I’m Moving to WordPress!


┬áHi everyone. If you can’t access www.erinazmir.com, please use ERINAZMIR.BLOGSPOT.COM to view my blog while I’m setting up my WordPress website. I finally decided that I should take the plunge today when I was browsing to purchase a template since Black Friday sale is still going on and I was disappointed by the limited choice of layout for Blogger. And I hate the new Blogger interface/dashboard/whatever you call it.

The reason why I always change my Blogger template is because I don’t have that flexibility to change my post layout. Some days I’m feeling grid layout and some days I just want the classic post column and sidebar. Almost all Blogger templates don’t have that feature and I’m just done spending money on Blogger templates. WordPress templates might cost more but you can change it up to multiple layout designs in case you get bored of your current one.

I’m migrating to WordPress myself with the help of Google so please pray for my sanity for the next few days. I will be saying hello from the other side! x

Goodbye, Blogger. Thanks for the 8 years! 💕👋