5 Items I’m Lusting After

5 items i'm lusting after
These are the items that if-I-had-the-money-I-would-spend-it-on-them first. All items are purely developed by lust because I’m an appreciator of everything nice in the world and someone like me needs to buy them so they can feel appreciated and this is just my lust talking #bye.

Sudio Vasa Rose Gold White | RM320
I’ve been eyeing this earphones from Sudio for a few months now. It’s white with rose gold accent and it makes a great prop for taking photos too. I hope it’s more durable than Earpods though..

Olympus Pen E-PL7 | RM2099 (avg.)
Olympus Pen has got to be my favourite camera that I would love to own. They have recently come out with the new E-PL8 but I’m not quite fond of the design. I know I probably won’t be buying it anytime soon because I have my EOS 60D and I’m not even a camera enthusiast but the Olympus Pen is gorgeous! It’s more compact than my DSLR so I can actually bring it along with me when I’m outside and not feel like I have a 10 pound rock in my bag. 💖

MAC Lipstick | RM78
My guilty pleasure is looking at swatches online and making a mental list of shades that I wanted to purchase. The worst thing about it is most of the shades in my list are either slightly lighter or darker than each other. Who needs 5 different shades of nude pinks, right?

PANDORA Rose My Princess Tiara Ring | RM340 (approx.)
I have never been a fan of gold accessories just because I don’t think gold looks as good as silver does on me but anything rose golds, hold up let me on the bandwagon. And I’m basically a princess so I need this in my life.

Holly & Weave template by Pipdig.co | RM270 (preview)
This is the effin’ two hundred and seventy ringgit template that I talked about in my last Sunday Currently. So many blogs are using this template now I kinda feel less excited about it but I really like the design. To think of, this template is too simple to be worth 270 ringgit. What annoys me the most is this template was initially sold for $49 (around RM210) but they increased the price to $59! The Blogger and WordPress versions are sold at the same price but you can do so much more on the WordPress version than on Blogger so I really think they need to reconsider and make it $49 again. Or maybe I’m just bitter that it’s so expensive. #CurrencyPlease.

What are you lusting after?

  • oemgeee . loveeee the template !

  • if i had the money, iphone 7+ in rose gold, elle weaving 2 mini bag, dorothy perkins emily pointed heels, baju baju kat neng geulis yg macam neelofa and mario badescu skincare products semua would be mine T.T

  • Mrs. A nak keta Audi A4 jer… (in my dream ajelah kot)
    Mrs. A ada camera Olympus tapi bukanlah Olympus pen macam tu

  • i'm lusting over………….another vacay! haha
    obviously i need new lappy (macbook to be precise haha)

  • great picks! i nak try mario badescu punya drying lotion but i dah takde jerawat dah so macam pointless je nak beli. and who can resist new bags kan hahaha

  • mahal tapi lawa kan! tu yang in dilemma jap sbb 270 is a lot. and pandora ring tu mintak husband siqah beli aaa hehehehe.

    macbook lawa pastu cool je bila blogging hahaha mcm blogger mat saleh sangat. hehehe thank you siqah! <3

  • kan? but it's so expensive!

  • ala mana tahu nanti Mrs. A dapat pakai Audi ke. hehe. Olympus Pen tu banyak blogger pakai tu yang rasa nak pakai jugak T.T

  • eh baru balik Korea kan sabar dulu pls hahahaha. ramainya nak macbook!

  • Now? Absolutely I'm lusting after winning your template giveaway. Muahahaha..

  • hahaha 3 more days je lagi 🙂

  • Yas compact camera ! I always think I really need one because DSLR is so not handy la kalau nak amik gambar time outdoor (kafe, etc) I can feel your '10 pound rock' there.

    For blogging purpose, ones really need to have one 🙂

  • ikr! but lepasni i nak bawak jelah dslr everywhere so i can take pictures

  • Love the look of the Mac lipstick! Gemma x

  • they're lovely x

  • I'm head over heels on macbook pro for so long, I seriously need one..
    btw, erin the template that you love..it is seriously freaking beautiful! 😀

  • it's a great laptop, you should get one!
    tahuuuu lawa gila kan. macam nak beli tapi too expensive

  • the pandora ring is so gorgeous! i'm lusting after a new earphone too, my current one is broken 🙁 and also a new pair of glasses hehe 🙂

  • I want a new camera too. DSLR is too big to carry around. Sigh

  • ikr! what camera are you using now Syaza?

  • it is! earphones is important when i'm writing a blog post haha

  • Lovely wishlist! The camera looks nice. Love the colours on it! I'm also lusting after a more compact camera right now. Waiting for sales to pop up, haha 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • template tu sngt mahal tp busyra dh preview. cantik gila! busyra nak ipad air 2! senang nak blogging di mana2. haha. pakai phone kecik susah tak jelas nak tngok blog erin! :p

  • Who needs 5 shades of nudes?! Lipstick addicts of course 😉 That olympus camera sounds awesome. I also want a lighter camera but I don't think I'll be buying one anytime soon due to a lack of funds lol

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  • The Olympus pen camera is such a beauty! I love the design and from what I have been hearing the photos are amazing 🙂

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  • ok that template serious cantik and the rose gold earpod .

    nadia dah lama nak iWatch but kena kumpul duit dulu or maybe bonus ke baru dpt beli . Insyaallah … hihihi =)

    oh btw , nadia dah reply yr comment dlm blog nadia kenapa tak leh view using Safari =(

  • DSLR is fine for taking pictures at home but for out and about, a compact camera is much more suitable 🙂

  • lawa kan! tapi senang ke kalau nak upload pictures pakai ipad? ada orang ok je guna phone untuk blogging kan. hahahaha thank you busyra! 🙂

  • having own quite a few brown nude shades myself, i totally understand haha. yeah the olympus pen is like 'cult' favourite for bloggers though. i feel you on the lack of fund lol

  • they totally are! 🙂

  • ikr! iWatch pun lawa hehe.

    rasanya nadia dah boleh tukar template dah niii

  • Noooo~ baru tukar template . If tukar lagi template means kena spent more lagi utk blog . Nnt lah tgk mcm mana . =)

  • it's a good camera! tp kalau dah dslr tu, very bulky la T.T

  • Great.

  • *earphones look, lol grammar mistake

  • The earphones look soooo nice!

  • Wah erin, can I use this idea as a blog post?

    I always think I have something in my mind to lust after. But, I don't really write it down so the items always come and go. 😀 haha


  • they are!

  • hahaha i love writing down wish list for fun. boleh je i don't mind 🙂

  • Lovely list!!! I also love the template and I see so many people using it at the moment! And those MAC lipsticks are so pretty! x


  • thank you x

  • That Pandora ring is gorgeous! If you’re looking for a good every day nude from MAC, I would suggest Faux, it’s a little darker and very comfortable to wear.


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  • The Sunday Mode

    I don’t have the E-PL7 but I do have the Olympus EM-10 and it’s really similar and so so good! It’s especially perfect for travelling with as well.


    • I really want one! DSLR is very bulky to carry x

  • Adik I beli Sony6000 alpha mirrorless camera for a bit less. Still clunky though. When I saw RM I think you will understand what I am sayin!

    • I’ve heard good reviews about Sony Alpha jugak. But idk why i nak sgt olympus pen tu lol. RM as in running man or ringgit malaysia? hahaa

      • photos from both are good quality. camera selalu upgrade punya.
        I lama tak tengok running man, australia tak de and malas to youtube with regional lock.