I’m Moving to WordPress!


 Hi everyone. If you can’t access www.erinazmir.com, please use ERINAZMIR.BLOGSPOT.COM to view my blog while I’m setting up my WordPress website. I finally decided that I should take the plunge today when I was browsing to purchase a template since Black Friday sale is still going on and I was disappointed by the limited choice of layout for Blogger. And I hate the new Blogger interface/dashboard/whatever you call it.

The reason why I always change my Blogger template is because I don’t have that flexibility to change my post layout. Some days I’m feeling grid layout and some days I just want the classic post column and sidebar. Almost all Blogger templates don’t have that feature and I’m just done spending money on Blogger templates. WordPress templates might cost more but you can change it up to multiple layout designs in case you get bored of your current one.

I’m migrating to WordPress myself with the help of Google so please pray for my sanity for the next few days. I will be saying hello from the other side! x

Goodbye, Blogger. Thanks for the 8 years! 💕👋

  • Okay. Keep writing and take care! 😉

  • i have wordpress account too, but it was loooong before. i hope i can still access my account so i can keep track of your post

  • follow me on bloglovin tau!

  • thank you! 🙂

  • yay finally siqah sebab tak tahan dgn dahboard blogger. lain yang kita nak, lain yang kita dapat. nak tgk new comments pun susah. nak tgk stat pun susah. nak tgk latest post pun susah. kalau dulu kan senang je semua satu page haih. follow erin kat bloglovin' so boleh up to date! hehe. thank you siqah! <3

  • Yes Syaza! Thank you 🙂

    nanti erin migrate all posts to wordpress, and blogger erin biarkan je kot erinazmir.blogspot.com. erin tak sure la boleh dapat ke tak latest post update kt dashboard. sebab tu lagi senang follow guna bloglovin 🙂

  • wahhh betul I hate this new dashboard, susahlah even nak tengok comments pon! benci gila 🙁
    btw, erin migrate to wordpress, berbayar eh? 🙂

  • kan???

    haah bayar fatina. kalau domain dgn blogspot, rm45. sekarang hosting wordpress, rm60 je setahun. so lebih rm15 every year 🙂

  • I've been thinking lately nak move to wordpress since ramai sangat bookish people using wordpress tapi I just got a template present from you, sayang pulak hehe 🙂 maybe next year, since, nak ada domain sendiri. I think rm60 is okay lah kan. atleast, it will satisfy everyone kan?

  • haha tapi lagi cepat lagi bagus sebenarnya fatina. kalau lagi lambat, lagi banyak blog posts yang kita kena betulkan. lagipun sekarang tgk black friday so mostly wordpress theme murah 🙂

  • tuhlah Fatin tgh tengok wordpress template semuanya murah and tgh tgk lagi cara-cara nak transfer blog post to wordpress 🙂 anyway, tak mau kacau erin dah, chaiyok chaiyok Erin! hehe 😀 excited nak tgk wordpress erin yang baru 😀

  • wow wowww, I can see many people complaint about hard to read new comments. tiba2 lega pakai Disqus. eh eh. 😀

    nanti boleh la erin letak Disqus kat wordpress kannnn?


  • haha dashboard sekarang annoying. ha'ah dah settle wordpress nanti, pakai disqus! tapi rasa nak nangis jap setup benda alah ni ya ampun

  • go here, https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/apple-mints-8494203 and tekan claim your blog. nanti dia suruh copy code, just copy it, make a new post, paste it, publish, and done. lepastu delete la balik post tu. senang je.

    haah lepasni follow guna bloglovin. tapi rasanya still dapat jugak kot feed kt dashboard, not sure lagi sebab tak siap lagi. in a few days kot 🙂

  • so we are free to change our layout on wordpress? I have a wordpress account but I never knew this. Lame me.

    • erinazmir

      only the wordpress.org. you see, wordpress.com and wordpress.org are different. wordpress.com is free while wordpress.org is paid 🙂

  • Wow, blogging on Blogger for 8 years ain’t a joke, though. What a milestone. 😀

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit

    • It definitely isn’t. Phew. I’m loving WordPress now. Significantly better than Blogger 🙂

      • Me too! I really highly recommend WordPress to any bloggers out there but then, having the right blogging platform is a case-to-case basis. What are your current plugins, btw?

        • Yeah, that is true. Some might find WordPress too complicated for their basic blogging. Currently, I have 15 plugins. I have some problems with my blog though. I can’t view my blog page 10 and above and the monthly archive link is not working. Do you know how to fix it?

          • I really don’t know how, though. I’m sorry. Have you tried checking your template’s guidelines?

          • as far as i’m concerned, it didn’t say anything about that. suddenly i miss blogger because of the ease of use. aha

  • nadiah izzaty

    Sorry baru nampak comment Erin left in my blog . Finally , Erin change to wordpress. Congratz.

    No matter what keep blogging dear . Nadia suka baca . Nanti nadia follow wordpress erin pulak. I’m not in Malaysia right now. And internet here in this country so slow . Nangis . Anything update ok dear .


    • Hehe finally. Holiday ke nadia? ok! <3