because girl needs to be in the mood.

19. This chair is uncomfortable. My spine needs to be in a horizontal position aka I need to lie down.

20. Girl needs some Barry Allen after doing work. Thank god for Draco Malfoy (I refused to call him Tom) — excellent British accent you have there, luv.


22. Goes to YouTube to find a video to Boyz II Men song I’m currently listening while doing this blog post but got stucked on KathleenLights’ new beauty video instead. But here you go sorry for the delay:

23. Referring to point 16, I will be doing another template giveaway! Wait for the details tomorrow, November 5th at 8.30AM! (hint: two winners!)

24. That goddamned belacan.

25. So how’s your day?

  • Oh btw , cantik lah gmbar on the top of this entry dear =)

  • Hihihi sooooo creative lah this post dear. Love it!!!

    My day? So hectic . Kelam kabut today, kerja banyak as usual but cheat lil bit time to update one entry . Then asking Siqah about blogging tips . And go home from work late as usual 9pm . Sadly , everyday my husband who always wait for me at home instead of me. Feel a lil bit terrible about that. But, what to do? It's work matter. Hihi

    Anddd, yeay!!!! Tomorrow is weekend . =)

  • gambar from stock photos this month yang erin subscribe hehe

  • thank you nadia!!

    lambatnya nadia balik rumah. tak larat laa balik pukul 9 every night confirm dah penat and tak boleh nak buat pape lepastu terus tidur. takpe weekend boleh pergi jalan jalan! 😀

  • haha, terasa macam baca tweets 😀 nice idea la konsep ni

  • ikr! you can't go wrong with list posts 🙂

  • Creative nyaaa post ni! 🙂

  • thank you!! 🙂

  • no.24 though hahahaha that's hilarious. can't wait for the giveawayyyyyy

  • hahahaha i'm legit scratching my body like hellllll hehehehe wait for tomorrow!

  • thank you syaza! aaaaah i hope everyone likes it! 🙂

  • aah tue lah penat gak lah balik kul 9pm . Smpai umah dah kul bapa . Tapi a must nadia on gak drama korea even dah penat sampai lah tertido episode tue sampai ke sudah tak habis. Haha except if that korean drama mmg nadia rasa best smpai kul 3am pun leh stay up . Crazy tak? Then esok g kerja kul 8am hahaha

  • hahahaha sangat! tak ngantuk keeee. ke nadia minum coffee byk byk niiii. cakap pasal drama korea, erin baru nak tgk scarlet heart sekali dpt tahu ending dia tak best. terus cam krik krik je nak tengok

  • Totally share a review on that rimmel powder! Also elementary is one of my current fav shows 😀

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  • will do once i've used it a couple of times! aaaaand yes i love Elementary. got sick of waiting for Sherlock so Elementary will do 🙂

  • My day? Cucu mata kat Aeon Mall aje with my cousin and pizza hhaaha

  • haha cuci mata pun ok je!

  • Loved your post!! I really like your blog!

  • Great post! Haha 12-14 is me most of the time.

  • thank you Annalisa! 🙂

  • thank you Katherine! and yes that 12-14 is me everyday, most of the time haha

  • Great post 😀 I know what it's mean to have different E-Mail accounts, I've got 12… haha ^^




  • what are you doing with 12 e-mail accounts haha that's a lot!

  • erin nak mintak permission nak pakai idea numbered list erin nie untuk nadia update satu entry can ? =)

  • best pulak buat post mcm ni xD

  • kan???? hehe

  • yeay!!! thank you . thanks. =)

  • Ohh dear erin!! Great post and creative as always 🙂

    Kalau nak buat camni jugak boleh ke erin? Hee. Mintak kebenaran 😀

  • thank you siqah! boleh je, erin tak kisah pun 🙂

  • thank you! x

  • I heard of Elementary before but wasn't able to see that. :/ I hope I'll have time for series.

    <a href='>Myxilog</a&gt;

  • It's a good series! 🙂

  • First time reading yrs, quiet intresting. Looking for yr next entry.

    It's me:

  • Hihihi nadia memang tak minat coffee sgt dear . Nadia suka green tea more . Ntah mmg habit kot or mmg addicted dgn Korean drama jadi bleh stay up smpai kul 3am . It's not good sbbrnya . Tapi ntah lah.

    Hahaha… aah the ending is so-so . Tak best sbb sad ending . Actually drama tue adaptation from version Chinese kan. Thot korean version dorang ubah sikit . But , then tak ubah . The ending follow the chinese version too.

    If erin tak nak sad ending tak pyh tgk lah hahaha. Nnt bnyk ngomel mcm nadia masa tgk ending nya. But, i still love that drama storyline hiks .