What I Would Buy for the Blog If I Had the Money

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If money were unlimited to me, I would have easily spent thousands and thousands of ringgit for my blog but I’m a poor on-gap-year degree student with no job and very limited cash under my name. I’ve read hundreds of foreign blogs around my age who are still studying and I wonder how do they afford living on their own in an apartment with an iMac and everything-from-IKEA furnitures with bills to pay and school to go?

More importantly, where do they get the money to buy makeup worth hundreds, if not thousands of ringgit a month? Is Malaysian Ringgit currency really that bad? I’m dumbfounded and jealous as hell.

Anyway, I’ve strayed far enough from the main topic of this post so let’s get on to it before I ramble some other trivial things that should probably be saved for my future Erin Talks posts.

A new template

What is new for Erin.. I love my current template so much but I saw this one design by this famous blog designer and since then I have been aching to purchase it but I refuse to spend a couple of hundreds on a new design when I just purchased a new one less than a month ago. I need to get my money’s worth this time.

Self-hosted WordPress

Blogger.com will always hold a special place in my heart but I feel like the features on Blogger are limited and I want to do more with my blog. I want to be able to use e-commerce just in case I want to start my own online shop. Blogger post editor is not the most advanced and I’m always hustling with the coding everytime I’m working on a post. I never get the left or right-aligned photos right and I hate how it always gives extra line-spacing after paragraphs. It drives me nut having to fix it. Another pet peeve of mine is post url. Blogger automatically structures our post permalinks as blogurl.blogspot.com/year/day/post-title-here.html and for me it’s too long and not pretty. Why can’t Blogger change it to blogurl.blogspot.com/post-title-here/?

Ring light and soft box

I always have to brighten my blog photos even if I took them in the brightest room in my house. I need both of these so I can take an even brighter photos without having to do much editing.

Olympus Pen

I have been wanting one of these for years but I’ve never gotten around to purchasing it. I love my EOS 60D but it is bulky and I honestly don’t use it to its fullest potential. I always take my photos in the P mode which was pre-programmed by my brother. I haven’t touched the settings after that, not even once. I need something smaller that I can bring around with me wherever I go and Olympus Pen fits that.

Marble contact paper

The hype around marble background flatlays is real. I don’t even have white surface that I can use as my photo background so getting a marble contact paper is on top of my list. Unfortunately it is not easily accessible in Malaysia and if it is, the price is absurd.

Rose gold props

I’m inspired by Jasmine Talks Beauty blog. Her flatlays are to die for with marble background and rose gold props — they look like stock photos!

Do you have anything that you would like to purchase for your blog?

  • Great post! I totally agree with the artificial lighting. Especially since as of late it's been so gloomy. Not good when you're a blogger!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • tahu takpe siqah! sebab tu nak sangat rose gold props ni hehe

  • i understand. in my country we basically have summer all year round and there will still be days or time that the weather is just not great for taking blog photos

  • I wanna buy an iPhone.

    aci tak. hehe 😀


  • pun bolehhhh hahah

  • I would love to buy a template for my blog. I've never buy one and I'm only using a free template. It's really hard to edit 🙁

  • i feel you. you can't really edit anything with free template :/

  • I want a new laptop so badly haha.. And that rose gold props!

  • haha laptop is important for blogging!

  • I think for me to maximize blogging productivity I'll gonna have new PC (instead of lappy me using right now), and a web url like yours. 😀 but that have to wait since im afraid does not utilize much on it later.

  • but laptop is more portable though. i hate sitting on a chair for too long so i don't think i can do much blogging with it. oooh yeah domain. makes your blog looks pro, kind of 🙂

  • I want new mac book !!! hahaha ..I have DSLR tapi tak reti guna sangat with all the setting and it bulky totally agree with you . So , I have this one camera Samsung NX 300M . I love it . But , after while using it , sometimes it lagged . Makes me pissed off .

    Now , I want DjI camera because lately I'm more into video . Don't know why . haha. Ring light and soft box mcm chika mention above pun menarik jugak sebab I love bright pictures too like you and siqah .

    Umah nadia ada je white background for photoshoot . Tapi , sometimes kena editing jugak . hihihi…

    Baru je BW jasmine blog . Serious lawa flatlays nya . And, didn't know marble white background can do lots of beautiful flatlays . can try do it more . =)

    thanks for sahring this dear =)

  • bukan nadia baru beli macbook ke hahaha. samsung nx lebih kurang je kan macam olympus pen tu? erin tak berapa minat sgt video. tak reti edit pun satu hal jugak hihi. haah lawa gmbr jasmine tu eee jealous tgk!

  • macbook tue dah 2 years dah dear . hihihi …kannnn lawa gambar dia semua . =D

  • ya yah.. gambar lawa!!
    anyway. you can youtube how to make a light box cheap if you are constantly having to light up for photos.

    • i didn’t know you can make your own! lolz definitely going to check it out. thanks!