An Ode to MacBook Pro

macbook pro
Disclaimer: I am not a tech geek whatsoever and everything is written based on my personal use and understanding of MacBook Pro.

In my 5 Items I’m Lusting After, I got a lot of comments from my blogger friends who have been wanting a MacBook Pro so I thought I would do a review of this laptop to talk about some of the things you need to know about it and my overall opinion about this piece of device.

Here’s a backstory of how I came to own this laptop:

Back in early 2012 (I was 17), I wanted a MBP so much that whenever I went to Apple stores I always played around with this laptop and hoped that my dad would buy one for me. In September 2012, my dad ordered this laptop for himself. Yes, for himself. He knew how much I wanted this but he bought one not for me. I was like 😑 and 😒 and he told me that if I wanted it, I should save my own money. 💔

He mainly used this MBP to surf the net, read the news, and watch YouTube videos so when he wasn’t using it, the MBP was with me most of the time because I hated my laptop at that time and the shiny new piece of Mac was the laptop of my dream. Who could resist, right?

So in December 2012, we went to Big Bad Wolf book sale at the MIECC because I wanted to purchase some books. After that, we went to The Mines and my dad wanted to purchase an Earpods (which he ended up forgetting he had so the Earpods I’m using now is his haha) so I played around with MacBooks, as per usual. And I kind of made that voice — you know that annoying voice you make to your dad when you want something so that your dad couldn’t resist his daughter’s request so he had to buy it? Yeah, I did that and it worked!

I thought my dad wouldn’t let me buy a MBPro so I opted for a cheaper option which was the 11-inch MacBook Air. I believe it was RM3099 at that time, just RM600 shy from the MBP. My dad said he bought it as my SPM gift (I just finished SPM) and also because he got tired of me always using his MBP. Hah. 😐

Fast forward April 2013, I was going to register for university in May so my dad said we should exchange our Macs since I probably be needing a larger laptop for school. He took my Air and I took his Pro but my dad was never a fan of Mac so right now, the Air went to my sister.

How much does it cost?

Laptop + software

My laptop is the mid-2012 non-retina MacBook Pro which is the last version of the standard non-retina Pro. It was sold for RM3699, before the downfall of our currency and the implementation of GST. It’s much more expensive now. You have to buy Microsoft Office separately as it does not come pre-installed, I think that costs about RM569.


You can buy their wireless Magic Mouse 2 for RM379. I have the original Magic Mouse and it costed around RM229 at the time it was bought. You can also buy its casing, roughly around RM99-RM150. I got mine from Speck for RM99.

Total in the year 2012 (laptop + Microsoft Office + Mouse + casing) = RM4596

It will be a lot more expensive today because the latest price of the laptop is already RM4599.



It doesn’t have the classic antivirus program (Kaspersky etc..) that you have to upgrade every single goddamned time and I have never gotten any viruses on my laptop even though I use Torrent a lot so I don’t have to worry about accidentally clicking on a malware (I don’t even know the terms tbh)

Pretty. 100% aesthetic value. Instagram/blog worthy.

I prefer macOS than Windows just ’cause it’s easier and more straightforward.

You can buy a lot of pretty casings and skins for it. Marble casing/skin? Got ‘ya covered, boo.
PhotoBooth. ‘Cause FILTERS.


Bloody expensive.

The specs does not worth the price tag.

Have to use a separate adapter to connect to projector.

The power cord is as poor quality as the iPhone’s USB cable. I broke mine August last year and mind you that the power cord retails at RM299 😭

Why didn’t you buy the Retina MacBook Pro?

I purchased this in 2012, a year before the retina MacBook Pro was introduced. I was tempted to own a retina MBP but I have two issues with it:

1. It doesn’t have a CD drive. It’s not a deal breaker for some but for me it is because for my TESL course, we have video assignments that need to be burned in CDs. I also like to know that I have CD drive so I can play DVD on my laptop, just in case. CD drive is not important, but I do prefer my laptop to have one.

2. My cousin brother told me that he has a friend who works as a graphic designer who uses a retina MacBook Pro. He has perfect vision but after using the rMBP for a few months for work, he had to get prescription glasses because the screen ruined his vision. I already have terrible vision and I spend a lot of time with my laptop. I don’t need to ruin my eyes more so I can have a crystal clear laptop screen.

But to each their own, though. rMBP is lighter and faster than the one I have. It’s also more expensive with a small storage. My MBP comes with 512GB flash storage while the entry level retina MBP comes with 128GB storage. You can always use an external hard drive so I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.macbook pro

As a blogger

I gotta be honest here — being a blogger with a MacBook will make you look cool just ’cause it’s a MacBook.

It’s a pleasure to type on and blogs look amazing and smooth on screen although it is not a retina MacBook.

It loads Adobe Photoshop CS6 okay. It also has an SD/SDXC card slot so I can transfer photos from my camera to laptop without having to use a usb cable.

The pictures I took with my camera are high resolution and I have hundreds of them so I got an external hard drive to backup everything on my laptop. It helps with the speed, too.

As a student

The battery lasts for 5 to 6 hours so I can get away with using my laptop for 2-hour lecture class twice a day. I usually bring my power cord with me just in case.

I have a bit of a problem when doing presentation in class because this laptop doesn’t have the port that connects it to the projector but you can buy the adapter separately. It’s not a major issue for me because my other friend usually brings her laptop for presentation day.

If you’re using this laptop for school, it is better to buy the Microsoft Office for doing school work.

It is quite a heavy laptop so I bring a large tote bag or a bag pack to school.


What can I say other than I love it so much. I have owned it for about 4 years and I never had any major issues with it other than lagging during the third year mark but that’s understandable as it happens to every gadget.

I didn’t touch about specs all that much because it is a 4-year-ago model and I’m not a tech geek. However, I do know that you can upgrade the RAM yourself unlike retina MBP so that’s a plus. I’m thinking of upgrading to 8GB RAM in the future. Currently, it came with a standard 4GB RAM and that’s all I know, specs wise.

I wanted a MacBook purely because it’s a MacBook. If I wanted something powerful, I might as well buy an Alienware laptop or any other powerful laptops out there but I’m a blogger and a TESL student who types a lot of essays NOT a gamer or engineering student who needs AUTOCAD software for their course that requires a heck lot more powerful laptop.

It fits my needs as a blogger and student and also for my aesthetic pleasure and to be honest that’s all I care about.

I hope you found this post helpful if you’re thinking of buying this laptop. I really hope Apple doesn’t discontinue this model just because it’s the only Apple laptop that still has a CD drive. You might not need it always, but you will need it one day.

  • oh my lucky you got a MBP as a gift . It's totally true , you want a Mac Book because it's a mac book and it will looks cool as a blogger . hihihi .. same like me too . Hahaha .

    Other reason why I wanted Mac Book sebab my sister owned one . She used it because she is a planner loads of graphic editing needed . Before I own MAc Book Air , totally wanted MBP but the price totally ridiculous . And , yeah totally I can't afford it . hihihi…

    sebab kan nak sgt mac book , I've bought Air with my duit hantaran ( means my mac book baru 2 yrs old ) . But , now I still don't know how to use it since my mac having a problem . Still tak ada time nak send reformat =(

    tapi , seriously sayang even Mac nadia ada problem sebab bukan senang kan nak own one . =)

    My late daddy , same like your dad really fancy Apple products . Fancy gadgets . And , still ada iMac 27" arwah ayah dlm bilik dia . And no one ever touch yet since he past away . ='(

    tapi if tgk movie HD dkt mac perghhh lawa gila graphic nya kan =)

  • i've always wanted one but blame the currency hahahaa

  • Yaa i also excited when my father want to give me MAcBook. i more prefer MacBook Air bcs it more lighter and suite for me yang memang tak reti for photography ni hahah

  • I was looking forward to buy Macbook Air last year, then I found a laptop kinda similar to Macbook Air, and honestly the review said this laptop to be 'the best alternative to Air' 😀 so, i went for it as it looks okay and much more cheaper.

    Oh it is, Asus Zenbook something I don't remember. So far it is functioning well that I forgot most of the times I wanna an Apple products. 🙂

    But, I seriously love Macbook Air 😀

    Anyway, I always wonder about musics on Apple products. Do you need to buy only from itunes or you can just simply download online?

  • hi erin. thanks for the infos!
    that is why i was hesitant to choose macbook. eventhough it looked so gorgeous but the software all we need to separately buy and install, but still i want this!

  • put the blame on currency hahahahahahaha

  • takde fatina. lagi pun microsoft office memang semua orang guna kan so by hook or by crook memang kena guna microsoft jugak. but can je cari lagi murah, ada yang jual 200, 300 camtu tak silap.

  • they increased the price mcm apa je…

  • haha macbook pro better sikit for photography sebab gmbr semua kan but macbook air pun boleh je. cuma beza dia pro power sikit

  • asus zenbook is nice kot! macbook air is nice kalau you bring your laptop to school because ringan. mostly bloggers ramai guna macbook air.

    about music, download online boleh, buy from itunes pun boleh. i am subscribed to spotify premium so i don't use iTunes dah 🙂

  • you're welcome!

    no lah, microsoft office je yang kena buy separately. you can buy refurbished one kalau taknak spend so much on a new mac 🙂

  • can i knw how u download photoshop sume dlm mac?

  • so sorry, i honestly don't know how. my dad's friend computer engineer so dia yang download kan :/ you can try googling how to download photoshop using torrent though

  • kan nadia???? hahaha

    takpelah guna duit hantaran for a gadget daripada membazir for benda lain yang kita tak nampak depan mata kan (i am soooo guilty of that hahah!) (tapi bukan duit hantaran) (erin tak kawin lagi) (lol)

    nadia htr Apple balik la laptop nadia tu mintak dorang betulkan. sayang kot kalau biar dia mcm tu je dah beli mahal mahal.

    erin nak imac! yang the cheapest one pun jadi lah. mesti sedih kan nak usik imac ayah nadia tu :/

    and yes syok tengok movie, sound dia pun ok 🙂

  • igt nak buat cmtu tp takut pulak jd lain sbb my friend have tried lead microsoft word sume then mcm something wrong. haha btw thanks!

  • kalau mcm tu better tak payah la nanti rosak ke apa nangis hahaaa. you can try photoscape! you're welcome 🙂

  • *leak haha typo btw photscape tu use in online or download macam biasa? isokay la i will look into it haha

  • nak macbook! but yeah, we all know its freaking expensive. best jugak kalau tak perlu risau pasal malware. i just format my laptop two weeks ago due to excessive pop up ads yg entah dari mana dtg. and now that gila popup ads datang lagi. annoying lah huaaaaa. plus macbook memang kebaboommm cantik!

  • geram kan kalau ada ads ni! dah pakai ad blocker pun still keluar jugak popup. tu la nasib baik susah nak kena virus kalau tak, dah lama arwah dah laptop ni haha

  • Insyaallah one day . Tapi takut nak dgr harga nnt hahhaa =p

    yes yes ,no one ever touch sbb still teringat dkt ayah ='(

  • totally agree! I dont think anyone really needs one, its a want lol. It is so good for college too lol. But its a want. I have a 15" MacBook Pro, Retina. It's a beast and I love it lol Love your blog, now following on BL 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  • i agree!

    and we have the same name too! 🙂

  • It's always in my wishlist from years before until now. Haha. One day, inshaAllah. Kiki

  • in shaa Allah 🙂